The Duck Factory

Season 1 Episode 3

The Annies

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 1984 on NBC

Episode Recap

When a letter containing the nominations for the Annie Awards arrives, Marty anxiously awaits the results, hoping that he got recognized this year. Roland falls for a woman, Ginger, who wanders in off the street, curious as to what they do. So he takes her on a tour to get acquainted. Skip and Aggie meet with cable network exec Mel Kemper to discuss making a new cartoon for cable. Dippy Duck receives three nominations: writing, Marty; male voice performance, Wally; and female voice performance... Wally. Aggie is angry that Buddy wasn't nominated. But Sheree informs everyone that they're giving him a posthumous humanitarian award. The guys all talk about who they're going to go to the Annies with, and Marty brags that he might ask Veronica Hamel, since they jog together. Although Skip didn't plan on going, Andrea wants to ask him to be her date, but when she can't get the words out, Sheree beats her to the punch, and Skip accepts. Aggie boasts to Skip that she and Mel are mixing pleasure with business. Skip's Aunt Pauline calls him up and wants to see him, so he gets her a ticket to the awards. Roland winds up taking Ginger, Aggie takes Mel, Brooks goes stag, Andrea doesn't go at all, and Marty claims he'll be going with Veronica, though he doesn't actually show up with her. Sheree accepts Buddy's award in his honor. Nosey Aunt Pauline asks Ginger what she does for a living, and Ginger humiliates Roland by blurting out that she doesn't just wander in off the street -- she works there. A very drunk Brooks explains to Sheree that none of the staff have ever gone to the Annies before, as Buddy wouldn't let them. All the better to accept all the statuettes himself. His candid comments reduce Sheree to tears, and she fires him, but Skip convinces her to hire him back. After making excuses, Marty lies to Skip in the restroom, claiming that Veronica can't make it because she's working on Hill Street Blues -- unaware that she's in the auditorium presenting an award at that same moment. Marty makes a fool of himself when Veronica reads his name, and he thinks he won. As it turns out, they really do jog together, although it takes a while for her to remember. The cable deal falls through, so Aggie punches Mel in retaliation. Dippy wins zippy, and Andrea is relieved she didn't go when she hears the night's events from Skippy.