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  • One of the greatest shows ever on the tube.

    Ed Sullivan was king back in the 50's and early 60's, he actually made or broke acts. We never missed watching this fantastic show.
  • The Boys of Wexford

    I am looking for footage of season 18 episode 9 of The Ed Sullivan Show where i appeared as part of a choir from Wexford Ireland.

    I cannot find footage anywhere and the choir did appear.

    We were listed as The Boys of Wexford.

    The Choir are reuniting for the Homecoming Celebrations in New Ross Co. Wexford on June 22nd 2013

    Thank you in anticipation Mary
  • Ed Sullivan

    What a fun show to watch.

  • One of the best variety shows ever!


    The Ed Sullivan Show is one of the best (if not the best) variety shows of all time. From 1948 to 1971 it showcased the greatest acts of its era - from The Beatles to Elvis to The Rolling Stones to comedians like Joan Rivers, Richard Pryor and Rodney Dangerfield. No television show today can compare with its breadth of talent and historical relevance.

  • One of the Best Shows Ever!

    The Ed Sullivan Show undoubtedly ranks as one of the best shows ever. No one had a better eye for talent than Ed. I am so happy to see that some of the classic videos have been added to

    I am always astounded by the broad range of incredible talent Ed brought to his Broadway stage between 1948 and 1971. Over 10,000 performers and celebrities appeared on his stage including the most spectacular ensemble of stars from the worlds of entertainment, sports, and politics. My favorite performers were:

    - James Brown
    - The Beatles
    - The Doors
    - Elvis
    - The Young Rascals
    - Rodney Dangerfield
    - George Carlin

    It is certainly the greatest variety show in the history of television. I just hope adds more videos from this show!
  • Almost everybody who was somebody, made it on The Ed Sullivan Show.

    Mainly from the 1950s, 1960s, and early 70s. If you were somebody chances were you'd be on Ed Sullivan, and if you weren't "Somebody" world known, you sure were after Ed Sullivan Show. Whether a comedian, a singer, a band, plate spinner, animal trainer, or whomever, word spread about it the next day. In the mid 1950s to the late 1960s, he had almost every popular rock band, R&B band or pop singer, there was.
    Of course Elvis, Buddy Holley, The Beatles,
    the Rolling Stones, the Temptations, the Supremes
    and many others benefitted from that.

    The countless comedians, comedy teams and much more.

    There was no other variety show like The Ed Sullivan Show.
  • A great variety show with somehing for everyone. Fantastic!

    The Ed Sullivan Show is one of the best shows of all time. Even though it was way before my time I still love it. Not only is it the best variety show of all time hands down it is just great. It had something for everyone. Ed had some of the gratest talent of all time on his show, The Beatles, The Stones, The Mamas and The Papas, Elvis, Alan and Rossi, Soupy Sales, amazing acrobats everything. THe show is one of my favourite and when they were running reruns I watched it everyday ad so did lots of my freinds. One word can describe this show Perfect. So as Ed would say it's "A really great show for you tonight." What better thing to do on a Sunday afternoon.
  • If you made it in Sullivan, you hit it big!

    If you hit it in Ed Sullivan, then you made it big and that acts like the Beatles and Elvis made their tv debuts and became the most popular singer and group respectedly of all time. Despite having no sense of humor nor being comfortable on tv, that didn't matter for Sullivan.
    Those acts would become some of the biggest stars of all time!
  • Variety show hosted by Ed Sullivan. This show was prominent in launching several music and acting careers.

    Ed Sullivan was a great talent scout for television beginning in the late 40's. He truly had a variety show with acts ranging from singers to acrobats, from comedians to actors and from circus acts to dancers.

    The show was groundbreaking in the discovery and showcasing of rock 'n' roll acts. It was among the first to show such acts as Elvis Presley, The Beatle and The Rolling Stones. Several of the acts had to change their lyrics of performance styles to be allowed to perform. Mick Jager could be seen rolling his eyes as he sang "let's spend some time together" rather than "lets spend the night together."
  • Miss ya, Ed.

    This was the Big Daddy of all the variety shows. To appear on Ed Sullivan really meant something in those days. Ed had an act for everyone in the family. Singers, comedians, ballerinas, jugglars, Broadway show casts, animal acts, singing nuns, plate-spinners (don't ask)-all thrown together for your viewing pleasure. It was a big deal when your parents finally let you stay up to watch The Ed Sullivan Show because, after all, Sunday was a school night. Ed's apparent lack of a personality was a plus; the show was all about who was appearing that week. The Ed Sullivan show went off the air in 1971, a victim of changing times.
  • One of the all time best variety shows ever to hit television was hosted by someone who was probably more comfortable doing something else.

    One of the all time best variety shows ever to hit television was hosted by someone who was probably more comfortable doing something else.

    A vetern newspaper man, Ed Sullivan wasn't a natural when it came to hosting his own television show, but he had an eye for talent and a good feel for what the audience wanted to see. He managed to cram his show full of acts that would appeal to various of his viewers, so no one would be left out.

    From acrobats to puppets (the Muppets appeared more than once in their early days) to the hottest rock acts of their time (Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors...), Mr. Sullivan managed to combine them into one hour of entertainment.

    Lots of people got their breaks due to Mr. Sullivan and his weekly variety show which defined Sunday night for many years. Sadly, there's nothing like it today.