The Ed Sullivan Show - Season 10

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Episode Guide

  • December 1, 1957: Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Sam Cooke, Bobby Helms
    --Buddy Holly and the Crickets - "That'll Be the Day" and "Peggy Sue."
    --Sam Cooke sings "You Send Me" and "For Sentimental Reasons."
    --The Rays - "Silhouettes."
    --Bobby Helms - "My Special Angel."
    --Polly Bergen sings "Mean To Me" and "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."
    --Ray McKinley & the Glenn Miller Orchestra (with guest singers) - perform a medley (please see Recap for songs).
    --Jean Carroll (comedian)
    --Martha Ann Bentley (ballerina, dressed as a jockey)
    --Tony And Sally Demarco - couple dances to "White Christmas."
    Also appearing:
    --Douglas Fairbanks (actor) - appears in a comedy sketch and, later in show, recites the Rudyard Kipling poem "If."
    --The Colliers All American Football Team (General Mills) - Ed Sullivan introduces the individual players (see Recap) and coach Lefty James.
  • November 3, 1957: Sam Cooke, Jimmie Rodgers, Paul Anka, The Sparkletones

    --Sam Cooke - "You Send Me" (excerpt performed at end of show).
    --Paul Anka - "Diana"
    --Jimmie Rodgers - "Honeycomb" and "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine"
    --The Sparkeltones (Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones) - "Black Slacks"
    --Patachou - "Paris Looks at Herself" and "Jambes Roses"
    Alberghetti Sisters segment:
    -- Anna Marie Alberghetti sings "Fa La Mana Bambin"
    --Alberghetti Sisters (Anna Maria & Carla duet) - "Mutual Admiration Society"
    --Carla Alberghetti - "Mi Amore Sorento" (Anna Maria's Sister singing an Italian folk song)
    --Carla introduces Mother Alberghetti who plays piano. Piano solo.
    --Carla Alberghetti - "Fascination"
    Also appearing:
    --Joy Kay (clown act slapstick) - Man's body is shoved into trunk, comes out as woman in bathing suit.
    --Arthur Worsley (British ventriloquist, the dummy does all the talking)
    --The Latinos (Three Italian dancers)
    --Sue Carson (comedian/impressionist, imitates teenagers)
    --The Dancers Of Bali (ethnic dance and costumes) - "The Monkey Dance"

  • February 16, 1958
    February 16, 1958
    Episode 21

    Scheduled guests:
    --Vic Damone sings "Gigi" and "Gift of Love."
    --The Four Esquires (vocal quartet) - "Up Above My Head."
    --The Little Gaelic Singers (from Ireland)
    --Toni Dalli (singer from Italy) - "Just Say I Love Her."
    --Davis and Reese (comedy team)
    --Willie, West and McGinty (vaudeville comedians, doing a "House-building" sketch).
    --George Carl (pantomime artist).
    --Richiardi (illusionist-magician from Spain)
    --The Three Szekelys (a "hand-balancing" act)
    --On film: Anna Magnani takes Ed on a tour of Rome.
    --Audience bows: Anthony Franciosa and Anthony Quinn, actors who appear with Magnani in the movie "Wild Is the Wind."

  • March 23, 1958: Rodgers & Hammerstein, Bert Lahr, The Rays, Four Preps, Roberta Peters

    --Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II promote their film "South Pacific." A film of the NYC premiere of the movie is shown.
    Rodgers and Hammerstein appear on stage with Ed.
    --Roberta Peters (opera singer) - "Younger Then Springtime" (with Richard Rodgers playing piano).
    --Michael Hale (singer) - "Luck Be A Lady Tonight"
    --Carol Haney and Peter Gennaro (dancers)
    --The Four Preps" - sing "26 Miles (Santa Catalina)"
    --Roberta Peters (opera singer) - "The Shadow Song"
    --The Rays (vocal group) - sing "The Man Above."
    --Bert Lahr (comedian) - baseball sketch with sportscaster David Burns.
    --Dickie Henderson (British singing comedian)
    --Wally Griffith (comedian)
    Also appearing:
    --The Marquis Chimps (trained animal act)
    --Torakichi Nakamura and Koichi Ono (Japanese golfers)
    --Cameo: Frank Pace (former US Secretary Of War)
    --Audience bows: Herb Cups; Mrs. Richard Rodgers; Mrs. Oscar Hammerstein; Charles Silvio

