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The Ed Sullivan Show

CBS (ended 1971)



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The Ed Sullivan Show

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This long-running variety series premiered on June 20, 1948 with the title Toast of the Town. (The Toast of the Town link covers the first 8 seasons of Ed Sullivan.)

The series was re-titled The Ed Sullivan Show on September 25, 1955 (the beginning of the 9th season). Although the name had changed, it remained the same variety show with "something for everyone." There continued to be a diverse guest line-up which included singers, musicians, actors, dancers, comedians, circus acts, plate spinners and acrobats.

But now there was now a new type of guest: the rock 'n' roll performer. While Ed booked a few rock 'n' roll acts on "Toast of the Town," these performers became even more prominent on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

One of the most famous rock 'n' roll acts was, of course, Elvis Presley. Ed had at first scoffed at the idea of booking Elvis, who had already appeared on "Stage Show," "The Milton Berle Show" and "The Steve Allen Show" amid much controversy. But as Elvis' popularity grew, Ed relented and booked him for three appearances.

Then there were the famous Beatles appearances. Legend has it that Ed booked the Beatles without hearing even a note of their music. While visiting England, Sullivan happened to be at Heathrow Airport on October 31, 1963 when the Beatles' plane arrived. The British press and hundreds of fans were there to greet them. Upon seeing all the frenzy, Ed signed the band to appear on his show. Beatlemania was already in full swing when the Beatles arrived at New York's JFK airport on February 7, 1964. On February 9, the Beatles made their "Ed Sullivan" debut. The Beatles' three 1964 Sullivan appearances were among the highest rated TV programs of the 1960's.

In 1967, Ed's NYC studio, Studio 50, was officially re-titled "The Ed Sullivan Theater." The ratings of The Ed Sullivan Show began to drop in 1968. CBS cancelled the series in 1971. The final new show aired on March 28, 1971 which was followed by several weeks of reruns. The series' network run ended on June 6, 1971 (which was a repeat of the February 7, 1971 show). At the time of the cancellation, CBS did not give The Ed Sullivan Show the sendoff that it deserved. Instead of ending with a tribute show focusing on all the great moments of the past 23 years, the show quietly went off the air. But in the 33 years since the series was cancelled, CBS has aired numerous tribute shows giving the series the recognition it deserves.

Syndicated, cable TV and PBS repeats:

In 1980, a "Best of Sullivan" series hosted by John Byner appeared in syndication. Each episode was an edited 30-minute version of the original 1-hour shows. This version has not been broadcast since the 1980's.

Around 1992, a new "Best of Ed Sullivan" series was syndicated. These were 30-minute edited versions of the original shows (but often with clips from other episodes added). This version later appeared on the TV Land cable network (1996-1998).

From 2001 through 2004, PBS stations across the U.S. aired edited versions of The Ed Sullivan Show (usually with two 30-minute programs shown back-to-back). These were produced by WQED Multimedia in Pittsburgh.
--The first PBS season (2001-02) consisted of the 1990s shows that were edited for commercial TV. To fill in the commercial breaks, WQED added new intros by Shirley Jones.
--For the 2002-03 PBS season, WQED publicized a new package of 76 Sullivan shows. (These do not have Shirley Jones.) Ten of these shows have not been seen since their original broadcasts. The other 66 were previously shown in the 1990s but were slightly re-edited with a few "missing" performances restored. This group of Sullivan shows continued into the 2003-04 season.

A different series, titled "Ed Sullivan's Rock 'N' Roll Classics," first appeared in the 1990's on VH1 (in the US). This version features rock and pop music clips taken from various Ed Sullivan episodes and is currently available on DVD.

For information about The Ed Sullivan Show and Toast of the Town, contact:
SOFA Entertainment
9121 W. Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Sofa Home Entertainment SOFA Entertainment owns the right to every Ed Sullivan Show and Toast of the Town episode.

And thanks to Historic Films for their on-line database. Their website has been very helpful in verifying guest lists and other information.

Ed Sullivan

Ed Sullivan


Bern Bennett

Bern Bennett

Announcer (1948-1949)

Ralph Paul

Ralph Paul

Announcer (1959-61, 1964-71)

Art Hannes

Art Hannes

Announcer (1949-1964)

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  • One of the greatest shows ever on the tube.

    Ed Sullivan was king back in the 50's and early 60's, he actually made or broke acts. We never missed watching this fantastic show.
  • The Boys of Wexford

    I am looking for footage of season 18 episode 9 of The Ed Sullivan Show where i appeared as part of a choir from Wexford Ireland.

    I cannot find footage anywhere and the choir did appear.

    We were listed as The Boys of Wexford.

    The Choir are reuniting for the Homecoming Celebrations in New Ross Co. Wexford on June 22nd 2013

    Thank you in anticipation Mary
  • Ed Sullivan

    What a fun show to watch.

  • One of the best variety shows ever!

    The Ed Sullivan Show is one of the best (if not the best) variety shows of all time. From 1948 to 1971 it showcased the greatest acts of its era - from The Beatles to Elvis to The Rolling Stones to comedians like Joan Rivers, Richard Pryor and Rodney Dangerfield. No television show today can compare with its breadth of talent and historical relevance.
  • One of the Best Shows Ever!

    The Ed Sullivan Show undoubtedly ranks as one of the best shows ever. No one had a better eye for talent than Ed. I am so happy to see that some of the classic videos have been added to TV.com.

    I am always astounded by the broad range of incredible talent Ed brought to his Broadway stage between 1948 and 1971. Over 10,000 performers and celebrities appeared on his stage including the most spectacular ensemble of stars from the worlds of entertainment, sports, and politics. My favorite performers were:

    - James Brown

    - The Beatles

    - The Doors

    - Elvis

    - The Young Rascals

    - Rodney Dangerfield

    - George Carlin

    It is certainly the greatest variety show in the history of television. I just hope TV.com adds more videos from this show!moreless

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