The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 21

What's Wrong with This Episode IV

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2001 on ABC
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What's Wrong with This Episode IV
Drew begins to worry about Lewis's increasingly mean-spirited actions, especially because his guide (during the coma) told him that Lewis will go to hell. Drew and Oswald secretly videotape Lewis and confront him about his terrible behavior. Lewis realizes that he must change his ways. However, he soon becomes convinced that his friends are all going to hell. He tries to shake them of their "sinful" ways, and breaks up Kate's date by standing outside with a bullhorn and calling her a whore. He also denies Oswald his cable fix and throws all of Drew's porn onto the lawn. Lewis insists that he is simply doing God's will, but has a change of heart after he is repeatedly struck by lightning. Steve fills in for Mimi at Winfred-Louder while she is on maternity leave. He does such a good job that everyone wants him to stay on permanently. Mimi announces that she is going to become a stay-at-home mom, but is very depressed. Steve tries to find a way to get himself fired.moreless

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  • Lewis tries to get Drew and everyone into heaven.

    This is one of the goof episodes of The Drew Carey. I'm not going to list them all, since they're listed elsewhere in the guide here.

    The show starts off with Drew interviewing his brother Steve. He shows Steve Mimi's desk, and Mimi walks into the scene and kisses Steve. Mr Wick comes out of his office and gets his messages, but has to pay Mimi for them.

    Mimi eventually leaves, and Lewis and Oswald come in and meet Drew. There's a Star Trek convention in town. Lewis ruins the uniform of a young man dressed up as someone from Star Trek. Drew tells Lewis that after a dream, he believes Lewis will be going to hell. Lewis then leaves, dressed as a blind man (glasses and cane), to "accidentally" walk into the wrong bathroom.

    At Drew's house, Kate, Drew, and Oswald are sitting down talking about Lewis. Lewis then comes in and asks what's going on. They show Lewis a video tape of himself. They tailed him all day with a video camera, and they want to show it to him, to convince him that he's leading a bad life and needs to change. After he sees the video, he comes to the conclusion that he's definately going to hell.

    A scene at the office is shown, but it's acted through The Sims video game. Steve and Mimi are fighting, and Mr. Wick is in his office dancing, nude.

    Lewis and Oswald come in to confess his sins, and apologize to people he's wronged. All of a sudden a big ray gun comes from nowhere and starts shooting people.

    Back to regular tv, Lewis, Oswald, Kate, and Drew talk about being drunks. Lewis has taken it upon himself to make sure Drew and everyone make it to heaven.

    Lewis drops by Kate's place to save her sole. Kate has a date over, and he doesn't want Lewis there, so Kate throws Lewis out. Her phone rings and it's Lewis on the answering machine. He's using a loud speaker to communicate to her and the entire neighborhood. He called her a whore a number of times, which further annoyed her.

    Lewis went back to his & Oswald's place. Oswald is upset because Lewis got rid of almost every cable channel except for bible and family channels. He even replaced the beer.

    Mimi and Steve drop by Drew's house. Mimi tells him that he's going to see less of her. She starts balling, and runs out. Steve wants Drew to fire him, but he won't.

    Kate and Oswald come into Drew's house. They're moving in because Lewis is making life hell for them. He's even thrown Drew's porn collection all over the front lawn. Lewis then walks in dressed as a Jesus-like figure. God then strikes Lewis down, and decides to go back to his old way of living.

    At work, Steve wanders in, all drunk, and calls out Mr. Wick.

    Mr. Wick fires Steve after a screw-up, sorta, and he leaves. Kate, Lewis, Oswald, and Drew, all played by other actors, come in and talk about Lewis being struck by lightning. Mimi, also played by another actor, comes in she and Drew exchange insults.

    The show ends with a few reverunds talking about Lewis' changes.

    Surprisingly, this has become one of my favorite episodes. It's not just the "what's wrong with" part of the show, but Lewis trying to get people into heaven was great, it was very funny.moreless
Drew Carey

Drew Carey

Drew Allison Carey

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Kate O'Brien (1995-2002)

Diedrich Bader

Diedrich Bader

Oswald Lee Harvey

Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles

Lewis Kiniski

Kathy Kinney

Kathy Kinney

Mimi Bobeck Carey (episode 2+)

Craig Ferguson (I)

Craig Ferguson (I)

Nigel Algernon Wick (1996-2003)

Meshach Taylor

Meshach Taylor

Oswald's Double

Guest Star

Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman

Drew's Double

Guest Star

Jimmie Walker

Jimmie Walker

Lewis' Double

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The fact that the closing credits list Robert Torti as Nick, rather than Jay, was counted as a mistake in the April Fool's contest. However, the character was never identified by name during the show, and it is not uncommon for an actor to play more than one character during a series run. If the character was Jay, the misidentification of his job should have been included on the errors list; he was a mover, not a garbage man.

    • Kate doesn't even live with Lewis, so what sense does it make for her to move out of her apartment because of him? He'll just bother her at Drew's place.

