The Duck Factory

Season 1 Episode 12

You Always Love the One You Hurt

Aired Unknown Jul 04, 1984 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the animated opening credits, a cel of a purple rhinoceros-looking thing was accidentally omitted from one frame, making it do a disappearing-reappearing act.

  • Quotes

    • Andrea: Hey, look, we've been knocking ourselves out for over a week. You got to pay us some overtime.
      Aggie: Very well. Oh, how about, uh... five dollars an hour.
      Andrea: Oh, okay. I'll buy that.
      Aggie: Good. You people divide it up any way you see fit.

    • Roland: Nobody likes dentists. The job basically involves hurting people. Do any of you have any idea what it's like to have people hate and fear you every time they see you?
      Aggie: Okay, whoever placed this toll call to Santa Monica last month, I want you to pay up now.
      Roland: Well, one of you knows.

    • Brooks: I can sympathize with that. My father wanted me to take over his newsstand in the Bronx. It broke his heart when I got my MBA from Harvard.

    • Brooks: Oh, that's nice. I'll be looking forward to seeing him again...
      Roland: Brooks, you've never met my father. He's never been to L.A.
      Brooks: Oh. Then I'll be looking forward to meeting him.

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