The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 22

What's Wrong with This Episode?

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 1998 on ABC
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What's Wrong with This Episode?
In another of his cruel firing methods, Wick gives an employee a crossbow and says that he will not let him go if he can shoot an apple off of Wick's head. When the man tries to fire, a sign comes down that says "You're fired." However, the crossbow winds up going off, and Wick gets shot in the crotch with an arrow. He puts Drew in charge of the store until Mrs. Louder's return the following week. Drew declares that he will not fire any employee for any reason, as he wants to believe that people are good. The workers initially love him, but Larry soon takes advantage of Drew's policy. Everyone stops working, and the store falls apart. Drew tries to teach the employees a lesson by emulating their laziness and refusing to fill out their paperwork. He warns that the store will go under if they don't return to work, but no one seems to care. Mrs. Louder returns early, and Larry laughs that the employees can simply blame Drew's policy for the store's collapse. Drew is forced to resume firing, and everyone returns to their jobs.moreless

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  • The guys host a contest with goofs.

    The show starts off with Drew introducing the show where they had a lot of things wrong with it. He wheels out a TV with Mimi, at Winfred Louder, talking to all of the employees. Mr. Wick comes out to talk to Mimi. It seems Mrs. Louder and the board are leaving soon. Mrs. Louder comes out and gives Mr. Wick a key and a test kit. Mr. Wick has to take care of her cat while she's gone. With Mrs. Louder gone, Mr. Wick says he can fire someone the way he wants to, so he decides to fire Johnson, after insulting him. Mr. Wick somehow manages to get shot in the groin with a crossbow.

    At Drew's house, Oswald is prank calling Mr. Wick. Oswald says it's Mr. Wick's last remaining testicle calling. Kate, Lewis, Drew, and Oswald proceed to make fun of Mr. Wick. Mimi comes over and announces Drew is temporarily the boss, which Drew loves. He sees this as a great opportunity. For a change of pace, Drew says he won't fire anyone tomorrow, no matter what they do.

    At Winfred Louder, Drew comes out of Mr. Wick's office, and Mimi seems to be treating him professionally. Larry and several others come in and ask about Drew's memo, and wonder if his memo about not being able to get fired is for real. Drew manages to get himself stuck to the floor, thanks to Mimi, who takes a picture of him, bending over in front of a mannequin.

    In the elevator, Drew's coming down with Lewis and Oswald. When they come out, Drew's applauded for being a great boss. Everyone promises to do a better job, well, Larry seems to be rather rude to a customer, and Drew notices. Larry is trying to get fired, trying to think of all sorts of things to say or do which would get him fired. Larry announces to everyone that there's really nothing everyone can do to get fired, so they all decide to go up to the board's office and raid the mini bar.

    Back in Drew's cubicle, he's on the phone. He hangs up and talks to one of the employees, who took a break, to pee off the top of the building. The guy pulls out a water gun, full of something yellow, which looks like urine, and sprays Drew with it. Mimi comes in and tells Drew about an emergency. Mr. Wick comes in, with a cane in his hand. He wants Drew's opinion on something. He puts something in Drew's hand, it's a prosthetic testicle, which freaks Drew out, so he drops it, and it bounces around the office. Mimi comes back covered in slime, it seems the other employees are getting a bit restless.

    A while later, Drew and Oswald are playing pool in Drew's cubicle when Larry comes in, wearing a simple t-shirt. Drew tries a little reverse psychology to get the others back in line, but when it doesn't work, he yells at them all. Kate and Mimi come running in, and say Mrs. Louder is back, earlier than expected. To get people back to work, Drew fires Johnson for stealing a computer.

    The show ends with Oswald and Lewis bouncing around Mr. Wick's prosthetic testicle, like they're playing a game. They chat about going to a football game. Mr. Wick comes in and takes it away from them.

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. There was humor throughout the entire episode.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Mimi enters covered in yellow slime, but she says that she is covered in GREEN slime. This wasn't noted in the April Fool's answers.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Mr. Wick: Carey, close your eyes, hold out your hands and tell me if this feels natural.
      Drew: I can already tell you it doesn't, sir...

    • Drew: Taking an arrow through the most sensitive part of your body. I can't imagine a pain worse than that. (Mimi walks in.) Oh, here it is.

    • Drew: I'm tired of being the responsible one! I don't wanna be the hall monitor anymore. I want to be the stoner who gets the art teacher pregnant.

    • Drew (talking to an employee): I know we're in uncharted territory here, so let me lay down a few ground rules. Taking an unauthorized 15 minute break is not so bad. But using it to pee off the building is.
      Man: You know, I almost hit the parking structure.
      Drew: I don't care if...Wow!

    • (After Mimi walks in covered in slime)
      Mr. Wick: Mimi, I don't want to alarm you, but your human covering has sprung a few leaks.
      Mimi: Well, I talked to the employees down in Toys.
      Drew: Oh, how'd it go?
      Mimi: I'm covered in green slime, you idiot! They're out of control! You're on your own!

    • Oswald: (making a prank call) Hello? Mr. Wick. This is your one remaining testicle calling. (pause) I miss me mate. (Hangs up.)
      Kate: How'd he sound?
      Oswald: Not too happy!
      Lewis: That's understandable. He's probably a little testy.
      Drew: You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, making prank phone calls to a guy who just took an arrow through the scrotum...without asking him if Poppa's gonna get a brand new bag!
      Lewis: Ah, nuts!

  • NOTES (1)

    • For an April Fools' Day joke, this episode contained at least 50 mistakes. Viewers were to list the mistakes and send them to ABC. The person who found the most mistakes would win $25,000 and a walk-on part in a future episode. When the episode was rerun on September 2, 1998, the answers were revealed on screen in pop-up form.


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