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Episode Guide

  • Season 23
    • May 30, 1971: Ed Sullivan Show Special Edition (hosted by Jack Jones)

      Ed Sullivan Show Special Edition

      --Jack Jones (guest host) sings "Get Together" and "If I Could Read Your Mind."
      --Your Father's Moustache - "Mountain Dew" and "5-Feet-Two."
      --Loretta Lynn - "I Wanna Be Free" and "Coal Miner's Daughter."
      --Jack Jones and Loretta Lynn - "Move It On Home."
      --The New Seekers - "Look What They've Done to My Song," "Beautiful People" and "Nickel Man."

      --Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (comedy team) - routine includes parody of insurance commercials, pilot admits to being afraid to fly, a woman tells man she's pregnant, and parody of detergent commercial. Later in show, they do a routine where "Walter Cronkite" interviews the mother of a student protester.

      Medley (Jack Jones and guests):
      "La Bomba" (Charles Rodriguez), "I'm A Nut" (Loretta Lynn), instrumental song (Your Father's Moustache), "Your Song" (The New Seekers), "Do You Love Me?" (Stiller and Meara), "God Bless America" (spoken by Loretta Lynn), "What Are You Doing?" (Jack Jones), and "Those Were the Days" (entire cast).

    • March 28, 1971: Final Sullivan Show - Melanie, David Frye, Joey Adams
      --Melanie (folk singer) - "Look What They've Done to My Song, Ma," "Alexander Beetle" and "Ruby Tuesday."
      --Tony Sandler & Ralph Young (singers) - medley of "Rain" songs.
      --Danny Davis & the Nashville Brass perform "I Saw the Light," "I Can't Stop Loving You" and "Down Yonder."
      --Joanna Simon (mezzo-soprano) - "My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice" (aria from "Samson & Delila").
      --David Frye (impressionist) - does impressions of Richard Nixon and others.
      --Joey Adams (comedian) - routine with Ed
      --Norman Wisdom and Tony Fane (correct last name?) - comedians doing Wallpaper routine.
      --Lennie Schultz (comedian) - 'The Chicken Heavyweight Championship" routine.
      --Vic Perry (sleight-of-hand artist) - 'Pick Pocket' routine
    • March 21, 1971: Bernadette Peters, George Hamilton, Oliver

      --Oliver - "Early Morning Rain" & "Walking Down the Line."
      --Bernadette Peters - "Look for the Silver Lining."
      --Bernadette Peters & Oliver - "Yes, Yes, Bernadette."
      --George Hamilton - "If I Could Read Your Mind" (and possibly "This Time").
      --The Phil Driscoll Explosion - "California Dreamin'."
      --Young Saints - "Shout," "Oh, Happy Day" & "Didn't It Rain?"

      --Georgie Kaye (comedian)
      --Skiles and Henderson (comedy team)

    • March 7, 1971: Armed Forces Music Festival

      Armed Forces Music Festival
      Civilian Guests:
      --Jeannie C. Riley - "Oh, Singer."
      --Film clip: Jeannie C. Riley - "Harper Valley PTA."
      --Teresa Graves - "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me."
      --Roy Clark (playing banjo) - "Foggy Mountain Breakdown."
      --Peter Gennero - "This is the Army" dance routine.
      --Joe Louis (boxer, interviewed by Sullivan).
      --Louis Nye (stand-up comedian)
      Military Guests:
      --Brian Stuart (tenor) - "Love Story" theme.
      --Cameo (stage bow): General William Westmoreland.
      --Major Don Kidder & Sons (barbershop quartet from Clark AFB, the Philippines) - "Bring Back Those Good Old Days."
      --Staff Sergeant Richard Martin (harmonica player from Kelly AFB, Texas) - "St. Louis Blues."
      --Old Guard Fife and Drum Corp (from Fort Myer).
      --The United States Army Drill Team
      --Fred (folk trio consisting of Sergeant Cruise, Army Specialist Hoffman, and Bonnie Hoffman) - "That's When I Come Running Into Your Mind."
      --Entire cast performs a medley of Service songs (The U.S. Army Fife and Drum Corps): “Off We Go” (Air Force), “Shores of Tripoli” (Marines), “Anchors Aweigh” (Navy), “The Army Goes Rolling Along” (Army) and “America.”

