The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 23 Episode 12

December 6, 1970: The Grass Roots, Joey Heatherton, Scoey Mitchell, Pat Cooper

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 1970 on CBS

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  • As a 17 year old teen, I was present during the taping of this show mainly because Lucecita benitez, who closed the show, was present. I was working with her then manager Paquito Cordero, who asked me to assist him.

    The show was fantastic and for me, as a first timer at his theatre, Ed Sullivan was gracious and patient.There were some minor problems with Lucecita's musical arrangements but these were cleared by the conductor. I was fascinated by Bobbi Martin (RIP) and her song, "For The love of Him," which I had in my collection of 45s. It was funny because she was friends with a friend of mine, Joanne's, sisters..So we got along well. I was jumping when the Grassroots played "Midnight Confessions." Mr. Coredero had to remind me I was with Ms. Benitez' company!It was my first live show experience in NY!