The Dudesons

Spike TV (ended 2008)


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The Dudesons

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Spike TV is bringing Finland’s version of Jackass to the states. The Dudesons follows four friends as they dare each other to perform stupid stunts and crazy antics in the Arctic Circle.
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  • Four best friends from the artic circle preform crazy stunts and pranks.

    I have to admit i absolutly love this show. The dudesons is the origional crazy stunt show, and where alot of shows like jackass and dirty sanchez get the ideas for certian sketches. While watching the dudesons you can tell there is not a large production team in action, as nearly every possible health and saftey rule is thrown out the window for the sake of sheer entertainment. Although the dudesons are not just about wild life risking stunts. Theres alot of comedic banter and pranks, which makes this show such a joy to watch. I would recomend this show to anyone, although be warned not everything goes according to plan, so faint hearted bewear.moreless

    This is one of those shows that I personally classify as " L m f a o " shows. My " L m f a o " shows are the shows that I personally consider to be Awesome ! Shows like this make me laugh so hard . . . and this is one of them due to the fact that well . . . it makes me " L m f a o . " I seriously consider for those of you to watch shows that i classify as a " L m f a o " THANK YOU !moreless
  • I love this show

    This show is so great this is my all time favorite show it always britens up my day and i think jukka is so hott i wish that they were in the states and can do some more stunts in other areas other then places with bam. i would have to rate this show as a million because i just love it that much i think that they should also play it more. My favorite part is how you pick on your next door neighbore Mr. Hitler that is so funny. It would be funny to see you guys to do some of the stunts in americamoreless
  • jackass or the dudesons

    i would have to say both because they both are just so halarious i have seen all of their shows and have their movie they are better if they are to unite with jackass that would make them so much funnier and better they are planing on moving to the united states that would kick so much ass if they did and that they would probably reunit with the jackass crew and come up with better seasons and better shows but otherwise they are both head to head and that they were started before jackass and i hope that they continue doing what they do best make us all laughmoreless
  • A great show but has a few minor flaws

    I think this show has a lot of potential to stay on the air unlike many other shows that SpikeTV has tried(Gary the Rat). All of the stunts and pranks in the the first episode made me laugh and I hope that it stays the same from here on out. The only problem that I had with wasn't to do with the actual show but with how after every commercial break they showed what was coming up next and always showed the best parts of each stunt. All in all I think this show is great and that I would love to see the show run for a long time and hope that you feel the same way too.moreless
  • 10:00 pm

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