      CBS repeated this show on May 9, 1971.

    • February 28, 1971: Everly Brothers, George Carlin, Shirley Bassey, Jerry Butler
      --The Everly Brothers - "Bowling Green," "Mama Tried," "All I Have to Do Is Dream" and "Bye Bye Love."
      --Jerry Butler - "Where Are You Going?"
      --Shirley Bassey - "What About Today" & "Yesterday When I Was Young"
      --George Carlin (comedian) - routine about eyes, hair & Muhammed Ali (mention of upcoming fight with Joe Frazier)
      --David Brenner (comedian)
      --Sid Caesar appears in a French Restaurant skit with Ed Sullivan and Shirley Bassey.
      Also appearing:
      --The Brockways (acrobatic/bicycle act) - man & woman do tricks on bicycles.
      --Tybee & Antonio (dancers) - couple dances to instrumental song. Jungle-themed exotic dance.
    • February 21, 1971: The 5th Dimension, Tiny Tim & Miss Vickie, Connie Stevens
      --The 5th Dimension sing "Love's Lines, Angles and Rhymes" & a medley ("Up Up and Away," "One Less Bell to Answer," "Stoned Soul Picnic," "Wedding Bell Blues," and "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In").
      --Connie Stevens and the 5th Dimension - "Puppet Man."
      --Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki - "Why"
      --Connie Stevens - medley ("It's a Blue World," "If I Didn't Care," "Hey Daddy," "Tell Me Why," "Big Girls Don't Cry" & "You Keep Me Hanging On").
      --Dickie Henderson - "One for My Baby."
      --Rodney Dangerfield - stand-up: "No Respect," travel agents and restaurants.
      --John Bryner (comedian-impressionist) - does celebrity impressions.
      --Jim Henson's Muppets present "The Glutton."
    • February 7, 1971: Gladys Knight and the Pips, Sid Caesar, Carol Channing

      --Gladys Knight & the Pips - "If I Were Your Woman" & "Bridge Over Troubled Water."
      --Jerry Vale - "I Want To Make It With You," "My Love, Forgive Me," & "Peace in the Valley."
      --Caterina Valente - "Everybody Gets to go to the Moon," "Mack the Knife" (in German) & "The Girl from Impanema" (in Portuguese).
      --Peter Nero (pianist) - theme from "Love Story."

      --Sid Caesar & Carol Channing - perform a scene from the play "Four on a Garden."

      --Robert Klein (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about going to the dentist.
      --Pat Henry (comedian)

      CBS repeated this show on June 6, 1971.

    • January 31, 1971: The Temptations, Connie Stevens, Albert Brooks

      --The Temptations sing "Get Ready" and "Just My Imagination."
      --The Temptations - medley of hits ("Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours," "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," "I'll Be There" and "My Sweet Lord").
      --Connie Stevens (actress-singer) sings "Tea for Two."
      --Doug Kershaw (Cajun fiddler) performs "Play, Fiddle, Play" (and possibly "Colinda").
      --Connie Stevens and Peter Gennaro (choreographer-dancer) - spoof Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire in a bit where we hear their thoughts (revealing their contempt for each other) during a strenuous dance routine.
      --Albert Brooks - does two comedy bits: "Danny & Dave" about an inept ventriloquism act.
      A telephone monologue with Brooks as a small-time stock broker asked to sell all of Howard Hughes' TWA stocks.
      --Myron Cohen - talks about marital infidelity.
      --Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (comedy team) - "Walter Cronkite" interviews Mrs. Mulcahy.
      Also appearing:
      --Audience bows: Carol Channing & Sid Caesar (co-stars of the Broadway comedy "Four on a Garden"), Lillian Roth (singer).
      --Audience bows: Captains Riley & Cooken (Army nurses).
      --Audience bow: W.T. "Shorty" Smith (1971 U. S. Truck Driver Of The Year).

