The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 23 Episode 18

January 24, 1971: B.J. Thomas, Nancy Ames, Sergio Franchi, Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

January 24, 1971 transcript: --Opening credits (with highlights from earlier shows)
--Sergio Franchi - "Close to You" (sung to three women)
--Commercials: Ex-Lax; Alka Seltzer
--Jim O'Brian (football player) - joins Ed on stage, a film clip is shown of O'Brian kicking winning field goal. Jim O'Brian does a football demonstration with Ed holding ball and Jim kicking.
--Godfrey Cambridge (comedian) - tells jokes about air conditioning and race relations.
--Nancy Ames - "Lady Love" and "Heaven Help Us All"
--Commercials: Geritol; Nikoban Gum (helps people quit smoking)
--Peter Gennaro (dancer) - "Impossible Dream" (with 6 back-up dancers)
--Audience bow: Rachel Roberts
--B.J. Thomas - medley of songs: "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head," "Most of All" and "I Just Can't Help Believin'"
--B.J. Thomas - "No Love At All"
--B.J. Thomas and Nancy Ames - "Your Song"
--Commercials: Dristan & Nytol
--On film: 1970 New York Film Critics Awards banquet shown with footage of Gene Hackman, Maureen Stapleton, Andy Warhol, Chief Dan George and Glenda Jackson. Movie clips are shown: "Five Easy Pieces" (scene with Karen Black); "Little Big Man" (scene with Chief Dan George); "Women In Love" (clip with Glenda Jackson and Oliver Reed); "Patton" (clip with George C. Scott); and scene from "Five Easy Pieces" (with Jack Nicholson).
--Audience bow: Kathleen Carroll and Karen Black
--Commercials: Pillsbury & Vicks Cough Syrup
--Rahsaan Roland Kirk  - "Haitian Fight Song" with Charlie Mingus, Charles McGee, Dick Griffin, Henry (Pete) Pearson, Joe Texidor & others (one source listed Roy Haynes and Archie Shepp). Rahsaan plays three horns at once.
--Godfrey Cambridge interrupts Ed to give him the "Honorary Negro Award" (an afro wig).
--Commercial: Polident denture cleaning tablets & Poli-Grip denture adhesive
--Sergio Franchi - "No Man Is an Island" (with Texas A&M cadets)
--Commercials: Future Floor Wax & Lemon Pledge
--Ed closing comments (goodnight) followed by closing credits (scene of Peter Gennaro dancing).