  • January 19, 1958
    January 19, 1958
    Episode 17

    --Filmed segment: In Rome, Mario Lanza talks to Ed about the film "7 Hills of Rome." This is followed by a clip of Lanza singing "Arrivaderci Roma."
    --Marisa Allasio (Italian actress from "7 Hills of Rome") - appears on stage with Ed.
    --Kirby Stone Quartet - "It's A Really Big Show" (performed with Ed Sullivan at opening of show)
    --Kirby Stone Quartet - "It's Wonderful" (song performed towards end of show. This version of "It's Wonderful" is about 2 snakes.)
    --Julie Wilson - "I've Got To Sing" and "All The Way."
    --Ballet De Florence & Frederick (3 men and women ballet dancers)
    --Valerie Clark - "You're The Greatest."
    --Clifford Guest (ventriloquist) - Dummy trapped in suitcase bit. Clifford Guest re-appears later in show pretending to hold a baby in his arms. Makes a crying noises, belches.
    --Harrison and Kossi (ice skaters) - skate to "Midnight In Paris." Also, re-appear later in show.
    --Dario Cassini (opera singer) - "Could My Heart Still Be Beating?"
    --See Hee Family - (family from Formosa, plate spinners) - family spins plates on poles. man spinning plates bends backwards, picks up glass in mouth)
    --Diro Brothers (two jugglers) - spin and balance sticks, juggle, and spin hats with sticks.
    --Coquettes (Four piece women group sings and plays instruments) - "Yacca Do Ray Do Ray."
    --Ballet De Florence & Frederick (voodoo ballet with primitive costumes) - natives sacrifice maiden in dance.
    --Audience bows: Jimmy Fow (Philadelphia Athletics ball player); Georges Cotari (French actor); Helen Gallagher (actress); Robert Strauss (from "Stalag 17"); Richard Nay ("Stalag 17" producer); Louis Belsen ("Stalag 17" composer); Jean Carter (1958 Maid Of Cotton); Lt. Col. Ruby L. Bradley (Army's most decorated nurse); Donald S. Charles (Chief of Fire Chiefs); and Romy Schneider (actress).

  • December 22, 1957: Christmas Show with Frankie Lymon, Rise Stevens, Carol Lawrence

    --Frankie Lymon - "Goody Goody" and "It's Christmas Once Again."
    --Carol Lawrence - "The Christmas Song."
    --Mary Knoll SeminariansBoys Choir- "Mary Had A Baby."
    --Rise Stevens - "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas."
    --Rise Stevens, Robert Maxwell, and the Mary Knoll Seminarians - "I Wonder As I Wander."

    --Robert Maxwell (harpist) - "White Christmas."
    --Joey Alfidi (8-year-old piano player) plays "The Minute Waltz" (while 3 beauty queens look on).

    Also appearing:
    --William Saroyan (playwright) - recites a Christmas message on the topic of praying.
    --Shirley Reid (ventriloquist) - "Santa Claude Is Coming To Town" (doll is shown singing)
    --Jill and Dolly Davis (dancers) - tap dance to "It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas."
    --Parade Of The Snowmen skate to "Winter Wonderland," followed by skaters doing a flying skating routine to"Sleigh Ride."
    --Dancer Pat Kelly (wearing a harness) performs in air above audience, followed by dancers wearing Christmas lights.
    --Professional skiers are shown skiing (some falling) down a slope set up on stage: Art Devlin, Art Topo, Norman Cummings, Roy Sherwood, Rudy Maki, Charles Tremblay, Jack Irving, Maynard Dolan, Bern Blikstad.
    --The Marionettes of Braunschweig, Germany -Christmas show on the birth of Jesus.
    --Audience bow: Wayne Morris

    --Filmed segment: The Hollywood premiere of "A Farewell To Arms" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Among the theatergoers are David O. Selznick, Jennifer Jones, Rock Hudson. Tony Martin, Cyd Charisse, Mercedes McCambridge, Dana Wynter, Charles Vidor, Jack La Rue, Paul Douglas & wife, Charlton Heston & wife, Terry Moore, Jerry Wald, and Buddy Adler.

