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The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 22

What's Wrong with This Episode II

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 1999 on ABC
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Episode Summary

What's Wrong with This Episode II
While Steve and Drew are getting their hair cut, their longtime barber suddenly dies of a heart attack. Drew plans to throw a party for his parents' 45th wedding anniversary, but his mother comes to town a week early. The gang is just about to leave for Phil's funeral when she arrives. Beulah is visibly shaken by news of his death, and insists on coming along. She had lunch with Phil whenever she was in town. Oswald, Kate and Lewis notice Beulah giving a kiss to Phil's corpse, and also witness a nasty exchange with the widow. They suspect that Beulah had an affair with Phil. Drew doesn't believe this, but remembers once seeing Beulah and Phil go off to the back room of the barber shop after she came to pick up the boys. Drew accuses his mother of betraying his father, and doesn't want to attend the anniversary party. Steve tells him that George actually had an affair with Phil's wife; Beulah and Phil just became friends while discussing their mutual problems. The Careys thought about getting a divorce, but were able to work things out. Steve urges Drew to leave the incident in the past instead of saying anything to their father. Drew asks his mom for a dance and apologizes for the misunderstanding.moreless

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  • Drew's long-time barber passes away.

    Drew comes walking through the stage, and is stopped by Oswald, dressed as a security guard. Drew announces the mistake-filled episode contest.

    At the barber, Steve is getting a trimmed, while Drew waits. When Steve is done, Drew gets in the chair for his hair cut. The hair cut takes about three seconds, and the barber drops to the floor. Drew thinks he's just joking, but he doesn't seem to be.

    At Drew's Drew, Lewis, Kate, and Oswald are dressed up. Drew's still sad about the passing of the barber. Drew's mother comes over, and it seems she and her husband are having their 45th Anniversary soon. When Drew tells her about the barber, she gets sad and walks out.

    Drew, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald walk in to mourn the passing of the barber. Mimi, Steve, and Beulah come in, and Beulah seems very sad about the barber's passing. When the widow comes by, they give one another an odd look. Oswald and Kate think that maybe Beulah had an affair with the barber.

    At Winfred Louder, Mr. Wick tells Mimi about a blood drive. Mimi comes over and takes some blood from Drew, who smacks her in the head. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come in and ask about Beulah and Phil, the Barber. They come right out and tell Drew about their theory. Drew flashes back to his childhood, and we see Steve and Kate in the barber shop, when their mom comes in after doing some shopping. Phil and Beulah walk to the back room so she can pay Phil. Back to the present time, Drew says that they may be right.

    Arriving home, Drew and Kate see Beulah inside. Before Drew goes in, Kate asks Drew about what he's going to say, but he's not sure. When Kate leaves, Drew goes in and sees his mom making food. After a while, Drew comes right out and asks his mom about she and Phil, but she doesn't want to talk about it.

    At Winfred Louder, there are a number of employees in line for the blood drive contest. Mr. Wick comes in and is worried because someone else is winning. Drew comes in, just as Lewis and Oswald leave the room where they're taking blood donations. Lewis feels a little dizzy and falls, so Oswald catches him.

    When Drew gets home, there's an Anniversary party going on, so Drew walks right outside, through the backyard. Steve comes out and tells Drew to go inside for the party, but Drew refuses. Drew tells Steve that their mom had an affair, but Steve tells him he's got it wrong. Their father had the affair, with Phil's wife. Steve explained that the reason for Beulah and Phil spending so much time together is because they were consoling one another. When their dad comes out and asks them come inside, they come in, and Drew sees that they're having a good time. Drew asks for a dance with his mom, and Drew apologizes for what happened earlier, and she tells him he didn't want him to lose pride in his father.

    The show ends with marionette versions of Drew, Lewis, Kate, Oswald, Mimi, and Mr. Wick waving to us.

    The plot of this episode was good, and all of the "point out the mistakes" added for some additional silliness.moreless
Fred Applegate

Fred Applegate


Guest Star

Pat Loch

Pat Loch


Guest Star

John Criste

John Criste

Young Steve

Guest Star

Marion Ross

Marion Ross

Beulah Carey

Recurring Role

Stanley Anderson

Stanley Anderson

George Carey

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John Carroll Lynch

John Carroll Lynch

Steve Carey

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • 1) Oswald is a security guard.
      2) When woman spins away, cat screams.
      3) Kate's theme song cameo is upside-down.
      4) Oswald's is upside-down too.
      5) Leaves on the barbershop floor.
      6) Chair is an electric chair.
      7) Organist is the phantom of the opera.
      8) He plays baseball music.
      9) A peanut vendor at a funeral.
      10) Organist switches sides.
      11) Kate calls Mrs. Carey 'Mrs Cunningham'.
      12) A man has a cell phone in Drew's flashback (they weren't invented yet).
      13) Drew's glasses are missing.
      14) Drew has a Playpen magazine (it's fictional).
      15) Drew's magazine turns into a Chinese newspaper.
      16) Mrs. Carey says she's not from Cleveland.
      17) Lewis calls his company "Drugcorp."
      18) Lewis has Oswald's voice.
      19) Oswald has Lewis's voice.
      20) Mimi has a British accent.
      21) Mimi has a picture of the brain on her wall.
      22) Dracula is in line to donate blood.
      23) A cameraman sees himself in a mirror.
      24) Every character becomes a puppet.
      25) Mimi suddenly is holding a syringe.
      26) Mimi flips out of her dress, into a nurse uniform.
      27) Lewis stays as a puppet when the others are not.
      28) Drew cuts puppet-Lewis's strings.
      29) Oswald talks to a copy of himself.
      30) Mrs. Carey's suitcase changes color.
      31) Traffic light in the middle of the hall.
      32) Car noises when Mrs. Carey approaches the traffic light and brakes.
      33) Mrs. Carey waits till the light turns green to keep walking.
      34) Doorbell is a voice shouting "doorbell."
      35) Oswald calls Drew "Andrew."
      36) Tetherball where the pool table used to be.
      37) Bush creeps into house.
      38) Bush makes sneaking noises.
      39) The tap water in Mrs Carey's glass is green.
      40) Steve waves at the cameraman in the barbershop mirror.
      41) Drew says he is going to "drain the lizard", and actually holds a lizard.
      42) Mrs Carey enters from a wardrobe.
      43) Kate goes to sleep in the doghouse.
      44) Drew's bowtie is a necktie tied in a bow.
      45) Drew eats the meatloaf with achopstick.
      46) Hors d'oeuvres are being served to the queue donating blood.
      47) There's a chandelier in the office
      48) Mrs Carey is having a 50th, but Drew is supposed to be 37.
      49) The fridge is a Dr Pepper's vending machine.
      50) The closing music is a take-off of 'The Beverley Hillbillies'

    • During the flashback where young Drew goes back into the barbershop to get his hat, he puts on a Colorado Rockies hat. The Rockies weren't in existence until 1993. This is a mistake that is not pointed out in reruns.

  • QUOTES (7)

  • NOTES (3)

    • During ABC airings, one of the things wrong was that the ABC logo flew in, landing in the usual corner (bottom right). For syndication, this was changed to a balloon which then disappeared.

    • Sarah Michelle Gellar is on the cover of the Detour magazine that Steve is holding.

    • This is the second annual April Fool's contest where viewers are invited to find more than 50 mistakes in the episode.


    • Drew:Et tu Mommy?

      Drew is referencing the Shakespearean play Julius Caesar and Caesar's final words after Brutus stabs him "Et tu Brute?"