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  • I love harry,russ and dave..It was great that maggie was off for a week we finally got a break from that shes back we have to put up with her cutting everyone off acting like such a prude telling us whats bad for us.she has no clue..

    I liked all the shows that maggie was not on.
    She is iritating cutting people off always looking to harry like a little spoiled brat looking for approval I dont feel like she gets it. She lets anyone come on the show with information and win her support t.v. bad coffee bad everything bad if you listen to it. Today when you talk about teens having sex there isnt one honest person Tell them not have sex oh right thats the answer bull sex when your young is great. If you tell your kids not to they will do exactly that and because they know you dont condone it they wont talk to you when they do because you have already said no sex until your older Why not ask people how do they talk to there teens about it mothers who actually have normal sexally active teens. Instead of woman who dont have teens yet.woman with little babys are clueless of what its really like once you and your kids hit jr. high then stuff starts happening the getting to know your child and your child knowing you.
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