The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 19

What's Wrong with This Episode III

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Mar 01, 2000 on ABC

Episode Recap

We begin the episode with Lewis, dressed as Drew, and calling himself Drew. He announces the April Fool's contest show and asks his girlfriend to come in, which is Oswald, dressed as Kate. Drew comes in and talks to "Kate" for a second and then lets the show begin.

In the garage, Drew's joined by Lewis, Oswald and Chester, a chimpanzee. Drew talks to them about Buzz Beer and then leaves to go to work. Oswald and Chester hug, which causes Lewis to leave.

Drew walks into work and asks Mimi if he's got any messages, and when he learns he doesn't, he walks into his office. Inside, he finds Lewis, Oswald and Kate waiting for him. Lewis and Oswald try to explain to Drew their idea for the Saint Patrick's Day promotion, which involved them putting a quarter in the bottle of beer, which will allow someone to call the police when someone gets into a fight. Drew notices the flaw in the plan is the fact that you have to break the bottle to get the quarter, and a broken bottle makes for a dangerous weapon for fights. Mr. Soulard comes in and offers to buy Buzz Beer as a business venture for a family member, but Drew tells him he's got to think about it.

At home, Drew's joined in the garage by Lewis, Oswald and Kate. Drew tells the guys the plan to sell Buzz Beer, and they all hate the idea. They decide to hold a vote, and they vote down the idea, which angers Drew.

Drew walks into the office and asks Mimi about Mr. Soulard, who's supposedly on his way in with a check for Buzz Beer. Drew walks into his office to try and bribe Lewis and Oswald. In exchange for them agreeing to vote for the Buzz Beer sale, Drew will give Lewis Drew's old job, and Drew will give Oswald a job in women's lingerie. Lewis likes the idea, but Oswald's not interested in selling the business, despite the great job offer. Mr. Soulard comes in, and Drew gives him the bad news. Mr. Soulard warns Drew that if he doesn't sell Buzz Beer, he'll lose his job as store manager.

Drew and Oswald come home from the carnival, which seems to have cheered Oswald up. Lewis comes in and accidentally reveals Drew tried to trick Oswald into selling his share of Buzz Beer. Oswald runs out, and Lewis runs after him. Kate comes in through the back and Drew tries to trick her into giving up her share of the company. Lewis comes back in and accidentally reveals to Kate the fact that Drew's scamming her, so she runs out angry.

At Winfred-Louder, Drew and Lewis talk about how they plan on getting Oswald to sell his share in the company. Mimi plays a trick with a phone and an air horn on Lewis. Oswald comes in and Lewis gives him a bunny rabbit, which makes Oswald vulnerable to selling his share in Buzz Beer. They're able to get him to agree to sell his share of the venture, but they need to give him an additional 15%.

Back home, the guys are dismantling the Buzz Beer tanks when Mr. Soulard and his family member come in. After a minute or so, the guys decide not to sell the company after all. When they go to buy it back from Mr. Soulard, he demands $70,000, $30,000 more than he bought it for.

The show ends with a series of silly shots of Chester, the chimpanzee, which were put together in a clip to make it as though he had his own show. We then see several funny bloopers from the episode.