The Duck Factory

Season 1 Episode 11

The Children's Half Hour

Aired Unknown Jun 27, 1984 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the animated opening credits, a cel of a purple rhinoceros-looking thing was accidentally omitted from one frame, making it do a disappearing-reappearing act.

  • Quotes

    • Wendy: Will you look at this. My very first Dippy Duck check. I feel like I joined the family business... Signed Sheree Winkler. Oh, are you the bookkeeper, too?
      Sheree: Oh, no, I'm not qualified to do anything like that. I just own the company.

    • Brooks: Bumps didn't come home last night.
      Sheree: Oh, dear.
      Brooks: I called the Ad Lib Club, and they said he started coughing in the middle of his act, left the stage to get a drink of water, and never came back. I've been up all night.
      Skip: You think maybe you should call the police?
      Brooks: Do you realize how foolish it sounds to call the police and tell them my 34-year-old son didn't come home all night?
      Skip: Doesn't sound foolish to me.
      Brooks: It did to the police.

    • Sheree: Hi, Bumps. Listen, you were so funny last night! I thought I was going to have a conniption when you drank from that dribble glass and got champagne all over your front!
      Bumps: Dribble glass? What's that?

    • Wally: When you were a kid, you had a lot of talent.
      Wendy: I got it all from my daddy.
      Wally: You got a lot of money from your daddy, too.

    • Skip: Wendy can do the job. You're a professional. All I'm asking is that you set aside your personal feelings and let her audition.
      Wally: I hope someday you get pregnant!

    • Skip: Excuse me. Uh, I know this sounds like a Hollywood line, but I'm a producer.
      Wendy: No kidding. You know, you're the fifth one I've met tonight. The first one parked my car.
      Skip: No, no, no, really. I think I have a part for you.
      Wendy: See, that's what the first one said.

    • Bumps: Yeah, the clown business is a little slow right now. Pops felt it was a shame to waste this natural gift I have for making people laugh.
      Roland: Then I guess you're going from... fall down to stand-up.
      Bumps: I'm sorry?

    • Bumps: Skip, huh. I guess people kid you a lot about your nickname.
      Skip: Well, yeah. I guess you know what that feels like, too. Huh, Bumps?
      Bumps: No.

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