The Duck Factory

Season 1 Episode 11

The Children's Half Hour

Aired Unknown Jun 27, 1984 on NBC

Episode Recap

Brooks' son, Bumps, drops by The Duck Factory to talk to his old man. After meeting Sheree, Roland and Skip, the aspiring comedian tells the gang that his dad is writing him (well, paying Marty to write him) his very own stand-up comedy routine as a birthday gift, so he won't have be a struggling clown anymore. Brooks invites the gang to come see his son perform his very first gig. Meanwhile, while reviewing a tape of the show, Skip and Wally realize that their seductive shapeshifter character, Merlina, would be better if they weren't stuck with such a lousy voice actress. Bumps makes a fool of himself during his stand-up debut, and completely bungles a joke that was perfectly funny when Marty read it. But Sheree is the only who doesn't seem to realize how awful he is. Skip thinks he might have found his lady when a female waitress at the comedy club does impressive voices for the gang while serving their drinks. Although the waitress laughs him off, Skip calls up Aggie and demands to let her audition for Merlina. After that's settled, Skip tells the waitress what show he wants her for, and she does a mean Dippy Duck before informing him that she's Wally's daughter, Wendy. But Wally is nowhere near as interested in supporting Wendy as Brooks is Bumps; Wendy told her mother about Wally's affair smack in the middle of their impending divorce. But Skip persuades him to let bygones be bygones long enough to do the audition with her. And she's so excellent that Wally even compliments her afterwards. When it seems like Wendy has got the job for sure, she repays Skip's kindness -- with a big, open-mouth kiss that Wally and Brooks both witness. And that is the start of a beautiful relationship. Bumps is crushed when he first overhears Brooks paying Skip the kind of compliment he didn't pay him, and then can't come see him perform, because he and Skip have to work together. When Skip tells Brooks to go see Bumps' act, Brooks regretfully says that, after seeing his boy choke on stage, he never should have gotten his hopes up, because the only place for them to go is down. Aggie, Roland and Wally all help Skip realize that Wendy is just using him as a stepping stone; she first tries to get him to change a recording date to accomodate another audition, and then goes behind his back and asks Aggie and Sheree. Refusing to be used, Skip calls it quits with her, but, remembering his advice to Wally, keeps her on the payroll. With some unintentional help from Sheree, Brooks tracks Bumps down at an ice-skating rink. Bumps tells Brooks that he was too ashamed to come home, because he feels like a fat, unemployed disappointment. Brooks lets him know that he and his mother, Bebe, are proud of him. And even though Bumps can't skate, Brooks pushes him out onto the ice, where he makes all the other skaters crack up with a touch of physical humor.