The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 7

What the Zoning Inspector Saw

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 13, 1996 on ABC

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  • Very well done.

    At the Warsaw, Kate is chugging a yard of beer, with Drew, Oswald, and Lewis watching. Lewis and Oswald leave to go hang out across the street from a house full of unwed mothers. Drew notices a woman sitting at the bar, and Kate tells him to go say "hi", but he's a little apprehensive. Mimi and a guy then come in and sit down right next to her. After Drew stares at Bonnie for a while, Mimi's date comes over and threatens to beat up Drew, thinking he was looking at Mimi. Eventually, he and Mimi leave, and Drew gets up the courage to sit next to Bonnie and asks her if she would like to go see his Buzz Beer setup.

    Bonnie and Drew walk into his garage to see his Buzz Beer setup, when she asks him how he got a permit for all of it. Drew says that he doesn't have a permit, so she tells him that she'll have to shut it down, since she's a zoning inspector. He tries to bribe her, but it doesn't work.

    At work, Mimi pokes a little fun at Drew for what happened with Bonnie. Drew then pays her $50 for some tips on how to get around the zoning problem. Bonnie then comes in and apologizes, and bribes Drew with M&Ms so he'll forgive her.

    At Drew's place, Bonnie stops by, while Chuck takes care of security. Everyone seems to be having fun, doing the chicken dance in the backyard. Bonnie announces to Drew that she brought along a friend, who happens to be a police officer. Bonnie's friend tells Drew to send everyone home when she hears the scam for the night, selling maps to a party, where the beer is free.

    The next morning, Drew's making breakfast when Bonnie comes in, wearing a robe. They discuss Drew's zoning problems, but she can't help him. Drew needs to get a petition and go in front of the city council. Lewis and Oswald come in after seeing Bonnie's car in the driveway. There's an awkward silence when they realize she stayed their voluntarily.

    Drew, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are then shown going around town, trying to get people to sign Drew's petition.

    At the city board, they're waiting for their turn to speak. Mr. Fraser, who says aliens keep coming to his house is busy asking the council for a study on it. When he gets his turn, Drew hands out the petition, but when the board says "no", Drew tries to explain why they should re-think their decision. When they say "no" again, Bonnie comes in with several other neighbors who run businesses out of their own house. Drew ends up winning the re-zoning request.

    The show ends with Lewis and Oswald dressing up as aliens, and going to Mr. Fraser's house. Surprisingly, he lets them into his house, suggesting others will be there soon.

    I thought this was a funny episode, where Drew got into some frustrating problems. The zoning issue was obviously a big problem.