The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 10 Episode 26

March 23, 1958: Rodgers & Hammerstein, Bert Lahr, The Rays, Four Preps, Roberta Peters

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 1958 on CBS

Episode Recap

March 23, 1958 "Ed Sullivan Show" episode playlist:
--Start of show
--Commercial: Eastman Kodak ad
--Sullivan Introduces composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein (while the "South Pacific" theme song plays).
--On film: The NYC opening of the film "South Pacific." Celebrities shown arriving at the theater: Mitzy Gaynor and husband Jack Bean; Admiral William "Bull" Halsey; actor Rossano Brazzi; actors John Kerr and France Nuyen; actress Maureen O'Hara (actress); Denise Darcel (French actress); Juanita Hall (plays Bloody Mary in the film); Maurice "Buddy" Adler ("South Pacific" film producer) and Adler's wife Anita Louise. (This Film runs approx. 1 minute)
--On stage, Sullivan talks with Rodgers and Hammerstein about their song "The Surrey With The Fringe On Top."
--Richard Rodgers performs a few notes from "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top" on piano.
--Roberta Peters (Met Opera singer) performs "Younger Then Springtime" (with Richard Rodgers accompanying her on piano).
--The Marquis Chimps (trained animal act) - chimps dressed in costumes, one on roller skates, one rides a motorcycle, etc.
--Bert Lahr comedy sketch: Sports broadcaster David Burns interviews Bert Lahr, who's in character as a New York Yankee baseball player. (Note: Joan Blondell was originally scheduled to play the part of the interviewer.)
--Michael Hale (nightclub singer) - possibly "Luck Be A Lady Tonight"
--Carol Haney and Peter Gennaro (dancers) - dance to Danny Kaye's recording "Mommy, Gimme a Drinka Water!" (with Haney playing a child).
--Commercial: Kodak ad taking place at Kodak Trade Show in Chicago. A Kodak color slide projector on display is demonstrated.
--Carol Haney and Peter Gennaro dance to Danny Kaye's "Crazy Barbara" in a classroom skit.
--The Four Preps (vocal group) sing "26 Miles (Santa Catalina)."
--Dickie Henderson (British singing comedian) - imitates different types of laughter; does a routine where a singer gets caught in microphone cord.
--Commercial: Kodak Brownie movie camera ad with Julia Meade.
--Wally Griffith (comedian) - recites children's nursery rhymes using different theatrical techniques.
--Roberta Peters (Met Opera singer) - "The Shadow Song"
--Audience bows: Japanese golf celebrities Torakichi Nakamura and Koichi Ono.
--Audience bow: Frank Pace (former US Secretary Of War)
--Audience bows: Herb Cups (or Graffis? of the Chicago Sun Times); Mrs. Richard Rodgers; Mrs. Oscar Hammerstein; Charles Silvia (Springfield College swimming coach)
--Commercial: Mercury Automobile ad with boxer Jack Dempsey
--The Rays" (vocal group) - sing "The Man Above"