  • August 17, 1958: Gregory Peck (cameo), Teresa Brewer, Carol Lawrence, Perez Prado, Roger Williams

    --Gregory Peck (cameo) - plugs his new movie and introduces burn victim Judy White.
    --Perez Prado and his orchestra - "Patricia."
    --Teresa Brewer - "Don't Bring Lulu" and "I Wouldn't Trade The Silver In My Mother's Hair."
    --Roger Williams (pianist) - "Near You."
    --Domenico Modugno (Italian vocalist) - "Volare" (a.k.a. "Nel blu dipinto di blu").
    --Shelly Berman (stand-up comedian) - does jokes about life's most embarrassing moments.
    --Elsa & Waldo (comedy dance routine, woman in tutu).
    --Jackie Cannon (stand-up routine).
    Also appearing:
    --Carol Lawrence & Peter Gennaro - "With A Shine On My Shoes" dance number.
    --Ted Williams (of the Boston Red Sox) - makes an appeal for the Jimmy Fund for children with cancer.
    --The Marquis Chimps (trained monkey/chimp act).
    --Audience bows: Max Case, Harry Dekay, Emmy Wideman & Anthony Marsello, Dana Andrews, Jack Sterling.

  • May 11, 1958: Connie Francis, Dick Contino, Al Hibbler, Tony Martin, Don Rondo, Art and Dotty Todd
    --In honor of Mother's Day, the show opens with the cast singing "Mother."
    --Connie Francis sings "Who's Sorry Now?" and "I'm Sorry I Made You Cry."
    --Dick Contino - "Arrivaderci Roma."
    --Benny Fields and Blossom Seeley - "Gotta Have You Go With Me."
    --Al Hibbler - "I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore."
    --Tony Martin - "Taking A Chance on Love," "Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries," "Till" and "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You."
    --Don Rondo - "Dormi, Dormi, Dormi."
    --Art and Dotty Todd - "Chanson D'Amour (Song of Love)."
    --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - "Brown Pumpernickel" sketch.
    --George Givot does a comedy monologue.
    --Trio Rayros (comic acrobats)

    Cameos/Audience bows include Geraldine Fitzgerald and tennis champion Althea Gibson.

    Additional guest? (scheduled to appear):
    --Eleanor Roosevelt pays tribute to Israel's 10th anniversary.
  • May 18, 1958
    May 18, 1958
    Episode 34

    Guests (verified):
    --Maurice Chevalier & Sophie Tucker perform an "I Remember It Well" duet, and each sings the other's theme song: "Mimi" (Sophie) & "Some Of These Days" (Maurice).

    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Ogden Nash - reads from his own poems.
    --Carol Lawrence (of "West Side Story")
    --Sally Blair (singer) - "Witchcraft."
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian)
    --The West Point Glee Club
    --The Kim Sisters (singing trio from Korea)
    --Georgie Tapps and his dancers
    --The Wake Forest College majorettes, Winston-Salem, N.C.
    --John Risko (plate spinner)

  • July 20, 1958: US Army Talent Show

    The 5th Annual Army talent show: --Teresa Brewer (scheduled guest host)

    Scheduled Army talent: --Pfc. Constantine Cassolas (operatic tenor from Brooklyn, NY) --The Second U.S. Army chrous, directed by Rinaldo Massimino --The Circle (a country and western trio) with Sfc. Horace Burns (Knoxville, Tenn.), Sgt. Ervin Elswick (Cromona, Ky.) and Sgt. Thomas Parker (Kannapolis, N.C.) --The Cold Cuts with Sp-1 Ernest Calla (East Boston, Mass.), Pfc. Howard Garfin (Flushing, N.Y.), Pfc. John Guthman (Stowe, Vt.), Pfc. Stan Kletkewicz (Philadelphia, Pa.) and Pfc. Robert Runion (Bluefield, W.Va.)

