The Eagle Has Landed



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The Eagle Has Landed

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The Eagle Has Landed is a look into the history of the race to land on the moon, the technologies used to get there, and the impact it is having on science today. You will relive the Apollo missions from their original broadcasts, discover astronomers' newest information on how the moon affects Earth, and gain insight into NASA's latest advances in space machinery. You will see distant galaxies close up as giant telescopes zoom into them. The Eagle Has Landed will even ask the important question: "Is there life on other planets?". From Earth to Pluto, you will get an education on the workings of the solar system and all its parts. For those who wonder if we will ever reach Mars, this show has the latest information. So, let's start the space race! Grab your space suits, count down from ten, and prepare for takeoff. The Eagle Has Landed!

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Documentary, Science


History, Astronomy