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AIRED ON 2/27/2004

Season 1 : Episode 3

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  • The Drop is a show about latino culture and music. It's in english, as part of SiTV's motto, "Speak English, Live Latin." There are hosts who do celebrity and artist interviews. There is usually a live music performance at the end. Music videos beforemoreless

    I really like this show. The hosts are what has captured my attention. Jelynn is my favorite host and has been there all three

    seasons. She's interesting, funny, and very beautiful. The other current hosts are Eric Cubiche and Jose Antonio, who

    started season 2. Radio personalities and musical artists, The Goodfellas are also a part of the show, deciding the video

    dance mix and sometimes doing interviews. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jr. (yes, his son) was a host for season 1 and 2. Jonisha

    was a host for season 2. Gigi and Maria (maria had a spread in Stuff I think) were hosts during Season 1 with Kareem and

    Jelynn. All the hosts have personality and the interaction is sometimes hilarious.

    The celebrity interviews are good as well. It's easy to see the hosts don't have a lot of experience doing the interviews, but I

    think that's a good thing. The interviews are unpredictable and the questions are sometimes very strange, but it's a nice

    change of pace from a standard media blitz. The people they interview also varies greatly. Some are big stars, some are

    underground musicians trying to break out, and some act like they had nothing else to do, so they just showed up.

    The musical performances are great if you like the music that they are performing. They do a lot of hip hop, reggeaton, pop,

    some rock, and all kinds of genre's in between. Some are in english and some in spanish, but it's all usually very good. No

    lip-synching, real instruments or a live DJ, and an audience that's great at dancing, which brings me to my next subject.

    The beginning of the show always starts off with a video dance-mix with 3 or 4 videos being played while the The Drop

    audience dances, and the dancing is show most of the time instead of the video. The hosts used to dance with the

    professional dancers, but not anymore. If you like to watch people dance, you might like this. Then, in the middle of the

    show there might be a dance battle, MC battle, or DJ battle. The dance battle involves two people (or sometimes two

    groups) who battle eachother taking turns to what the in-house DJ plays and the winner is decided by audience applause and

    gets some sort of prize. I dont really care for this part, but I think the funniest thing about the dance battle is the dancers dont

    seem to understand when they are supposed to dance when when to let the other person. Pretty funny sometimes. The DJ

    battles are the same, but they can do just about anything in terms of music. The only rule to the MC battles is no swearing,

    which results in a disqualification.

    That's about it. During season 2 there was a Suzuki Car segment that aired almost every episode where the hosts each got to

    customize their own Suzuki car and The Drop showed the process.

    If you get the channel, and you are interested in latino culture at all, check it out. It's a great way to spend an hour.moreless
  • 10:00 pm