The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 23 Episode 15

December 27, 1970: Bobbie Gentry, Friends of Distinction, Pat Cooper, Peter Nero

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 27, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

--Opening of show (with montage of clips from past shows).
--Peter Nero (pianist, backed up by orchestra) - "I Got Rhythm"
--Ed announces tonight's guests (while Nero plays piano).
--Commercials: (1) "Tegrin Shampoo (2) Polident denture tablets
--Raphael (entertainer from Spain) sings "Maybe" (aka "Somos"), "When My Love Is Around" (aka "Cuando llega mi amor"), and "The Sound of the Trumpet" (aka "Balada de la trompeta").
--Pat Cooper (comedian) - talks about motherhood and child-rearing
--Commercials: Texaco Oil Company
--Steve Rossi and Slappy White (comedians) - Rossi begins bit by singing an Italian song, then Rossi interviews Slappy White (playing a hipster/civil-rights leader).
--Commercial: Jeno Pizza Snacks
--Bobbie Gentry (backed up by Goose Creek Symphony) sings "He Made A Woman Out Of Me" (and possibly "Put A Little Love in Your Heart.")
--Bobbie Gentry and the Goose Creek Symphony - "Cripple Creek" and "Welcome to Goose Creek."
--Bobbie Gentry (playing piano) sings a Gospel medley.
--Commercial: Gain detergent
--Friends of Distinction perform their 1969 hit "Grazing In The Grass."
--Billy Baxter (comedian) - topics include immigration to America and religion.
--Commercials: (1) Nescafe Coffee (2) Contac Cold medication
--Peter Nero plays "Rhapsody in Blue" (with orchestra)
--Show closing (with footage of Raphael from earlier in show)