The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 16 Episode 21

February 23, 1964: The Beatles (3rd appearance), Cab Calloway, Acker Bilk

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

Transcript of February 23, 1964 (from DVD):
--Opening credits
--Commercials: Chef Boy Ar Dee; Aero Shave
--The Beatles - "Twist and Shout" and "Please Please Me" (The Beatles' segments were taped 9Feb64 and inserted into a live show.)
--Gloria Bleezarde - "Safety in Numbers" (humourous song about people being identified by numbers, instead of their names)
--Commercial: Anacin
--Pinky & Perky (marionettes) Caterpillar and Crow sing "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby"; Cow and other puppets perform "Speedy Gonzales"
--Morecambe & Wise (comedy team) - man collects genuine Louis XIV brandy glasses
--Acker Bilk (clarinet player) - "Acker's Lacquer" (with the Hugh Lambert dancers)
--Commercial: Cold Water All laundry detergent
--Gordon & Sheila MacRae (musical-comedy entertainers) - do a parody of "The Gary Moore Show." Starts with a production number with dancers. Gordon & Sheila sing "The Sweetest Sounds" then do impressions of Frank Fontain, Carol Channing, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Lucille Ball & Red Skelton. Gordon MacRae sings "If I Ever Would Leave You"
--Commercials: Pillsbury Danish rolls...with orange icing!!! & Pillsbury crescent rolls
--Dave Barry (comedian) - talks about his daughter's wedding; his teenage son; his 9-year-old son watching TV; teenagers being taller than their parents; and sings a parody of "Sonny Boy."
--Cab Calloway - "St. James Infirmary" & "Old Man River"
--Commercial: Lipton Iced Tea (from original broadcast?)
--Morty Gunty (comedian) - tells a joke about three poisoined scientists giving their last requests; talks about his wife's interior decorator; and his experiences as a teacher.
--The Beatles - "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
--Commercial: Pillsbury Bavarian layer cakes; Pillsbury pancake mix
--Ed Sullivan closing comments, closing titles.