    • January 24, 1971: B.J. Thomas, Nancy Ames, Sergio Franchi, Rahsaan Roland Kirk

      --B.J. Thomas - "No Love At All" & medley of songs ("Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head," "Most of All" and "I Just Can't Help Believing").
      --B.J. Thomas & Nancy Ames - "Your Song."
      --Nancy Ames sings "Lady Love" & "Heaven Help Us All."
      --Rahsaan Roland Kirk (jazz musician) - "Haitian Fight Song" (with other jazz musicians including Charlie Mingus, Charles McGee, Dick Griffin, Henry (Pete) Pearson, and Joe Texidor).
      --Sergio Franchi - "Close to You" and "No Man is an Island."
      --Godfrey Cambridge (comedian) - tells jokes about air conditioning and race relations.
      Also appearing:
      --Peter Gennaro (dancer, with 6 back-up dancers) - "Impossible Dream."
      --Jim O'Brian (football player) talks with Ed, then does a football demonstration with Ed holding the football.
      --Godfrey Cambridge (comedian)
      --Audience bows: Rachel Roberts, Kathleen Carroll and Karen Black.
      Filmed segments:
      --1970 New York Film Critics Awards banquet shown with footage of Gene Hackman, Maureen Stapleton, Andy Warhol, Chief Dan George and Glenda Jackson. Movie clips shown: "Five Easy Pieces" (scene with Karen Black), "Little Big Man" (scene with Chief Dan George), "Women In Love" (clip with Glenda Jackson and Oliver Reed), "Patton" (clip with George C. Scott), and scene from "Five Easy Pieces" (with Jack Nicholson).

    • January 17, 1971: Tony Bennett, Gary Puckett, Melina Mercouri, Judy Carne
      --Gary Puckett sings "Keep the Customer Satisfied" and "I Who Have Nothing."
      --Tony Bennett sings "Love Story," "What the World Needs Now" and "I'll Begin Again."
      --Melina Mercouri sings "I am Greek" (dances with audience members) and "Entre Les Lignes" (in French and English).
      --Judy Carne sings "Puppet Man" (production number with dancers) and "I Wonder Who's Kissing Him Now."
      --Norm Crosby (comedian) - monologue about playing football in his youth.
      --Irwin C. Watson (comedian) - stand-up routine about racial sensivity.
      --The Muppets - sketch about a rock 'n' roll drummer finding work in a String Quartet.
      On film:
      A clip from the movie "Promise At Dawn" (starring Melina Mercouri).
      Audience bows:
      Jerry Vale (singer), Rod Laver and Arthur Ashe (tennis stars), Richard Chamberlain and Glenda Jackson (actors, stars of the movie "The Music Lovers").
    • January 3, 1971: O.C. Smith, Rodney Dangerfield, Sergio Franchi, Lana Cantrell, Jim Bailey
      --O.C. Smith sings "What the World Needs Now" and a medley ("Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife," "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" & "Little Green Apples").
      --Sergio Franchi sings a medley of "All of My Life," "Mi Cuando" (in Italian) and "Jean."
      --Lana Cantrell sings "Reach Out & Touch Somebody's Hand" and "Being Alive."
      --Jim Bailey (female impersonator, as Peggy Lee) - sings "Why Don't You Do Right," "Manana" and "Fever."
      --Jim Baily (as himself) sings "My Life" & "My Way."
      --Rodney Dangerfield (comedian) - tells jokes about his wife and kids.
      --John Byner (comedian-impressionist) - appears in two segments.
      Dance Troupe:
      --The Bayanihan Philippine Dancers (traditional music and dances) - appear in two segments.
    • December 27, 1970: Bobbie Gentry, Friends of Distinction, Pat Cooper, Peter Nero

