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NBC (ended 1964)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Ambassador at Large
      A drama about President Tomas Medina-Colon, a bloody tyrant, who rules the imaginary Latin American country of Pais del Sol with an iron fist. Arrayed against him is fiery Danilo Diaz, a rebel leader who mouths sentiments of democracy and freedom. When Diaz seeks political asylum at the U.S. Embassy, Colin Ryan must weigh his potential. Medina-Colon threatens to close the embassy. Elias, Ryan's assistant, learns that if Diaz replaced Medina-Colon, he too would be a tyrant. At the execution of five revolutionaries, Diaz pleads for help from the Americans. Ryan orders that Diaz be gotten out of the country so he will not become a martyr. Later they learn that the security forces killed Diaz.moreless
    • Flight Deck
      Flight Deck
      Episode 20
      A typical day of the flight deck crew of the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt. The ship and its crew of 3,600 men begin thier tour of duty with the 6th fleet by sailing from Jacksonville, Florida to the Mediterranean Sea. A routine day for the flight deck crew begins at 5 am and continues unitl 2 am. They launch aircraft with the steam-powered catapults. Planes land on the rolling and pitching deck. Their duties are fraught with dangers, such as blasts from jet engines and a broken arresting gear wire lashing across the deck. A pilot dies when his plane crashes into the sea. There is a burial service.moreless
    • Don't Go Upstairs
      Don't Go Upstairs
      Episode 19
      This episode presents an eerie drama of a 14-year-old girl trapped alone in her home with an unknown terror. Mr. and Mrs. Harper argue about firing a life-long employee of their business, Jason Simmons. Daisy, their daughter, overhears their argument, and here the fantasy begins. She hears a scuffle and thud. Her mother tells her under no circumstances to go upstairs. Daisy must bribe her brother Kip to stay in the kitchen. Simmons arrives and Daisy manages to lock him in the cellar. But he breaks down the door and goes upstairs. He tells Daisy that something terrible has happened. She goes upstairs and appears to see her murdered mother, but then the fantasy ends and all is normal.moreless
    • High Wire -- The Great Wallendas
      Karl, Herman, Edith, Gunther, Jenny Wallenda, aka The Great Wallendas, a behind-the-scenes look at the family of high-wire circus performers. The program focuses on the aerialist family's struggle to recreate the seven-person pyramid act, which once brought them to the height of their fame and caused the fall in January 1962 in Detroit, Michigan, killing two members of the troupe and permanently crippling one other. At their winter training quarters in Sarasota, Florida, the Wallendas rehearse the act. During one rehearsal, there is an accident and all of the performers are injured. However, they decide to persevere and successfully perform the act on November 20, 1963 in Ft. Worth, Texas. Then they announce they will never repeat the performance.moreless
    • The Missing Bank of Rupert X. Humperdink
      This episode presents a comedy about three people scrambling for a large sum of money in an inactive bank account. G.F. Springer has a penchant for marriage, railroads and booze. His ex-wife Louise suspects he held out on her in the divorce settlement. Twenty-five years earlier in a drunken state, he deposited $40,000 in a bank in Hangover, North Dakota under the pseudonym Rupert X. Humperdink. When he tries to withdraw the money, the bank teller, Lionel Baker, who has been stealing from the account, prevents him from doing so because he cannot prove he is Humperdink. They agree to split the money. When Louise arrives, Springer is arrested for the murder of Humperdink. Lionel and Louise skip town. He tells her that he put the money in a safe place but he cannot remember where.moreless
    • The Patient in Room 601
      This episode presents a documentary about Lita Levine, who survived an air disaster, and her rehabilitation. On Aug. 15, 1958, her flight to Nantucket, Massachusetts ended in a crash. She had third degree burns over 50 percent of her body. She endured unspeakable pain and 41 operations as she was treated in Massachusetts General Hospital. Her parents sacrificed everything in helping their daughter to recover. Five years and nine months later, Lita was again living a meaningful life. A clasp was made for her hands which enable her to write and paint. She is now an artist. An exhibit of her paintings opens at the Hampshire House in Boston.moreless
    • More, More, More, More
      This episode presents a comedy-drama about a married couple of limited means who suddenly strike it rich. Alice and Rex Adams find themselves rich when a small value of stock turns into a half million dollars. With the help of his lawyer and cousin, Calvin Coopersmith, Rex increases his fortune eight-fold. Rex indulges in extreme extravagance. Another woman appears, Maria Pringle, whose hobby is taking money from millionaires. Alice counters with her own huge expenditures, teaching Rex how corrupt he has become. Calvin amalgamates Rex's holdings into a foundation under his own control. Calvin counts the money aboard a yacht with his wife, the former Maria Pringle.moreless
