The DuPont Show of the Week - Season 2

NBC (ended 1964)




Episode Guide

  • Opening Night
    Opening Night
    Episode 21
    This episode presents a behind-the-scenes study of the launching of a new play. The program focuses on the aspirations, talents and efforts of a director and cast that culminate in the exciting moment when a new play comes to life. The play is The dragon, a story of tyranny in the guise of a fairy tale, which opened April 9, 1963 at the Phoenix Theatre in New York City. This is the first off-Broadway production of Joseph Anthony, one of Broadway's top directors. The show includes Anthony's working with the actors and fusing the acting with the other elements of the play, such as lighting and costumes. Backstage scenes include Anthony's parting speech to the cast, portions of the play, and the principal players watching a review on TV. The play closed after a three-week run.moreless
  • A Dozen Deadly Roses
    This episode presents a spy drama. Lorraine Boswell is acquitted of killing her wealthy husband thanks to the testimony of a total stranger, Martin Pitt. They fall in love and marry. Martin is trying to get his hands on her husband's collection of manuscripts and autographs because his passport is included in its contents and it proves he is a spy. Ben Caulder, who is an Interpol agent, tries to buy the collection, but Martin refuses. Caulder tells Lorraine about Martin, who apparently kills him. Lorraine tells Martin that there are copies of his passport in the bank, so they play Russian roulette with drinks laced with arsenic. He dies and she is tried for his murder, but Caulder appears to clear her.moreless
  • San Francisco Detective
    This episode presents a documentary about police work in San Francisco. The central figure is Inspector George Asdrubale, a veteran of 16 years with the San Francisco Police Dept., 10 of them as homicide specialist. The program follows him to a cheap hotel room in which an 18-year-old woman is found strangled, to skid row to serve a subpoena on a witness, to a shabby rooming house searching for a suspect in an assault case, to the morgue where police seek identification of a murder victim, and on a coffee break. The show also includes scenes of a line-up, the interrogation of witnesses and the work of the crime lab.moreless
  • The Triumph of Gerald Q. Wert
    This episode presents a drama about the last comedian on earth, Gerald Q. Wert. The totalitarian world-super-government deems laughter to be a malignant infection of public morals and a revolutionary activity. All comedians and laughmakers have been executed or surrendered their art to avoid death. In this society, no one laughs or smiles. Wert is the subject of a worldwide search. He finds sanctuary in a small American community and befriends a boy, Peter. At night Wert gives performances in cellars. Wert is captured and led to his death. Peter performs Wert's act for his friends and they roar with laughter.moreless
  • The Legend of Lylah Clare
    The legend of the dybbuk in which the spirit of a dead person possesses a living body and acts through it. Elsie Brinkmann is an ingenue discovered in Las Vegas by Mickey Mandell and signed by director Louis Zakin and producer Jake Resnick to star in a film biography of legendary movie goddess, Lylah Clare, who has been dead for 25 years. Despite a striking resemblance, Elsie has none of her qualities. Lylah was unregenerate and perverse. As filming progresses, Elsie begins to imagine that she is Lylah and becomes an evil creature. Finally, Elsie is scheduled for the death scene, in which the character falls down the stairs and is killed. As she performs the scene, she in fact falls down and dies.moreless
  • Something to Hide
    Something to Hide
    Episode 16
    This episode presents a murder mystery. Howard Holt, a second rate author who is married to his wealthy publisher, Karen, is having an affair with Julie Grant. Karen runs over Julie and Howard tells her not to call the police because they will charge her with manslaughter. Karen calls them anyway and D.A. Davies arrives to question them. Karen listens in on a phone call to Howard from a woman and becomes suspicious. Karen, who has a gun, pleads with Howard to tell the truth to the police, but he demands that she give him the money in the safe. They struggle and Howard is killed. Then Julie arrives, confesses she murdered Howard and demands the money. Davies arrests her.moreless
  • Prisoner at Large
    Prisoner at Large
    Episode 15