      --Friends of Distinction - "Grazing In The Grass."
      --Bobbie Gentry and the Goose Creek Symphony - "He Made A Woman Out Of Me," "Cripple Creek" and "Welcome to Goose Creek."
      --Bobbie Gentry (playing piano) sings a Gospel medley.
      --Peter Nero (pianist, with orchestra) - "I Got Rhythm" and "Rhapsody in Blue."
      --Raphael (entertainer from Spain) sings "Maybe" ("Somos"), "When My Love Is Around" ("Cuando llega mi amor"), and "The Sound of the Trumpet" ("Balada de la trompeta").

      --Pat Cooper - stand-up routine includes motherhood and child-rearing jokes.
      --Steve Rossi and Slappy White (comedians) - Rossi starts routine by singing an Italian song, then interviews Slappy White (playing a hipster/civil-rights leader).
      --Billy Baxter (comedian)

    • December 20, 1970: The Great Santa Claus Switch - Art Carney, The Muppets
      Special Christmas episode with Art Carney and the Muppets.
      Art Carney plays two roles: Santa Claus and Cosmo, the King of Evil.
      Ed Sullivan narrates the show.
    • December 13, 1970: Ali MacGraw, Bobby Sherman, Hal Linden, Robby Benson, The New Seekers

      --The New Seekers - medley: "Look What They've Done to My Song," "Your Song," Baby Face" and "Beautiful People."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Going Home" & "Song of Joy" (Christmas songs).
      --Robert Merrill (baritone singer from The Met) sings "If I Were a Rich Man" (from 'Fiddler on the Roof') and the Arias from "Aida," "Carmen" and "La Traviata."

      --Cast members from "The Rothschilds" (including Hal Linden and Robby Benson) perform "Sons."

      --Marilyn Michaels (comedian-singer) - sings "Swanee" (as a tribute to Judy Garland).
      --Guy Marks (comedian) - stand-up routine about young love.

      Also appearing:
      --Ali MacGraw (actress) recites a poem from 1692 (while a montage from "Love Story" is shown).
      --Les Ballets Africains (troupe that performs traditional African dances) - "Dance of the Lion King."
      --Audience bows: Maurie Luxford, Herbert Rainwater and Howard Minsky.

    • December 6, 1970: The Grass Roots, Joey Heatherton, Scoey Mitchell, Pat Cooper

      --The Grass Roots perform "Temptation Eyes" and a medley of hits ("I'd Wait A Million Years," "Midnight Confessions" and "Let's Live For Today").
      --Bobbi Martin sings "For the Love of Him."
      --The Three Degrees (female vocal trio) sing "I Do Take You" and, in a medley, imitate the Supremes ("Stop! In The Name of Love") and the Andrews Sisters.
      --Lucecita Benitez (vocalist from Puerto Rico), with Candido (conga player from Cuba), performs "Todas Las Mananas" ("Every Morning").
      --NFL Singers (aka The National Football League's Holiday Halftime) - 12 players, including Fred Dryer, sing "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth."
      --Pat Cooper - stand-up topics include child-rearing.
      --Scoey Mitchell - stand-up jokes about race, dating, etc.
      --Pat Cooper & Scoey Mitchell - play neighbors in a comedy sketch.
      --The Veterans (comic tumblers from Sweden)
      Also appearing:
      --Peter Gennaro (dancer) - imitates Charlie Chaplin.
      --Audience bows: Walter Kennedy, Eddie Belmonte, Pearl Harbor survivors.

