The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 1

Y2K, You're Okay

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 1999 on ABC
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Y2K, You're Okay
Doreen, a "little person" who works at the store, chooses Mimi as her idol and begins emulating her dress and behavior. Mimi is a little freaked out, but soon takes to the idea and has Doreen help her play pranks on Drew. Sharon takes note of the fact that Kate can get Drew to do whatever she wants without having to make much of an effort. The store's computers fail a test for Y2K compliance, and a glitch causes excerpts from Drew's diary to appear on all the computer screens. A panicked Drew seeks the aid of the store's computer expert, Hal. He convinces Drew that there will be a massive computer failure and total chaos on New Year's Eve. Drew and the gang ask Sharon to build them a bomb shelter. Lewis carries his life savings ($37,000) around in a garbage bag. Mimi and Doreen print out copies of Drew's diary and sell them at the Warsaw. Sharon discovers that in the passage where Drew described sleeping with her for the first time, he accidentally wrote Kate's name. She concludes that Drew is in love with Kate, and wants nothing to do with him. Doreen upsets Mimi by expressing regret about ruining Drew's relationship. Mimi tells Drew that he is to blame, because he obviously wrote Kate's name for a reason. Drew tries to win back Sharon by buying her a puppy and training it to seek out the one he loves the most. It heads straight for Kate. Drew attempts to prove himself by locking Kate out of the shelter and insisting that he would let her get obliterated. He says that Sharon is the woman he will be with forever, so she takes him back.moreless

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  • Sharon builds Drew a bunker for the pending Y2K disaster.

    At Winfred-Louder, Doreen, dressed as Mimi, comes in and says "good morning" to Drew. Mimi walks in and does the same, which makes Drew stand up and take notice. Doreen tells Mimi that she's dressed that way because she looks up to her. Oswald comes in and tells Drew that Lewis is on his way up with a new Buzz Beer promotion. Lewis comes in with a large Buzz Beer bottle. Mr. Wick comes out of his office and is amazed to see a miniaturized Mimi and an enlarged beer bottle. He asks Drew if he can super-size something for him, so he may be able to take a shower at the gym some day.

    Later that day, Doreen and Mimi are setting up a trap for Drew at his desk, but Doreen has to hide under Drew's desk with Drew comes in. He sits down and takes off his shoes because his feet are hurting. Doreen comes out, coughing and gagging. Sharon comes in and asks if they can go for spaghetti. Drew tells her it's fine, but before they leave, Drew mentions they have a Y2K test in a few minutes. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come in, and Kate wants to have Chinese for lunch, so Drew agrees with her, which upsets Sharon, since Drew always seems to agree with whatever Kate says. Mr. Wick comes out and warns everyone about the Y2K test, which after a few seconds, begins, and Drew's journal comes up on everyone's monitor, so Drew runs around, trying to get it off of there. Mimi asks Doreen to start the printer, so Drew stops her, and runs down to tech support. Drew learns from the tech support guy, Hal, that they're not even close to being ready. He hands Drew a big book, which warns him of the Y2K problem.

    At the Warsaw, Drew is reading the book to Kate, Lewis, Oswald, Sharon, and Steve. They are really concerned about the Y2K problems, and decide to build a bomb shelter. They ask Sharon to do it, since she's handy, and she agrees to do it. Most of them decide to leave to buy supplies, and they see Doreen and Mimi coming in. They begin selling copies of Drew's journal for $1. When Sharon reads a mistake in the journal, she gets upset. It seems Drew's journal had an entry about he and Sharon having sex, but instead of writing "Sharon", Drew wrote "Kate." Believing Drew is in love with Kate, Sharon runs out of the Warsaw.

    Doreen comes in with cookies for Drew because she feels bad about how they treated him. When Doreen expresses her concerns about that, and the way they dress, Mimi tells her to remove the hair and makeup. Drew comes in, and Mimi gives Drew the cookies, so he tosses them out. She asks Drew about Sharon, and it seems Sharon isn't spending much time with Drew anymore. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come in with their life savings, since they don't want to lose it all due to the Y2K problems. Drew asks Lewis and Oswald about trying to get Sharon back, and Drew decides to go to the shelter and get her a puppy.

    In the shelter, Lewis, Oswald, and Steve are playing poker, and Lewis is winning since he keeps betting with his entire life savings. Drew comes in to see Sharon, but Sharon doesn't really want to talk to him, so Drew gives her a puppy, and it cheers her right up. Drew tries to get the puppy to walk to Sharon, but he keeps walking to Kate, who just walked in. Drew decides to do a Y2K test, but Steve drops the ball. Since they only have supplies for five people, Drew pushes Kate outside. Drew makes up with Sharon, and they all decide to go to the Warsaw for a beer.

    The show ends with Drew in the shelter, imagining he's the last man alive, with all the time in the world, and a stack of "Playboy" magazines. He cries when he sees that his glasses are broken, making it impossible to see the magazines.

    I really liked the episode. The Y2K fears were in the news all the time, and they did a good job with the idea.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • It seems a bit hypocritical of Sharon to be so angry with Drew for writing Kate's name instead of hers in his diary, because in the VERY NEXT EPISODE, "Drew Goes to the Browns Game," we learn that Sharon was cheating on Drew the whole time (or rather, she was cheating on her boyfriend with Drew the whole time).

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (After Oswald sees Doreen)
      Oswald: Oh, Mimi finally had a litter.
      Drew: Yeah, I guess Satan's not as busy as I thought he was.

    • (After Mimi and Drew see Doreen)
      Drew: Well, there goes the theory that you were cute when you were small.

    • (the gang has withdrawn their life savings)
      Drew: That's a pretty big bag, Lewis. How much you got?
      Lewis: $37,000.
      Drew: $37,00?! Mister "Hey, I'm a little short this week-Can I borrow a buck?"
      Lewis: I must've said that, what, 37,000 times?
      Oswald: You had $37,000 and I had to pawn my grandmother's ring last year to make rent? You cried with me!
      Lewis: Well, it was sad. The only thing that got me through it was knowing that I'm stinking rich!

    • Lewis (to Drew, suggesting a romantic gesture for Sharon): Okay, find out what she loves most in the world, then kill it. That'll move you up a notch.

    • Lewis (about Drew): Why is it he's never more gay than when he has a girlfriend?

  • NOTES (1)

    • The ending to this episode is a spoof of the Twilight Zone episode, "Time Enough at Last." At the end, the main character breaks his glasses and thus, will not be able to read the books he had ready. At the end of this episode, Drew has Playboy magazines ready, except he breaks his glasses before he can look at them.