The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 19 Episode 19

January 15, 1967: The Rolling Stones, Petula Clark, Allan Sherman, Alan King

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

--Opening credits
--On film: Footage of a 14-year-old waterskiier, Ricky McCormick, doing stunts at Cypress Gardens, Fla.
--Ricky McCormick appears on stage, talks with Ed.
--Commercials: (1) Pacquin Cold Cream (2) Ben-Gay lotion
--The Michael Bennett Dancers- perform a clog dancing routine.
--Allan Sherman (stand-up comedian) - does song parodies "Strangers in My Soup," "There No Governor (like Our New Governor)" (pokes fun at then-California governor Ronald Reagan) and "Westchester Hadassah."
--Commercials: (1) Dristan decongestant tablets (in B&W) (2) Anacin Pain Reliever tablets.
--Petula Clark - "Elusive Butterfly" & "Color My World."
--Audience bow (cameo): Miriam Colon (Puerto Rican star).
--Monroe (acrobats) - balancing act from Madrid, Spain
--Commercial: FTD Florists
--The Muppets - Kermit finds a monster hiding behind his piano. In order to "soothe the savage beast," he plays the piano and sings "Tea for Two." Following the sketch, Ed introduces Jim Henson to the audience.
--Sisters '67 (Sisters of St. Benedict, Nuns from Erie, Pennsylvania) -sing a show tune medley: "It's A Lovely Day," "Consider Yourself" & "Kumbaya."
--Commercial: Muriel Panetela Extra Cigars (with Stan Getz and Edie Adams)
--Alan King (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about his family (incl. his parents, attending a family reunion; various family members; etc.)
--Commercials: (1) Nabisco Team Flakes cereal (2) Nabisco Premium Saltine crackers
--The Rolling Stones - "Ruby Tuesday" & "Let's Spend Some Time Together" (censored version of "Let's Spend the Night Together").
--Commercials: (1) Geritol Iron & Vitamin tablets (with Ralph Bellamy) (2) Sominex Sleeping tablets (animated)
--Ed's closing comments, announces next week's guests and tells screaming audience members to "stop it."
--Closing credits with The Michael Bennett Dancers (clip of clog dancers from earlier in show).