    • November 29, 1970: Buck Owens, Joan Rivers, Norm Crosby, Jim Bailey
      --Buck Owens and the Buckaroos perform "Heartbreak Mountain" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
      --Jim Bailey (female impersonator, dressed as Judy Garland) sings "The Man That Got Away."
      --Jim Bailey (as himself) sings a medley of Beatles' songs: "Get Back" and "Got to Get You into My Life."
      --Dick Jensen sings "Dance to the Music," "Something in the Way She Moves" and "Everyday People."
      --Dory Previn sings "Scared to be Alone."
      --Joan Rivers (comedian) - routine about football players.
      --Norm Crosby and Joan Rivers do a sketch about a man delivering groceries to sex-starved housewife.
      --Al Lohman and Roger Barkley (comedy team) - "Caesar's Palace in 2010" routine.
      --Albert Lucas (ten-year-old juggler)
      Cameo appearance: Jake LaMotta (author of the book "Raging Bull")
    • November 22, 1970: A Salute to Richard Rodgers

      A Salute to Richard Rodgers (on his 50th anniversary in show business).
      Broadcast from the Hollywood Bowl.

      "The Girlfriend" songs:
      --'Mama' Cass Elliot sings "Blue Room."
      --'Mama' Cass Elliot sings "The Girlfriend" (accompanied by the Peter Gennaro Dancers).
      "Babes in Arms" songs:
      --Johnny Mathis - "My Funny Valentine."
      --Johnny Mathis & the Lennon Sisters - "Johnny One Note."
      --Johnny Mathis - "The Lady Is A Tramp."
      --The Lennon Sisters - "Where or When."
      "Oklahoma!" songs:
      --John Davidson - "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning."
      --John Davidson (singing to Jeannie C. Riley & Minnie Pearl) - "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top."
      --John Davidson & Jeannie C. Riley - "People Will Say We're In Love."
      --Oklahoma! cast - "The Farmer and the Cowman" & "Oklahoma!"
      "The King and I" segment:
      --Shirley Jones - "I Whistle a Happy Tune."
      --Herschel Bernadi and Shirley Jones - dialogue from the play.
      --Shirley Jones & Herschel Bernadi - "Shall We Dance?"
      "Sound of Music" songs:
      --Johnny Mathis, Cass Elliott, John Davidson, Lennon Sisters, Shirley Jones, Herschel Bernadi, Minnie Pearl, Jeannnie C. Riley perform "Sound of Music," "My Favorite Things" and "Do-Re-Mi."
      --Entire cast - "Climb Every Mountain."
      "Two By Two" segment:
      --Danny Kaye sings a song from his Broadway musical "Two By Two" (featuring music by Richard Rodgers).

    • November 15, 1970: Dick Gregory, Abbe Lane, Tommy Roe, Billy Joe Royal, Joe South

      --Tommy Roe - "Dizzy" & "Oh Heather Honey."
      --Billy Joe Royal - "Cherry Hill Park" & "I Knew You When."
      --Joe South - "Don't It Made You Want to Go Home" & "Walk A Mile in My Shoes."
      --Joe South, Billy Joe Royal & Tommy Roe - "Games People Play"
      --Abbe Lane - sings a medley of Gospel songs: "Sometimes I'm Up," "And When I Die" and "Saved."

      --Dick Gregory (comedian)
      --Tony Fayne and Norman Wisdom (comedians) - sketch about a drum set.
      --Jeremy Vernon (comedian) - does a monologue about long-distance phone calls.

      --Natalya Makarova (Russian ballerina) and Ted Kivitt (of the American Ballet Theater) - perform the pas de deux from "Swan Lake."

      Also appearing:
      --Professional automobile racers Sterling Moss, Dan Gurney, Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill compete by racing toy cars in a model car track, with Bill Mazur.
      --Audience bows:Johnny Mathis, Bob Sylvester.
      --Audience bow: Bob Johnson (running back of the New York Giants).