    This episode presents a documentary about the personal relationship between a parole officer and a paroled convict. Joseph McCormick has worked most of his life in the Massachusetts Dept. of Corrections as a prison social worker and parole officer. John Hackett (this is not the person's real name) first got into trouble when he was nine-years-old and was just paroled after serving seven years for armed robbery. McCormick thinks he is an intelligent and likeable person, for whom there seems hope of rehabilitation. After nearly a year, Hackett commits another crime and is caught. They meet with a sense of emotional crisis.moreless
  • The Shark
    The Shark
    Episode 14
    This episode presents a drama about Harry Graham, a prosperous grocer, who owes his life to Fred Russo. Fred saved Harry from a shark, losing his leg in the rescue. Fred visits the Graham family and is treated like a guardian angel. However, Fred has just killed a prostitute, Emily Quale. He feels compelled to tell Harry but changes his mind just before passing out. When he awakes he is not sure what he has told Harry. He needs to know before he leaves and so takes a walk with Harry, who fearing Fred calls for help. He and his wife Ellen acknowledge their debt to Fred but feel they must inform the police.moreless
  • Diamond Fever
    Diamond Fever
    Episode 13
    This episode presents the drama of a financially pressed jeweller, Arthur Hartwick, who concocts a scheme whereby he would be the victim of the theft of his fabulous diamond. He needs Herbert Vanderling, an embittered diamond cutter, to turn the stone into an article of priceless beauty. His brother Joe plots to steal the diamond. Herbert tells Hartwick, who has insured the diamond for one million dollars. Archie Lefferts, a great jewel thief, plans to steal the diamond. Vanderling successfully cuts the diamond. After making a deal to kill the Vanderlings, Lefferts scuffles with Hartwick and the police catch them both, having been tipped off by Joe.moreless
  • Comedian Backstage
    Comedian Backstage
    Episode 12
    This episode presents a behind-the-scenes and candid study of comic Shelley Berman. The program examines the tensions and demands that a performer lives with in the serious business of making people laugh. The show covers a 36-hour period in Berman's life, centering on his performance at a Hollywood, Florida hotel.
  • Two Faces of Treason
    A communist spy dies in an accident, but the government does not release this information. The army comes up with Corporal William Yarrow to take his place. He reports to a counter-intelligence unit under James Feveral. He learns everything about the dead spy. He meets two communist agents, Albert and Helen Adams. Albert reveals that there is a leak. Yarrow implicates Adams, whom Albert kills. He tells Yarrow to go fishing. When Yarrow tells Feveral about his concerns about the death of Adams and he responds glibly, he punches him and goes fishing.moreless
  • Windfall
    Episode 10
    This episode presents the story of Emily and Frank Foster, who find $92,000 in a sink which they bought in a junk shop. Although he could use the money, he turns it over to the police. Some call them fools and the IRS think they are holding out more money. When they find more money, Frank wants to keep it because of the suspicion and ridicule they have already received. Realizing that they have caught the money bug, they burn the money.moreless
  • The Ordeal of Dr. Shannon
    This episode presents a drama about Dr. Robert Shannon, a brilliant American resident physician, who abandons a promising career and resigns his hospital post to find the right vaccine against a new and fatal influenza germ. He faces pressures from all sides, from his friends, medical superiors and the woman he loves.moreless
  • Mutiny
    Episode 8
    This episode presents a drama suggested by the only recorded mutiny in U.S. naval history. In 1842, the U.S.S. Bowers returns to the Brooklyn Navy Yard from a training cruise. One cadet, 17-year old Philip Cantrell, son of a leading senator, was killed during the voyage and a Naval Court of Inquiry summons the ship's captain, Commander Jason Vanning, to a hearing on charges of murder. Cantrell always broke the rules and talked about seizing the vessel. The crew informed the captain and he put Cantrell in irons. Cantrell told him that he had always felt inferior to his father. The crew became restless and Vanning prepared to hang Cantrell but only if he did not confess. Cantrell tried to incite the crew and then jumped overboard. Vanning is cleared.moreless
  • Emergency Ward
    Emergency Ward
    Episode 7