    • Incident on Wilson Street
      This episode presents a documentary about P.S. 16 in New York City and the students and teachers of the school. The focus is on teacher Pegi Gorelick and her nine fifth-graders. They are shown in their classroom and in the All Day Neighborhood after school program, in which regular schoolwork is augmented and enriched. One of the students attacks the teacher, who is not hurt. The rest of the program focuses on the ramifications of the incident for the student and her family, her classmates, the teacher, and the school.moreless
    • A Day Like Today
      A Day Like Today
      Episode 13
      This episode presents a story of a middle-aged widower fighting a lonely battle for his life. For Walter Matthews, Friday has been just one more day in a succession of bad days. Trying to ease a splitting headache, he accidently takes poison. He proceeds to review the previous 24 hours. He is a harried business executive. He is interested in his secretary Helen and she in him, but they have done nothing about it. His daughter Dolores invites him to dinner and then cancels. His son Mark refuses to share a summer cottage with him. As all this passes before Walter, he still wants to live and he prays for another day.moreless
    • Jeremy Rabbitt -- The Secret Avenger
      This episode presents a farce comedy about Jeremy Rabbitt, a meek court stenographer, who decides to dispose of notorious gangsters to impress his landlady, with whom he is in love. His first victim is Cheese Karapolis, who is electrocuted by a short in his toothbrush. Next is Tony Maruzella, whom Jeremy disposes of by filling his golf ball with explosives. Posing as a beauty operator, he smothers Jo Jo. Finally he confesses and is sent to a sanatarium. Althea arrives as a nurse's aid and they poison Big Boss Buddy Foy. They promise to each other they will not hurt anyone else.moreless
    • The Hell Walkers
      The Hell Walkers
      Episode 11
      This episode presents a drama about a convicted Nazi war criminal and a man hired to remind him of the crimes he committed. Just before his release from prison after serving a 15-year sentence for his part in the administration of a Nazi extermination camp, Kleinerts receives a postcard on which is written, "Remember the fifth of September." In Kleinert's hotel in Paris, Davies tells him that he has been hired to remind him constantly of his crimes by a man whose son died in the camp on the fifth of September. Kleinerts realizes there is no place for him to hide, but Davies sinks into the morass of his hatred.moreless
    • The Gambling Heart
      The Gambling Heart
      Episode 10
      This episode presents the story of Mrs. Turner and her daughters, Carrie Bernice and Ada, who inherited $10,000 from their father. Ada's husband, Howard, is a gambler and turns the money into millions. Carrie and her husband, Hugh, eke out a living running a store. Mrs. Turner, also a gambler, encourages Howard to take risks. He invests in a risky oil deal. At first, the picture looks bad, but the deal turns into a $50,000 return. He tells the family, but Howard argues that Hugh should hold out for more. Hugh disappears and returns with a new car and expensive purchases. The family is worried, but he has accepted the $50,000 and the extravagance was to teach them a lesson. When Mrs. Turner arrives with new wild plans, Carrie and Hugh tell her to mind her own business.moreless
    • Ride With Terror
      Ride With Terror
      Episode 9
      This episode presents a drama of twelve people held captive by hoodlums on a subway train in New York City. After beating and robbing an elderly man of eight dollars, Connors and Ferrone deceide to take the Lexington Ave. IRT to Times Square. They jam the doors so nobody can board or deboard. They terrorize the people on the train. It becomes apparent that the only thing the captives have in common is their refusal to get involved. Finally, Teflinger, a soldier on leave and with his arm in a cast, fights the hoods alone and knocks them out. In the tussle, he is stabbed. At Times Square, the police take the hoods into custody.moreless
    • Miss America -- Behind the Scenes
      This episode presents a candid study of a young woman's transformation from a college student into a contestant for the Miss America crown. The program covers four weeks in the life of Jeanne Richey Amacker of Beaumont, Texas, from being named Miss Texas through the decision in Atlantic City. Overnight she becomes a celebrity and is taken on a whirlwind tour of her state. She gets a new hairdo, cosmetics and wardrobe courtesy of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. In Atlantic City, she attends a briefing session and rehearsals. She is shown responding to the announcement of the winner.moreless