    • November 8, 1970: Show for G.I.'s at Walter Reed Army Hospital
      Ed & guests entertain wounded GI's at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington, DC.
      --The Carpenters - medley of Burt Bacharach songs ("Close to You," "Make It Easy On Yourself," "Always Something There to Remind Me," "I'll Never Fall in Love Again," "Walk on By" and "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?")
      --Freida Payne sings "Band of Gold," "Deeper and Deeper" and "Getting to Know You"
      --The Four Tops - "Put A Little Love In Your Heart" and "It's All in the Game"
      --Hank Williams, Jr. - "All For The Love Of Sunshine."
      --Rodney Dangerfield - does a stand-up monologue, later tells jokes while playing pool with GI's.
      --Skiles and Henderson (comedy team) - three routines: Clark Kent hospitalized, Peace Corps, and Cole Porter.
      --Ron Carey (comedian) - three routines: football, weight lifting, and Sargeant Monk/Brother Tuck.
      Magic Act:
      --Dick Ryan (magician) - three appearances during show.
    • November 1, 1970: Richard Pryor, Bobbie Gentry, Melba Moore, Roy Clark
      --Bobbie Gentry sings "I Want You Back," "Benjamin" and "Your Number One Fan."
      --Roy Clark - "Thank God and Greyhound, You're Gone" and "Malaguena."
      --Melba Moore - "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother."
      "Purlie" Broadway cast:
      --Melba Moore sings "Purlie."
      --"Purlie" Broadway cast (without Melba Moore) - "Walk Him Up the Stairs" production number.
      --Richard Pryor - talks about growing up in the inner city.
      --Stanley Myron Handelman (comedian) - topics include his "no neck" friend.
      --Fenella Fielding (singer-comedian) sings "Don't Let Me Down."
      Audience bows: Ben Gross (newsman), Tom-Tom Moore (hero, caught a falling baby), and Harry Hirschfield.
      CBS repeated this show on April 25, 1971.
    • October 25, 1970: U.N.'s 25th Anniversary (featuring International Performers)
      25th Anniversary of United Nations celebration (with performers from several nations).
      --Ravi Shankar (from India) - "Raga" (classic Sitar selection)
      --The New Seekers (from Australia) - "Look What They've Done to My Song, Ma"
      --Astrud Gilberto (Brazilian singer) - medley of Bossa-nova songs including "The Girl from Ipanema"
      --Vladmir Krainev (Russian pianist) - Chopin Etude # 3 "Winter Winds"
      --Raphael (from Spain) - "Hallelujah" & "Hava Nagila"
      --The Young Americans - perform "Through Children's Eyes" & "What the World Needs Now Is Love."
      --Tokyo Kid Brothers (dancers)
      --Ballet Africains (African ceremonial songs & dances)
      --The Lado Dancers (Yugoslavian folk dancers)
      Also appearing:
      --The Idla Girls (gymnastic drill team from Sweeden)
    • October 18, 1970: B.B. King, The Carpenters, Tony Bennett, George Burns
      --The Carpenters - "Close to You" & "We've Only Just Begun."
      --B.B. King - "Just A Little Bit of Love" and a medley ("How Blue Can You Get" & "The Thrill Is Gone").
      --Tony Bennett sings "Something" (Beatles song), "Get Happy" & "I'll Begin Again" (song from the movie "Scrooge").
      --George Burns (stand-up monologue) - gives his views on nudity in show business (current movies, night clubs)
      --Robert Klein (stand-up comedy) - does a routine on the World Series (interviews with athletes, school bands in half-time show)
      --New York City Stickball Team (comedy routine)
      Also appearing:
      --1970 Harvest Moon Ball Dance Champions (winners from different categories: polka, rhumba, etc.)
      --Albert Almoznino - makes shadow puppets on wall
    • October 11, 1970: At the State Fair (from Memphis, Tennessee)
      "At the State Fair" from the Mid-South State Fair in Memphis, Tennessee.
      --Sonny James sings "Endlessly" and "Tennessee Waltz."
      --Loretta Lynn sings "You Ain't Woman Enough" and "Coal Miner's Daughter."
      --The Johnny Mann Singers - "Go Where You Wanna Go" and a medley ("Glory, Glory Hallelujah," "Dixie," "Grand Old Flag")
      --Warren Pence (11-year-old banjo player)
      --Archie Campbell - stand-up monologue
      Also appearing:
      --Arthur Godfrey (TV-radio personality) - arrives on horseback, then does a few horse tricks.
      --David Merrifield (trapeze act) - performs stunts from a helicopter.
      --The Stony Mountain Cloggers (country dancers) do a square dance/tap routine.
      --Judy Ford (Miss America 1969) - does a trampoline act.
      Film footage: Ed Sullivan and his wife Sylvia tour the fair.
    • October 4, 1970: Melanie, Tiny Tim, Engelbert Humperdinck, David Steinberg, The Blossoms