    The experiences of a young doctor confronted with a succession of crises in one of the world's busiest hospitals, Bellevue Hospital in New York City unfolds. The program revolves around the physicians, nurses, patients, and medical students of Bellevue's emergency ward on a typical night. Dr. Martein Mulder, a 26-year-old intern, works a routine of 36 hours on duty and 8 hours off. He works at his utmost capacity on his cases, some of whom include a middle-aged man who dies from a brain injury, a patient who rejects his advice of surgery because it will leave him disabled, and a man with an acute heart attack.moreless
  • The Shadowed Affair
    Isolated Nobel Prize-winning novelist, Hans Harben and his psychotic wife, Juliette, are interviewed by the young journalist, Jennifer Graham, whose assignment brings her closer to her idol. Jennifer observes the strange relationship between Hans and Juliette, who takes charge of all of his affairs with pathological determination. Jennifer cannot work under her authoritative direction. She discovers she is in love with Hans and he with her. They plan to go to Greece, but Juliette tells her about the strange bond that links her to Hans and why she throws Hans at young women. None of his books would have been finished without these affairs. As Jennifer leaves, Hans and Juliette are at work on his newest book, about their affair, entitled The Shadowed Affair.moreless
  • The Betrayal
    The Betrayal
    Episode 5
    A colonel of the East German People's Police is assassinated by Richard Thaelman, a young underground hero, and son of Professor Gretchen Anna Thaelman, a Nobel Prize winner. Richard flees to the apartment of Carl Richter, a non-political student of the professor. Under threats from Richard, he helps to plan his escape when he is taken into custody. When he tells the inspector about Richard, he does not believe Carl. Richard is caught and the inspector tells his mother that Carl turned him in. But Carl wins his release and he insists they flee the country and he pledges to carry on their work.moreless
  • Big Deal in Laredo
    Big Deal in Laredo
    Episode 4
    In a Western town, a game of poker among four millionaires in Laredo is held. Meredith, traveling with his wife Mary and son Jackie, watches the game and as a compulsive gambler has to join in. He is dealt the best five-card hand but dies of a heart attack. Mary takes over and secures a loan from the bank using the hand as collateral. She wins the huge pot. In fact, they have pulled off a con that cannot be repeated.moreless
  • Fire Rescue
    Fire Rescue
    Episode 3
    This episode presents a documentary about the Rescue Company One of the New York Fire Dept., a small corps of firefighters whose training and skills have equipped them for the most challenging assignments. The program follows the firefighters as they answer calls to multiple alarm fires, resuscitation calls and other emergencies day and night. Incidents include the death of firefighter John Farragher in a fire in the city's Hell's Hundred Acres section and a nine-alarm fire in a clothing store in Queens. The show focuses on Lt. William McMahon as he leads his men. There are scenes at the company's quarters on West 43rd St.moreless
  • The Interrogator
    The Interrogator
    Episode 2
    This episode presents a drama about Cyprus in 1957 during the height of the three-sided conflict between British colonial rule and Greek and Turkish terrorists. Inspector Fallon, a British police superintendent, brings in a Cypriot prisoner, Christos, one of a gang who blew up a power plant. In order to climb a hill, Fallon releases Christos, who knocks him out and escapes. When Fallon returns, he is accused of murdering Christos. Commissioner Thompson thinks Fallon has comprised himself and orders a replacement. A band of terrorists, including Kiki and Drusilla, is interrogated by Fallon, who uses fierce measures to break down the prisoners. They confess to blowing up the plant. Fallon is freed from the accusation but realizes he has used brutality in the process.moreless
  • The Outpost
    The Outpost
    Episode 1
    This episode presents an allegorical drama without a specific time or location. There is a military outpost in a desert wilderness near a hypothetical enemy. A young lieutenant arrives and is shocked to find only four other soldiers, each with a stain against their military record. When he reports enemy troop movements, the others accuse him of having hallucinations. The action builds to a surprise ending and because the exact significance of the story is unclear, viewers are can draw their own conclusions.moreless