The Duck Factory

Season 1 Episode 1

Goodbye Buddy, Hello Skip

Aired Unknown Apr 12, 1984 on NBC

Episode Recap

Native Minnesotan Skip comes to Hollywood to see his mentor, Buddy Winkler -- whom he sent samples of his animation to and who asked him to make the trip -- but he arrives a bit too late to catch him. He just died. Buddy's staff at the animation studio he ran are in the midst of carrying his coffin to the cemetery. Skip has nowhere to go, so Andrea invites him to the funeral. After he hears the disgruntled employees delivering bitter eulogies about how they were mistreated by Buddy, Skip realizes how well-liked his idol was. At a post-funeral party at Buddy's estate, Skip gets to know his widow of three weeks, Sheree, who doesn't seem to care very much about the loss of her new husband -- what, since she's too busy flirting. Although Skip doesn't flirt back, Aggie sees them talking, and assumes he's trying to use Sheree to land a gig. She makes his day by telling him that he can get a job through her, as an apprentice. Andrea and Roland arrange for Skip to stay in Buddy's studio siesta room -- to the chagrin of Aggie, who insists he pay rent. While looking over Skip's work, Andrea, Roland and Aggie all see why Buddy asked him to come. Skip is upset when Brooks tells him that he can't animate things the way he wants to, because Aggie and Buddy decided to save money by handing animation over to Indians and paying them slave wages. Since Brooks is Skip's other idol, he offers to help him animate the stuff himself. Brooks is hesitant to fill Buddy's role as director, as Buddy did a number on his confidence. Marty plans to walk after Aggie insults his writing, which causes Roland to want to quit also, but Skip manages to get them both to stay by reminding them of the unemployment rate. Then Aggie, who has taken it upon herself to assume leadership, gets Buddy's signature cartoon, Dippy Duck, cancelled over a monetary dispute with the network. Finally, Sheree finds out from Buddy's accountant that all of his businesses are doing great and should be kept -- except for Buddy Winkler Productions, which is "a real turkey." Aggie manages to smooth things over with the network by letting them know her plans to make the show cheaper, and how she just hired this wunderkind animator, Skip. Skip convinces Sheree not to sell the studio, but he's stunned when Aggie tells him she's made him head animator. And he better be terrific, or else.

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