      --Melanie (folk singer Melanie Safka) - "Peace Will Come (According to Plan)."
      --Engelbert Humperdinck - "The Good Life," "Sweetheart" and "My Way."
      --The Blossoms (Darlene Love, Fanita James & Jean King) sing "Get Ready."
      --Tiny Tim (comedian) - medley ("On the Good Ship Lollipop," "Hot and Cold Water," "Two Times A Day") and "The Other Side."
      --David Steinberg - psychiatrist sketch (with Ed, in drag, appearing as the 2nd patient).
      --Skiles & Henderson (comedy team) - bit about a drum-playing robot.
      --The cast of "1776" (William Daniels, John Cullum, and Roy Poole) - perform scenes from the play (including the songs "Sit Down, John" and "Molasses To Rum").

    • September 27, 1970: Rare Earth, Bobby Vinton, Holiday on Ice performers

      Show broadcast from the Baltimore Civic Center.

      --Rare Earth - "I'm Losing You" & "Let the Sunshine In" (on ice w/ skaters).
      --Bobby Vinton sings "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" and a medley ("London Bridge," "Knees Up Mother Brown," "Whoops-A-Daisy," "I'm A Londoner" & "The Old Bamboo").
      --Bobby Vinton and Karen Wyman - "For Me and My Gal" duet.
      --Karen Wyman sings a medley of Edith Piaf songs ("Milord," "If You Love Me," "Love Is Like Champagne" & "La Vie En Rose").

      --Joe Jackson (hobo clown) - rides a bike which falls apart.

      Holiday on Ice segments (1970 edition of ice show):
      --Tommy Allen & Juanita Percelly (ice skating pair) - do a Russian production number, and skate to "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" & "I'll Never Fall In Love Again."
      --Marei Langenbein and Ray Balmer (skaters doing cal and modern ballets).
      --John LaDue & Alfredo Mendoza - skaters in a "Ferdinand the Bull" story.
      --In a production number, the Holiday on Ice Corps de Ballet do a tribute to Sonja Henie.
      --Skaters perform a slapstick cop & drunk routine (pie in the face slapstick, etc.)
      --A Cinderella production number.
      --Tommy Curtain (juggles while skating).
      --Tommy Holiday (trained animal act with chimps on ice skates, dogs also perform).

    • September 20, 1970: The Georgie Awards - Barbra Streisand, Tom Jones

      The Georgie Awards (Entertainer of the Year Awards, broadcast from Caesars Palace)
      Barbra Streisand - "On A Clear Day" (best female singer of year).
      Blood Sweat & Tears - "Lucretia McEvil" (winners of best group of the year).
      Tom Jones - "Cabaret" (best male singer of year).
      Melba Moore - "I Got Love" (winner of best new young star).
      Peter Gennaro Dancers (production number).
      The Flying Alexanders (trapeze act).
      Awards presented:
      --Lucille Ball presents award to Carol Burnett.
      --Marc Copage & Michael Ling present Outstanding Animal Act trophy to Tanya The Elephant.
      --Tom Smothers presents award to Flip Wilson.
      --Milton Berle presents award to Radio City Music Hall.
      --Milton Berle Presents award To James Gould, President Of Radio City Music Hall.
      --Danny Thomas & Jack Haley, Sr. presents Golden Award to Jimmy Durante (who's not there to accept award.)
      --Sullivan presents award to Bob Hope.

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