The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 23

Win a Date with Kate

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 07, 1997 on ABC
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Win a Date with Kate
Kate takes offense when the guys decide to give away a date with her as a promotion for Buzz Beer. Mr. Wick finds the winning bottle cap. Kate doesn't like the idea of dating her boss, but decides that she can survive one date. Mimi warns Kate not to try anything with Wick. Kate and Wick fall for each other, to everyone's amazement. Drew worries that they will eventually break up and take out their anger on him. Kate defends Drew when Wick makes an unreasonable request at work. Wick snaps at her and says that her opinion is of no value in the work place. Kate is outraged, and repeats many insults that Drew had made about Wick behind his back. Drew tries to get Kate to calm down. She lashes out at him for not standing up for her, and breaks up with Wick. Wick fires Drew. However, Kate and Wick reveal that they orchestrated the scam so that Kate could get back at Drew for giving her away as a prize. Wick stuns Kate by declaring that he has really fallen in love with her. He writes a poem for her, but she regretfully replies that she doesn't feel the same way about him. Drew bails out the heartbroken Wick by claiming that they were playing a joke as retaliation for Kate's prank. Mimi invites Wick to turn to her on the rebound.moreless

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  • A well written episode

    The episode opens with Lewis and Oswald coming in to see Drew at work about a new ad campaign for Buzz Beer, Buzz Beer Children's Theatre. Laughing at first, Drew realizes it's not such a good idea. Mimi comes in and gets a prank pulled on her by Drew, who put something in her phone, which discolored her dress. Mimi gets even by telling Drew there's a message waiting for him in the air tube, and as he walks over to it, something covered with either whipped cream or shaving cream comes flying out of it, hitting Drew in the chest, ruining his new suit.

    At the Warsaw, Kate complains about Drew's decision to give away a date with Kate, to someone who bought Buzz Beer. A man comes over claiming to have won, but after a close inspection, Drew realizes the cap was a forgery. Mr. Wick and another man who got into an accident outside come inside and buy a beer. Mr. Wick ends up getting a bottle cap which says he's won a date with Kate. This obviously upsets Kate. She doesn't like the whole idea, and it's even worse that Mr. Wick is her boss.

    At work, Drew talks with Mr. Wick about his date with Kate. Mr. Wick's been putting caffeinated water in the water cooler and the coffee machine, which is making people hyper, improving efficiency at work. Drew gives Mr. Wick the tickets to the theatre, but Mr. Wick considers not going out with her since management isn't supposed to go out with other employees. Kate stops by and asks Drew if he was able to get her out of the date, but he says he wasn't able to get her out of it. Mimi tells Kate to keep her hands off of Mr. Wick - she wants him.

    At the Warsaw, Oswald and Lewis are suggesting a Buzz Beer dance, called the Buzzie, as an ad campaign for Buzz Beer. Kate comes in with Mr. Wick, and they seem to be getting along very well. This surprises Drew, Lewis, and Oswald quite a bit, they never saw this coming.

    At home, Lewis, Oswald, and Mr. Wick are playing pool, while Drew and Kate are inside. Drew comes outside, and after losing, Lewis and Oswald go inside. Alone now, Mr. Wick asks Drew carious personal questions about Kate, but Drew's a little nervous about the questions he's asking.

    At Winfred Louder, Kate comes by with a special photo album, but he's not allowing her to look at the photos. Drew's a little nervous since after the conversation last night, Drew believes they're nude photos. Mr. Wick comes out of his office and yells at Drew for not getting some paperwork done. Kate defends him, and insults Mr. Wick. Drew tries to get her to keep quiet, since he doesn't want to lose his job. When Kate storms off, Mr. Wick fires Drew. Upset, Drew starts packing, crying, and singing. After a minute goes by, Mr. Wick and Kate come out and say they were just joking. Kate set up the whole thing with the bottle cap, so that Drew would know better than to just give away people. After Drew walks away, Mr. Wick reveals to Kate that he actually does like her, which concerns her a little.

    Later in the day, Drew, Oswald, and Lewis come towards the camera and play with some toys, as this episode had some 3D effects in it. Kate comes and looks for Drew to tell him that Mr. Wick actually does have feelings for her, but Drew thinks she's still joking around. Mr. Wick comes out and tries to apologize to Kate for his advances, and Drew ends up helping him save face when his little speech doesn't really go as he wanted.

    The show ends with Oswald sticking something into Drew's toaster, and gets electrocuted. Lewis comes in thinking he's doing the Buzzie dance.

    I thought this was a pretty funny episode, Drew's little song was a little silly. I thought the ending was very funny with Lewis thinking Oswald is doing the Buzzie dance.moreless

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