The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 10 Episode 11

December 8, 1957: The Platters, Noel Coward, Ray Peterson

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 1957 on CBS

Episode Recap

Transcript (provided by tomcat1):

--Intro of show - Ed Sullivan introduces Noel Coward, William Randolph Hearst Jr. and Frank Kanib (sp?)
--Commercial: Julia Mead - Kodak slide projector.
--The Platters - "Only You."
--See Hee Family - Acrobats
--Sealy Wang (?) - Two puppets dancing on top of each other
--Noel Coward - sings medley of his own songs:
"I'll See You Again" / "Dance Little Lady" / "Poor Little Rich Girl" / "A Room With A View" / "I'll Follow My Feeble Heart" / "Play Orchestra Play" (?)
Note: Last title could also be "We Must Have Music" - I am not familiar with this song.
--Jean Medeira (Metropolitan Opera Star) sings "Sygoyna" (sp?)
Note: Jean performs the first portion of the song sitting at a piano
--Ed Sullivan presents two football awards
The Lambert Award - To Navy - Ned Orlon accepts
Navy captain Slade Cutter takes a bow too
The Lambert Cup - To Lehigh - Don Nolan and Pete Williams accepts
Coach Bill Lechenbee (sp?) takes a bow
--Princeton Triangle Club - Dances and sings "The Charleston" Guys dressed in drag!
--Ed Sullivan Kodak commercial (home movies)
--Ed Sullivan - Friendship tree update
--Cara Philano and Maria Rose - dancers who also "talk" to each other through their castanets
--Eric Brenn - Plate juggler
--Eileen O'Dare - Dancer
--Ed Sullivan Kodak commercial (slides)
--The Platters - "Indiff'rent" (Zola Taylor sings lead)
--Film from Munich, Germany: Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and Ernest Borgnine throw axes at Janet Leigh while waiting for Ed Sullivan to show up (Which Ed Doesn't do!)
This was also a promotion for the film "The Viking"
--Noel Coward sings "What's Going To Happen To The Tots?" (When There Are No More Grown Ups)
--Julia Mead Kodak commercial (home movies)
--Audience bows:Albert K. Chapman (President of Eastman / Kodak); President M. D. Whitaker of Lehigh University; Victor A. and Henry L. Lambert; and William Randolph Hearst Jr.
--Jackel Mac Kensie - British Television star speaks about the differences of U. S. / U. K. telephones and scientists.
--Ray Peterson - "Fever"
--Ray barely gets this song in. Right after he completes the song it cuts to the CBS logo. No closing credits or anything.

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