  • January 26, 1958: Buddy Holly & the Crickets, Jimmie Rodgers, Ted Lewis, Joyce Grenfell

    --Buddy Holly and the Crickets (their 2nd Sullivan appearance) - "Oh Boy" (performed towards end of show).
    --Jimmie Rodgers - "Oh, Oh, I'm Falling In Love" and "Long, Hot Summer."
    --Ted Lewis - "Steppin' Out With A Memory," "K-K-K-Katy" (with Eddie Chester and Beverly Marshall) and "Tiger Rag."
    --Billy Myles - "The Joker."
    --Duke University Glee Club - "Prayer" & "Alma Mater."

    --Joyce Grenfell (British comedienne) - does a nursery school routine.
    --Wally Griffin (stand-up comedian).

    Also appearing:
    --Japanese film actresses Hediko Takimini, Shiro Kido (approximate spellings) and other Japanese female stars appear in recognition of Japanese Film Week.
    --Gartner and Landry (judo).
    --Kovach & Rabovski (jazz / ballet).
    --Andre Moon & his Puppets - 8 Dancing Puppets.
    --Japanese Dance Group - Japanese dancers and singer appear in production numbers at the beginning and end of show.

  • December 29, 1957
    December 29, 1957
    Episode 14

    --Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five - "Caldonia" & "Peace Of Mind."

    Scheduled guests:
    --Red Buttons
    --Roberta Sherwood
    --Victor Julian and his pets
    --Jo Hanwey (comic juggler)
    --Norbu (comedy act)
    --The DeCastro Sisters (vocal group)

    On film: a clip from the movie "Legend of the Lost," with John Wayne, Sophia Loren and Rossano Brazzi.

  • May 4, 1958: Lillian Roth, The Chordettes, Ed Townsend, Helen Gallagher, Denise Darcel

    --The Chordettes - "Lollipop."
    --David Seville - "Witch Doctor."
    --Lillian Roth - "How About You" & "Sing You Sinners."
    --Amru Sani (singer from India) - "I Remember You."
    --Denise Darcel - "Mam'selle."
    --Helen Gallagher - "Something's Coming."
    --Ed Townsend - "For Your Love."
    --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - Julius Caesar sketch.
    Also appearing:
    --Carol Haney & Peter Gennaro - "On The Sunny Side of the Street."
    --The Kims (3 men comic acrobat act)
    --Gaston Palmer (French comic juggler)
    --The Clementi Twins (Australian bicyclist balancing act)
    --On-stage bows: Captain Zohar (Israeli pilot) & Milo Valenzuela (Kentucky Derby jockey); Bob Mathias -
    -Audience bows: BPOE National Youth Leadership contest Winners; winners of the 15th Annual National Press Photographers News Picture award; Pakistan's cricket team.

  • March 16, 1958: St. Patrick's Day Show

    St. Patrick's Day show with scheduled guests: --Mickey Shaughnessy (actor, appeared in the 1957 movie "Don't Go Near the Water") --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Sue Carson (comedian) --Darryl Stewart (Australian singer) - "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" --The McNiff Irish Dancers --The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick (a glee club) - "Eileen Allana" and "O'Donnell Aboo" --Eddy Manson and his harmonica group - playing an Irish medley --Martin Granger and his puppets --The Mascots (balancing act) --Also: Ed presents the second Championship Performance Award to the outstanding athlete of the 1930-45 era.

  • November 17, 1957: Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps, Georgia Gibbs, Carol Burnett, Johnny Carson

    --Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps - "Dance to the Bop."
    --Georgia Gibbs - "Great Balls of Fire" &"Rock-A-Bye Baby."
    --Julius LaRosa - "You Make Me Feel So Young" and "Just Forever."
    --Kate Smith sings "All the Way" and "When Lover Has Gone."
    --Jose Melis (pianist from Jack Paar's TV show) - "Tamanoco"

    --Carol Burnett - "Careless."
    --Johnny Carson (stand-up comedy) - does a routine about a children's show host who's suffering from a hangover.
    --Harvey Stone (stand-up comedian)
    --Wally Griffin (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about Boston, does a routine about delinquents.

