The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 15 Episode 33

May 19, 1963: Ann-Margret, Steve Lawrence, Kate Smith, Totie Fields, Vaughn Meader

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 19, 1963 on CBS

Episode Recap

--Show opens with the guests announced as each walks across the stage: Kate Smith, Ann-Margret, Vaughn Meader, Totie Fields, cast from the Off-Broadway revue "New York Coloring Book," Lucho Navarro, the Hugh Lambert Dancers, and "special guest star" Steve Lawrence.

--Gloria Bleezarde, Ronnie Hall, Carol Morley, and Ronny Whyte (the cast from the Café Society's night-club revue "New York Coloring Book") sing two songs from the show, one poking fun at Kennedy's fitness program (titled "50-Mile Physical Walk" or "The Big Walk") and the astronauts' view of earth (possibly "Traveling Men").

Commercial: Revlon Flex hair treatment

--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - skit with Topo answering Ed's citizenship questions, singing an Italian song, and taking a shower.

--Commercials for Revlon: Living Curl Hairspray and Bath Suntanning lotion.

--Totie Fields (comedienne) - high school reunion monologue, followed by a routine with the audience (whom she jokingly introduces as members of her graduating class).

--Audience bow: Julian Ching (spelling?) (winner of the Joseph Kern scholarship, family escaped from Red China)

--Commercial break (Revlon commercial missing)

--Steve Lawrence sings "The Sweetest Sounds," "Misty" and "Lazy River."

--Commercial: Pillsbury Dinner Rolls

--Vaughn Meader (comedian, in character as John F. Kennedy) - does a sketch about the president being visited by the IRS, and a monologue about recent news events.

--Ann-Margret sings "Bye, Bye, Birdie" and "Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?"

--Commercial break: (Kent Cigarettes commercial missing)

--Kate Smith - "Who Cares" & "As Long As He Needs Me."

--Lucho Navarro (vocal impressionist from South America) - does sound effects: airplanes, TV westerns on different NYC TV channels, changing stations on an AM radio, tuning a short-wave radio, and a scratchy record playing on an old Victrola.

--Closing credits, with Password promo.