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The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 19 Episode 23

February 12, 1967: The Young Rascals, Joan Rivers, Lola Falana

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

--The Young Rascals - "Lonely Too Long" and "Come On Up" instrumental (Young Rascals also perform "Mickey's Monkey" later in show.)
--Peter Gennaro (dancer / choreographer) - dances to "Baubles, Bangles, and Beads" with women dancers.
--Ravic and Babs (rollerskating couple, from England)
--Sally Ann Howes - medley: "Someone To Light Up My Life" & "If He Walked Into My Life"
--Joey Adams (stand-up comedian) - tells one liners & pokes fun at Ed Sullivan.
--Los Indios Tabajaros (Indian guitar duo from South America) - instrumental song
--Joan Rivers (stand-up comedy) - re: Las Vegas, her mother, parents, smoking, being an unpopular teenager, not being asked to the senior prom.
--Lola Falana - "On Broadway" with dancers (including Tommy Tune?)
--Audience Bow: "KO" Phil Kaplan (boxer)
--Ed talks about Bert Lahr
--Nancy Walker & Jack Gilford (comedians appearing in a sketch first done by Lahr)

On film:
--The Beatles - "Strawberry Fields Forever" & "Penny Lane" promo videos
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