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The Drinky Crow Show

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Based on the weekly comic-strip "Maakies", an alcoholic crow named Drinky Crow and a drunken Irish monkey named Uncle Gabby, set sail in an eighteenth century nautical setting. Drinky Crow & Uncle Gabby are crew members in Captain Maak's ship. They're currently in war with the French (Alligators), but usually they slack off and drink in the local town harbor. Drinky Crow is usually depressed, suicidal, and desperate. While Uncle Gabby is only obsessed with girls, sex, and booze. Uncle Gabby is also obsessed with Captain's Daughter. Even though no one knows her real name, they don't care. They're only interested in her looks and body. Drinky Crow is always trying to find a new girl. But when there's no one, he comes back to Phoebe. A bird who is always upset with his drinking problem. Lieutenant Vronchy from France, is the captain for his ship. He is Captain Maak's worst enemy, so both of the ships have battles often. Along with Vronchy is Mademmoiselle DeBoursay, a French spy working for his ship. she is highly trained, and usually always gets to Maak's ship easily since all the crew members are so dense. The Drinky Crow Show has finished it's first season. There is no word about a second season, yet.moreless
David Herman

David Herman

Uncle Gabby/Captain Maak

Dino Stamatopoulos

Dino Stamatopoulos

Drinky Crow/Lieutenant Vronchy

Becky Thyre

Becky Thyre

Captain's Daughter/Phoebe

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  • If some company came out with a DVD compilation entitled "The World's Stupidest Cartoons", no doubt episodes of Drinky Crow would appear alongside Dan Vs., Fanboy and Chum Chum and Bob's Burgers.moreless

    The Drinky Crow show was an absolute waste of my time. I watched six on-demand episodes on Comcast Xfinity (which totaled just over one hour) and was especially appalled at the first one I saw, in which Drinky gouged his eyes out and replaced them with beer bottles for glasses, only to have his eyes restored back to normal at the end of the cartoon. I completely missed the logic the creators were trying to exhibit; apparently, so did lots of other viewers, as The Drinky Crow Show was cancelled less than two years after it first aired in 2007.moreless
  • I'm glad this show ended,it didn't stand a chance

    Oh my god,Oh my flippin god,this show is so terrible and disgusting.I hate it so much.It's about a crow and a monkey at a bar.WTH?!Who thought of the idea?It's based on a comic strip which I haven't even read.And really?Why would anybody like this piece of dog poo.It's disgusting.What was Adult Swim thinking.An F.Scores:

    Animation:1/10(I'm gonna start numbering them)It's the worst animation of all time.It makes Fanboy and Chum Chum and Xaiver look stupid.Oh wait,they are stupid.

    Humor:0/10 Why would I say humor?All the humor is disgusting.

    Voices:2/10 It's horrible,the crow sounds horrible.

    Music:2/10 I don't think there's no music at all.

    Theme:4/10.It's horrible.

    Oh my god,who would put this poo on Tv?It's worse that Xaiver,Superjail,Dora the Explorer and any other stupid animated show.moreless
  • Stupid

    This show is very strange, but most of Adult Swim's shows are bound to be, but this one is very creepy with the animation and some of the characters. The animation has the characters in 3D format and the background looks kind of 2D, however I do like the design of Drinky. I watched a few episodes online once and this show doesn't seem funny to me. There's a 2/5 chance of getting a little chuckle now and again, but barely. Also, this show is pretty intense with gore, most of the time a character, like Drinky, will bleed enormously along with organs coming out. The theme song can get stuck in my head sometimes too. Overall, this is not one of Adult Swim's best ideas of a show. Final Grade: Fmoreless
  • The Drinky Crow Show isn't really bad. It's not good, but it's not bad either.

    The Drinky Crow Show isn't the worst show [adult swim] has ever made (I'm not using that as a compliment), but it's far from great. The show, which was based on the comic strip "Maakies", is about an alcoholic crow appropriately named Drinky and his monkey sidekick named Uncle Gabby. Drinky and Gabby serve in the Navy under Captain Maak. The characters are constantly at war with the French, who are all alligators. The show has its funny moments and the occasional bloodshed, but that's about it. It's sort of like Squidbillies. Squidbillies is funny, but not quite on the same level as The Simpsons or Futurama (which is coming back with new episodes).

    Grade: C-moreless
  • A great show for a 15 minute laugh.

    I loved the Maakies comics, and I couldn't believe they made a 3D version of it! :)

    People just find this show confusing, but if you just be flexible, this show is nice to watch every once in a while.

    There may be a lot of bloody gore, but who cares? It's adult swim. Besides, they never die for some reason. I laugh everytime Drinky tries to commit suicide, and turns out okay later.

    Why does no one care about this show? I think it's one of adult's swim's best 11 minute shows.

    I think this show deserves another season. It's cute, bloody and hilarious.

    way to go Tony! :Dmoreless

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