The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 17

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jul 02, 2003 on ABC

Episode Recap

The show opens with a scene at the Warsaw, where Kellie comments on a woman singing karaoke. Kellie tells the guys she wishes she had the nerve to get up and do that. The guys finally convince her to get up and sing. When it's apparent Kellie is still nervous and singing poorly, Drew gets up and sings with her, and she becomes more comfortable, and sings much better. The DJ walks over and tells Kellie about a karaoke contest he's holding and invites her to sing in it. She wants Drew to sing with her, but he's not interested in it until the DJ tells Drew about the prize for winning, an Olympic gold medal.

At home, Drew finishes a little warmup for the singing contest when Lewis and Oswald tell him the two of them are going to be competing against he and Kellie. Lewis decides to give Drew a little sample of his ability, and the sad song makes Oswald cry. When Kellie comes over, Lewis and Oswald decide to leave so they can practice some more. After Lewis and Oswald leave, Drew has Kellie practice a song.

At the warehouse at work, Drew and Kellie are practicing, but it seems Drew is pushing Kellie a bit hard. Steve and Mimi come in to have a little...private time, but they can't since Kellie and Drew are there. When they tell Steve and Mimi about the karaoke contest, Mimi suggests to Steve that they enter. When they leave, Drew asks Kellie to practice some more, but she's frustrated with him, as he's not trying to have fun with this, he only wants the gold medal. She finally decides to run out.

Back at the Warsaw, Lewis and Oswald are singing, but they do terrible, as Oswald broke down into tears again, frustrating the heck out of Lewis. Drew walks in with some flowers for Kellie and apologizes, so Kellie forgives him, but she gets angry when Drew tells her he wants her to sing with him. To upset Drew, Kellie tells him she's going to be a solo act. Frustrated, Drew walks away to talk to Lewis and Oswald. Lewis suggests going to a church to find a great singer.

We quickly cut to Drew holding auditions for a few women at his house, and the best seems to be an eleven-year-old, Madison.

We now join Mimi and Steve, singing at the Warsaw, and they end up being disqualified. Lewis and Oswald come up, dressed in white. Oswald's plan to keep from crying is to bite the inside of his cheek. As they sing "In The Ghetto" by Elvis Presley, Oswald starts to bleed all over his white shirt, making Drew burst into laughter. Next up is Sasha, and it seems she is singing Drew's song, so Madison says she's going to try a different song. When it's their turn to sing, Madison tells Drew they're going to sing "Do It to Me One More Time," and Drew knows it's a bad idea, but Madison starts in with it. As the song progresses, the audience starts to boo them, so Drew stops the song, as he realizes he's looking like a child molester. Back at one of the tables, Lewis tells Kellie how much the medal would have meant to Drew, so Kellie prepares to sing by showing a bit more skin. She proceeds to the microphone and does a great job.

At home, Drew's watching television when Kellie comes over. She hands him the gold medal, and it turns out to be for curling.

The show ends with Lewis and Oswald watching a movie at Drew's. Oswald thinks the movie is sad, but Lewis doesn't agree. A minute later, Lewis starts bleeding from the mouth, just like Oswald did earlier in the show.