    • When Mr. Wick first opens his shirt to reveal his bra, if you look closely you can see his microphone wire.

    • 1) Writing on the pavement says, "The word of the day is lubricant."
      2) Spaceship flies during theme song.
      3) Scene in theme song is from The West Wing.
      4) Theme song music is played backwards.
      5) Scene in theme song is from "Kung Fu King."
      6) Scene in theme song is in black and white.
      7) There is a Dr. Pepper cooler in the office.
      8) Mimi has a Cocoa Cola poster.
      9) Mimi has a bubbling cauldron on her desk.
      10) Picture on Drew's wall is missing.
      11) TV remote is a clown shoe.
      12) Baby crying sounds like a monkey.
      13) TV changes.
      14) Slapping sound is changed to a bounce noise.
      15) "Out of order" sign disappears.
      16) Chair near Drew's desk is a horse on a spring.
      17) Mimi calls Drew "pug."
      18) Drew is nice to Mimi.
      19) Acrobats do gymnastics on Drew's staircase.
      20) Stock shot is wrong.
      21) Lewis sings, "Michael row your GOAT ashore."
      22) Plastic head in Oswald's fridge.
      23) Kate dates a guy she dated in a previous episode.
      24) Kate and her boyfriend suddenly switch positions.
      25) Stock shot is reversed.
      26) Graphics in the office resemble "The Sims."
      27) Laser gun shooting everyone is not in "The Sims."
      28) Football players tackling people is not in "The Sims."
      29) All the football players have the same name on their jerseys.
      30) Mr. Wick's door says "Mrs. Wick."
      31) Cornfield in the middle of the office.
      32) Mr. Wick's accent is Scottish.
      33) Lewis is charred after being struck by lightning (He isn't charred outside).
      34) Mr Wick's bra is showing, then covered, then showing again.
      35) Kim Fields replaces Kate.
      36) Meshach Taylor replaces Oswald.
      37) Thea Vidale replaces Mimi.
      38) Gary Coleman replaces Drew.
      39) Jimmie Walker replaces Lewis.
      40) Thea looks at camera when saying "Is that her catchphrase? I don't watch this show."
      41) Theme from Good Times plays.

    • 42) Office backdrop is a mural of people.
      43) Oswald's uniform has a globe on it.
      44) Office backdrop is a picture of trees.
      45) Lewis hands back the insignia twice.

    • Mimi (this time played by Thea Vidale) emerges from Wick's office, even though Steve had only been fired less than 5 minutes ago.

    • Drew tells Lewis that the Heavenly Guide told him that Lewis was going to hell. This isn't exactly true. The Heavenly Guide (played by Ben Stein) told Drew that all but one of his friends were going to Heaven, and Drew automatically assumed it was Lewis.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Lewis: I'm going to make it my personal mission to save you all. Now let's start with a prayer. Everybody get down on their knees - except you Kate, you seem to get in trouble in that position.

    • Lewis: I'll get to heaven even if I have to ride there on a river of blood!

    • (Putting on sunglasses and pulling a cane out of his jacket)
      Lewis: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to accidentally walk into the wrong bathroom.

    • Mr. Wick: (to Steve) Good Lord, you smell like a brewery.

    • Steve: I better go home....Hey, I'm a drunk guy wearing a bra! Wish me luck on the bus!

    • Oswald: There's only two man-made things you can see from space: The Great Wall of China and Drew's porn collection!

    • Mimi: Mr. Wick, you've got a message!
      Mr. Wick: Oh, is it the clinic? [pause] See, that's what I call my bank. I want to find out why I have a burning sensation when I make a deposit.

    • Lewis: I'll smoke, I'll drink, I'll masturbate. If somebody helps me, I'll do 'em all at once.

    • Lewis: Get back, whore, sloth and pervert! I'm doing God's work! If he doesn't like it, let him stop me! (Gets hit by lightning) AAA! I'm sure that was a coincidence. (Gets zapped again) AAA! If it happens a third time, it's not a coincidence. (Gets zapped again) Dang it all! (Gets zapped again) I SAID "DANG!" Quick, you guys gotta hide me from God. He's really P.O.'d.

    • Drew (to Lewis): You threw out all my pornos, you creep! And those weren't just women--those were my special naked friends!

    • Drew: Lewis, when I was in my coma, my heavenly guide told me that you were gonna go to hell.
      Lewis: This heavenly guide, was his name Morphine?

    • Lewis: I'm not going to Hell! I'm a good guy; I work with animals.
      Drew: You shovel the dead carcasses into a furnace!
      Lewis: I WISH I had a shovel; I have to use my bare hands! It's kinda sad, all these rats painted with the makeup we test on them...It's like they're going to a party. A fiery, fiery party.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Lewis: Mr. Hefner replaced your entire collection!

      Lewis apparently writes to Hugh Hefner, publisher of Playboy magazine, to replace the destroyed copies of Drew's pornography collection.

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