The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 8 Episode 41

July 1, 1956: "The John Huston Story" (A Salute to John Huston)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 01, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

A Salute to John Huston

--On film: Ed interviews John Huston & Gregory Peck on the set of "Moby Dick" (segment probably from the November 21, 1954 "Toast of the Town").
--Gregory Peck (live on stge) appears with Ed & introduces a scene from "Moby Dick" (clip with Orson Welles).
--On film: clip from "Moulin Rouge."
--Split screen: Ed interviews Jose Ferrer.
--Jose Ferrer (on film?) - applies make up & transforms himself into Toulouse Letrec .
--Mary Astor & Peter Lorre - talk about John Huston.
--On film: clip from "The Maltese Falcon."
--On film: clip of John Huston & Walter Huston receiving Academy Awards.
--On film: clip from "Treasure of Sierra Madre"
--John Huston walks on stage and introduces a film clip from the 1945 documentary "San Pietro."
--Sketch: Edward G. Robinson and Ed Sullivan do a sketch with gangster-dialogue.
--On film: clip from "Key Largo" where Edward G. Robinson is cruel to a drunk woman.
--Edward G. Robinson, John Huston, and Ed (on stage) introduce Lauren Bacall.
--Lauren Bacall talks of how Humphrey Bogart collaborated with John Huston on "The African Queen."
--On film: clip from "The African Queen"
--Edward G. Robinson introduces Burl Ives.
--On film: clip from "Moby Dick."
--Burl Ives (folk-singer, appearing live on stage) - plays guitar and sings "Blow Ye Winds" and "Eddystone Light."
--Gregory Peck - does a reading as Captain Ahab.
--Gregory Peck introduces his wife Veronique in audience.
--Audience bows: Mrs. Walter Huston (Walter Huston's mother); Friedrich von Ledebur (actor), and Mayor Frank Lawler.
--Vincent Price (actor) and Billy Pearson (jockey), who competed against each other as art experts on the "$64,000 Challenge," appear together in a sketch.
--Audience bows: Mr. Whitelaw Reid (of the New York Herald Tribune) and Vivian Blaine (actress-singer).