The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 23 Episode 16

January 3, 1971: O.C. Smith, Rodney Dangerfield, Sergio Franchi, Lana Cantrell, Jim Bailey

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

--Opening of show (with montage of clips from past shows).

--Lana Cantrell sings "Reach Out & Touch Somebody's Hand" (production number with the Peter Gennaro Dancers).

--Commercial: Poly-Grip denture adhesive

--Ed introduces Jim Bailey (before going into make-up).

--John Byner (comedian-impressionist) - stand-up routine includes impersonations of Ed Sullivan and John Wayne, tells stories about his own family.

--O.C. Smith sings "What the World Needs Now"

--O.C. Smith - medley of hits: "Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife," "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" & "Little Green Apples."

--Commercials: (1) Ex-Lax (2) Pacquin

--The Bayanihan Philippine Dancers (traditional music and dances)

--Jim Bailey (female impersonator as Peggy Lee) - "Why Don't You Do Right," "Manana" and "Fever."

--John Byner (comedian) - in a parody of Ed's "audience bows," Byner has everyone in the audience take a bow.

--Sergio Franchi sings a medley of "All of My Life," "Mi Cuando" (in Italian) and "Jean."

--Commercials: (1) Pepto Bismol (2) Taster's Choice coffee

--Rodney Dangerfield (comedian) - routine includes jokes about his wife and kids.

--Lana Cantrell sings "Being Alive" (from the Broadway musical "Company").

--Commercial: Crest Toothpaste

--The Bayanihan Philippine Dancers - dressed in elaborate costumes, the troupe does a traditional dance ceremony.

--Jim Baily (as himself) sings "My Life" and "My Way."

--Commercial: Texaco Gas Stations

--Ed's closing comments, announces next week's guests. Closing credits with footage of the Bayanihan Philippine Dancers.