The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 24

What Screams May Come

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 23, 2003 on ABC
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What Screams May Come
Drew is left bruised and battered as Lily suffers from night terrors. He grows tired of the beatings, but is afraid to talk to her about her problem because he believes she would leave him.

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  • The guys get back from Louisiana.

    Back from Louisiana, Drew shows Lily his less than impressive house. Oswald offers to help her with her luggage, while Drew talks to Kellie in the kitchen. Lewis isn't there because he's in jail, back in Louisiana because he got an alligator drunk. In the kitchen, Kellie complains to Drew about Lily; she tells Drew it's a pretty big move to have someone move in after knowing one for such a short time, and it may be a mistake.

    Cut to that night, with Drew and Lily in bed. All of a sudden, Lily sits up and screams, which wakes Drew up. Lily lies back down, confusing Drew, since he doesn't know what's going on.

    The next morning, Lily joins Drew in the kitchen, where Drew's busy making breakfast. He asks her about her screaming, so she tells it's usually a sign of her body telling her she's done something she'll regret. She doesn't think it's because of Drew. Instead, she says it's probably because she made such a big change in her life.

    That night, while in bed, Lily sits up and screams, all over again. Of course, Drew is awaken because of it.

    At work, Drew's sitting down at his desk when Oswald comes in and scares him. It seems Drew's a little jumpy because of Lily's screaming. Oswald suggests wearing ear plugs so she doesn't wake him up anymore. When Mimi walks by, she and Drew exchange insults until Scott and Evan come in. They want Drew to stay late, but he can't since he's got Lily living at his house and he'd like to spend time with her.

    That night, while in bed, Lily sits up and screams, but she doesn't wake Drew up because he's wearing ear plugs, like Oswald suggested. He does wake up when she starts hitting and kicking him, however.

    At home, Drew's researching Lily's medical problems when Kellie comes in and is shocked to see Drew covered in bruises. Kellie makes a few jokes about finding a battered husband shelter for him, making Drew a little upset. Oswald then walks in with makeup to cover Drew's bruises. When they talk about Lily's problems, Kellie suggests giving her more control over things, as she thinks the violence may be because of built-up resentment about a lack of control in her new environment. Just then, Lily comes down and Drew tells her she can make more decisions about dinners and other things. When she asks Drew about the bruises, he lies, saying he fell down while being drunk.

    That night, Drew gets the crap beaten out of him again, so he walks downstairs to grab the handcuffs Oswald gave him to use on Lily. He decides not to go back upstairs, and to sleep on the couch instead.

    The next morning, Lily comes downstairs and finds Drew lying on the couch, with a bloody nose and a set of handcuffs lying on his chest. She seems pretty confused about what could be going on.

    Later that day, Lily walks into Neverending Store to find Drew, but since he's in a meeting, she talks to Mimi about him. Lily thinks Drew is into S&M, but Mimi doesn't seem to think so. When Drew comes in, Mimi leaves so Lily and Drew can talk. The more Drew talks, the more Lily thinks he's into S&M. She tries to get him to come right out and say it, but he doesn't.

    When Drew comes home to pick up Lily for a bowling match, he finds her dressed in leather and she has a whip in her hand. She slaps him with the whip a few times to get him into it, but it's clear Drew's not interested. Finally, Drew tells her about how she doesn't just scream in her sleep, she also beats him up.

    The show ends with Oswald making Kellie a glass of iced water. This is all done to make Oswald feel like he's the one in charge of the ice.

    The overall premise for tonight's episode was great. I loved the scenes in the bedroom where Lily beat the crap out of Drew. The S&M twist was expected, but for me, unwelcome. Some of the writing was pretty good, but it certainly could have been better. Also, not having Lewis in the episode helped drag down my rating for this episode.moreless
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