The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 20 Episode 13

December 3, 1967: Ray Charles, Billy Preston, Gordon McRae & Carol Lawrence, Jackie Kahane, Bill Dana

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

December 3, 1967 broadcast [with notes about the Aug. 4, 1968 repeat].

--Opening of show, stage lights up, sponsors announced.
--Ray Charles & Billy Preston perform "Double-O-Soul."
--Commercial break #1: (1) Hai Karate After Shave; (2) Pacquin Hand Cream.
[04-Aug-1968 commercials: (1) Bonus Detergent (2) Spic 'N Span]
--Ray Charles & orchestra - "Yesterday."
--Ray Charles with Billy Preston (on organ) and the Raelettes - "What'd I Say?"
--Commercial break #2: (1) Lemon Pledge Furniture Polish; (2) Bravo Floor Wax.
[04-Aug-1968 commercials: (1) Purina Dog Chow (2) Purina Cat Chow]
--Jackie Kahane (comedian) - stand-up monologue topics: Life In New York City, Hippies, traveling by bus & air.
--Commercial break #3: Pepto Bismol
[04-Aug-1968 commercials: (1) Tareyton Cigarettes (2) Polident Denture Tablets]
--Frankie Fanelli sings "This Is All I Ask."
--The Mecners (balancing trio act from Poland) - 2 men toss girl into air, she balances on pole.
--Commercial break #4: (1) Wind Song Perfume (2) Ponds Cold Cream
[04-Aug-1968 commercials: (1) Poli Grip (2) Silva Thins]
--Bill Dana (comedian, in character as Jose Jimenez) - Ed interviews Jose, an Olympic athlete planning to participate in the '68 Olympics.
--Audience bow: David Merrick (Broadway producer)
--Gordon McRae & Carol Lawrence perform "I Do, I Do," "My Cup Runneth Over," and "I Love My Wife" (songs from their Broadway musical "I Do I Do").
--Commercial break #5:  (1) Nabisco Easy Bake Frozen Cookies; (2) Nabisco Team Team Flakes Cereal.
[04-Aug-1968 commercials: (1) Geritol for "Tired Wife Syndrome" (2) Sominex.]
--Grand Music Hall of Israel (dancers, singers, musicians in costumes) group dances, then perform songs in Hebrew & English. Musical instruments include flutes & drums. One man plays 2 recorders at once.
--Commercial break #6: Dutch Master Cigar Gift Boxes.
[04-Aug-1968 commercials: (1) Total Cereal (2) Potato Buds.]
--Audience bow: John Strachan (NYC Post Master).
--Audience bow: Jane Keane (actress).
--The 1967 All-American  Football Team (including Ron Yarey, O.J. Simpson, Lary Czonka, Ted Hendricks).
[04-Aug-1968 broadcast: The Blue Comets - "Gagaku" & "Blue Chateau" shown in place of Audience bows & All-American team.]
--End of show, tape of Ray Charles & Raelettes shown during closing credits.