The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 21 Episode 19

February 23, 1969: The 5th Dimension, Glenn Yarbrough, Tribute to Harold Prince

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 1969 on CBS

Episode Recap

--Start of show, opening titles

Tribute to Harold Prince (theatrical director and producer) with scenes from three of Prince's Broadway musicals:

--Harry Goz sings "Sunrise Sunset" (from "Fiddler on the Roof")

--Anita Gillette, Martin Ross and the "Cabaret" Broadway cast - "Wilkommen" (from "Cabaret")

Commercial: Continental Car Insurance

--Herschel Bernardi (in character as Zorba) - sings "Life Is" (from "Zorba")

--Bernardi and other Zorba cast members perform Greek "Mime Dance" from from play.

--Audience bow: Harold Prince

Commercial: Ray-O-Vac batteries

--Dickie Henderson (English Comedian) - sings "One More for the Road" (parody of Frank Sinatra's version)

--Audience Bow: US Air Force Col. Joe M. Jackson (won the Congressional Medal of Honor on May 12, 1968 for a heroic rescue in Vietnam.) Listed as "John Jackson" on transcript.

--Michele Lee - sings "Steady Steady" (dressed as bride, with bridesmaids)

Commercial: Texaco ad with Jack Benny cameo

--Audience bow: Buddy rogers

--Audience bow: Bob Thomas (Hollywood columnist)

--Glenn Yarbrough - "When the Honey Wind Blows" & "Baby, the Rain Must Fall"

--Audience bow: Glenn Yarbrough's wife

Commercials: Pall Mall Gold 100's cigarettes & Supp-Hose stockings

--Myron Cohen (comedian) - tells family jokes, talks in Yiddish accent.

Commercial: Jello Lemon Meringue pudding and pie

--The Fifth Dimension - "Love" medley including "What the World Needs Now" & "All You Need Is Love "

--The Fifth Dimension - "California Soul"

Commercial: Supp-Hose socks

Commerical: Silver Thins Cigarettes ("the impossible cigarette")

--Ed's closing comments & closing titles