    • The Silver Burro
      The Silver Burro
      Episode 7
      This episode presents a comedy-drama based on a true story of the Idaho Hills in 1885. A present-day investigator tells the story. A prospector named N.S. Kellogg sets out across the Coeur d'Alene Mountains, meagerly grubstaked by J.T. Cooper and O.O. Peck. Along the way, he loses his burro. When he finds the animal, it is standing atop the biggest vein of silver in the Northwest. Kellogg tries to cut out his partners and this precipitates a legal battle, which is finally resolved for everyone except the burro.moreless
    • Manhattan Battleground
      This episode presents a documentary about a social worker's approach to slum problems in Spanish Harlem in New York City. Dan and Hope Murrow lived there for five years and became totally involved with their neighbors, who included gangs of youths, alcoholics, drug addicts, and prostitutes. Violence had been a regular occurrence. Within two years after Murrow's arrival, the street fighting had ended, the gangs had become clubs and the fighting had been replaced with psychodramas, in which the youths worked out their aggression. Since they have completed their five-year project, the Murrows are leaving for Brandeis University. A play is performed which re-enacts what happened when Dan first tried to bring the gangs together for a peace conference.moreless
    • The Takers
      The Takers
      Episode 5
      This episode presents a suspense drama of a near-perfect jewel theft. Baron van der Zost, one of the wealthiest men in the world, checks into the Caesar Hotel with his family and jewel collection. A group of thieves is in the suite across the hall. The leader is Harley Downing and his key aid is Charmian Scott, who bears a remarkable resemblance to Zost's daughter, Inga. The thieves execute their scheme. As Downing is checking out of the hotel, Bouchard, Zost's private detective, recalls that Charmian, masquerading as Inga, was wearing dark glasses, but Inga had left hers on the plane. The thieves are caught.moreless
    • The Bachelor Game
      This episode presents a sophisticated comedy set against the New York magazine world. Clay Douglas is the editor of a large-circluation national magazine which is losing money. He determines to put the magazine on a paying basis by securing exclusive rights to the life stories of either Paula Amory, an often-married movie star, or Hunter Harrison, an eccentric millionaire. Clay's next-door neighbor, Tracey Wilde, falls in love with him. She was married to Harrsion and she convinces him to sell his memoirs to the magazine, which saves the magazine and traps Clay into marrying her.moreless
    • Hold-Up!
      Episode 3
      This episode presents a farcical story of a plot to stage a million-dollar robbery of Historyland. Fate and their inadequacy conspire to snare the plans of Charles Hamilton, an accountant, and Max von Ritter, a safecracker, to rob Historyland, an amusement park. They plan to time the robbery with a Jesse James-type bank holdup which is staged daily in the park and to escape in the confusion between the real and fake robberies. They enlist the help of Rudy Schrieber, a dynamite expert who is virtually deaf, and Harry Fenn, an ice cream vendor who is more interested in picking pockets. They successfully pull off their scheme, but when they open up the bags, they find only passes to the park.moreless
    • The Last Hangman
      The Last Hangman
      Episode 2
      This episode presents a drama of three aged Irish Republican Army veterans, O'Connell, Meager and Boyle, who had taken an oath to eliminate all of those responsible for the hanging of their compatriots in the rebellion against English rule. They now live in Cleveland and there is only one more person left, the equally aged John Moore, who lives on Long Island, New York. The three make their presence known to Moore, who tells his son, Joe. He does not believe his father. The three take Moore to a deserted house to kill him. John, a soldier to the end, accepts the situation, but Joe arrives to stop them. O'Connell falls ill and the Moores take him.moreless
    • To Bury Caesar
      To Bury Caesar
      Episode 1
      This episode presents a courtroom melodrama about an English parliamentarian's fight for his political life. Adam Hilderson is a brilliant politician but is passed over for ministerial posts. His wife Helen thinks there must be an unsavory incident in his past. Their friend, publisher Philip Maybrick, learns from a sailor Lembke that after their ship was torpedoed, Hilderson fought for a space on a lifeboat but a woman, Lembke's wife, was killed. Maybrick proposes an infallible libel scheme, which would result in big money for both. Hilderson learns his wife is colluding with Maybrick and will divorce him to marry Maybrick. At the libel trial, Hilderson exposes the collusion and presents evidence he was not aboard the torpedoed ship, clearing his name.moreless
  • Season 2
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