The Duck Factory

Season 1 Episode 12

You Always Love the One You Hurt

Aired Unknown Jul 04, 1984 on NBC

Episode Recap

Skip gets a call from Harmon Allison, president of the LA chapter of the Parents Association for Responsible Programming (PARP). They publish a list of the 10 most violent children's shows, and guess what show made it. Roland is bummed about his father's upcoming trip to town for a dental convention; the man hails from a long line of dentists, and is so hellbent on his son being one that Roland's been lying to him, claiming he is one. Desperate to please his old man, Roland went so far as to have a dentist friend keep up the facade for Mr. Culp. At Skip's invitation, Harmon comes to the studio, and Skip and company play a clip of the new, retooled Star Duck for him, to show him that it's no longer as violent. Of course, since the clip depicts an android who wears funny disguise glasses that shoot bullets from the nose before Dippy riddles him with bullets from his own shades, the point isn't exactly made. Aggie starts to throw Harmon out when he raises a fuss, but Skip thinks, "What about the children?," and tells him that he plans to re-retool the show to make it less violent. When Roland intends to spend his week-long vacation at the convention and Skip asks to meet his father, Roland invites him to dinner. Yet, Skip's hopes that Roland will come clean fail to become reality. Skip makes the staff bust their humps to make a kinder, gentler Dippy Duck for Harmon -- all except for Roland, who is busy pretending to be "in business" at his friend's office when Mr. Culp stays an extra day. Which is a prelude to his plans to quit animation and go back to dentistry. Skip and the gang try to persuade him to stick around, but he quits anyway. So Skip books an appointment at Roland's friend's office, demanding Roland fill his cavity for him with Daddy Dentist present. But since Roland slept through that lesson, he messes up, and when Mr. Culp checks Skip out, he sees that he hasn't got a cavity, but an impacted wisdom tooth. Skip's plan works, and Roland confesses the truth to his dad, upsetting the elder Culp in the process. Harmon and PARP's co-chairperson, Irma Hodge, are shown the fruits of The Duck Factory's labor -- which is such Disneyfied, moralistic dreck, it might as well be called Drippy Duck. The staff are shocked that Harmon loves the show now, so much so that he has Miss Hodge grudgingly bestow a Good Egg award on them. With her still not happy at the drivel the show's been turned into, Skip refuses the award, telling PARP to stick it where the yolk don't shine.