The DuPont Show Of The Month - Season 3

CBS (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • Body and Soul
    Body and Soul
    Episode 1
    A former pugilist who looks back on his life in and out of the ring and realizes that self-respect is a more important prize than winning. Eager to take on all contenders, Davis eventually defeats the world champion, but winning has cost him more than he bargained for, he falls in with the mob and takes to a life of easy women and plentiful booze, winning easy bouts with second-rate opponents. It takes the tragic death of his best friend, indirectly caused by a beating from a mobster, for Davis to realize the error of his ways and try to make amends, returning to his mother and the artist girlfriend he left behind.moreless
  • The Fallen Idol
    The Fallen Idol
    Episode 2
    The hero-worship of a young boy for the kindly butler, in whose care he has been left, is damaged when he stumbles on the servant's adulterous affair. In spite of his disillusionment, he tries to protect the butler during a police investigation.
  • I, Don Quixote
    I, Don Quixote
    Episode 3
    Driven by the vision of Dulcinea, the tarnished, yet inspired, Don Quixote begins his adventures with his trusty squire Sancho Panza in tow. His story becomes an inspiration to pursue our personal quests with unfailing dedication, unbridled optimism, unwavering courage, and unparallelled chivalry.
  • Oliver Twist
    Oliver Twist
    Episode 4
    Oliver Twist spends his early childhood in an orphanage, then is apprenticed to a coffin maker. Discontented with his lot in life, the naive youngster sets out for London to make his fortune. Oliver is unaware that a sinister man named Monks is willing to pay a large sum of money to find him.moreless
  • Arrowsmith
    Episode 5
    Martin Arrowsmith, an idealistic young doctor, who, after graduating from medical school, must forego a research position with Dr. Max Gottlieb due to his marriage to nurse Leora Tozer. He returns to her rural hometown and establishes a small practice, and in his spare time eventually develops a serum for a deadly cow disease.moreless
  • Ethan Frome
    Ethan Frome
    Episode 6
    Through flashbacks, a stranger in a snowbound New England village is told the grim story of Ethan Frome. Some years earlier, Ethan's cheerless life was brightened by the arrival of pretty Mattie Silver. His nagging wife Zeena had sent for her cousin Mattie to come live with them and do the housework.moreless
  • Treasure Island
    Treasure Island
    Episode 7
    The adventures of a boy named Jim Hawkins after he discovers a map showing the way to buried treasure. His father is the landlord of the "Admiral Benbow" an inn where Billy Bones, a mysterious old seaman who once served under the pirate Captain Flint takes up lodgings. During their journey to recover the treasure, Long John Silver has plans for a mutiny.moreless
  • Years Ago
    Years Ago
    Episode 8
    Recreation of an actresses declining years and her infamity as a performer.