    Also appearing:
    --Les Garcons Delarue (French novelty act)
    --Vic & Adio (acrobats)
    --Latinos (3 male dancers) - athletic dancers do leaps. One man dances on his head.
    --On film: Ed visits the set of "Big Country." Ed jokes around with the director (William Wyler) and the actors (Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Jean Simmons, Burl Ives). Chuck Connors pretends to rough Ed up.

  • September 7, 1958: "Ice Capades of 1959"; Johnnie Ray, Jane Morgan, Georgia Gibbs, Jill Corey

    Ed Sullivan presents the John H. Harris' Ice Capades in an show broadcast from Madison Square Garden.
    --The cast of the Ice Capades of 1959 included skaters Ronnie Robertson and Cathy Machado, Bobby Specht, Jimmy Grogan, and German champion Helga Rosma. The comedy/trick skaters were Eric Waite, Freddie Trenkler, and the teams of Forgie and Larson, and Labreque and Gray.

    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Johnnie Ray sings "No Regrets" and "Up Until Now."
    --Georgia Gibbs sings "Rock-A-Bye Baby."
    --Jane Morgan - "The Day the Rains Came."
    --Jill Corey - "Big Daddy."
    --Professor Backwards (comedian)
    --Jinx (an ice-skating chimpanzee)

  • June 8, 1958
    June 8, 1958
    Episode 37

    Scheduled guests:
    --Della Reese - "In The Still Of The Night" and "You're Just In Love."
    --Hugh O'Brian (star of "Wyatt Earp") - song and dance to "I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plans."
    --Alan King (comedian)
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian)
    --Roberta Sherwood (singer, accompanied by her three sons, who play guitar, drums and trumpet) - "Blue Moon of Kentucky."
    --Carol Haney and Peter Gennaro (dancers)
    --Noelle Adam (dancer, star of Francoise Sagan's ballet "The Broken Date")

    "King's Castle" sketch performed by Alan King and his comedy troupe.
    Cast: Alan King (as the husband), Georgann Johnson (as the wife), Ruth McDevitt (as the mother-in-law), Bernie West (as the brother-in-law), and Chris Snell (as the boy)

  • July 13, 1958: From The Desert Inn in Las Vegas (2nd of 2 shows)

    2nd of 2 shows broadcast from the Desert Inn in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Scheduled guests:
    --Ann Blyth (movie star) - sings "Little Girl Blue" (and possibly "My Heart Stood Still").
    --The Four Preps (vocal group) - "Big Man" & "Lazy Summer Night."
    --Anna Maria Alberghetti (singer-actress) - "Italian Lullaby (Fala Nona)" and "I've Got The World On A String."
    --Pat McCormick (Olympic diving champion)
    --Ramine (Hawaiian dancer, appeared in the movie "South Seas Adventure").
    --Brascia and Tybee (dance team)
    --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist)
    --Bennett and Patterson (comedy team)
    --Richiardi (magician)
    --The Nerveless Nocks (aerial show from a 70-foot pole).

  • July 6, 1958: From Las Vegas - Esther Williams, Carol Burnett / On film - Frank Sinatra and Princess Grace

    Program broadcast from Las Vegas.

    --At the Desert Inn pool, Esther Williams appears with other swimmers (including child swimmers the "Water Babies"; Junior Champion Swimmers; Joe Monahan and Papsy Georgian).
    --Kirby Stone Four sing "Lazy River."
    --Sallie Blair sings "Witchcraft."
    --Duke Lloyd (a.k.a. Harold Lloyd Jr.) sings "Gigi" (incomplete, interrupted by a Mercury commercial).
    --Carol Burnett (comedienne) - does a routine about braces and performs a comedic version of a song.
    --Professor Backwards (comedian) - stand-up monologue about Las Vegas.
    --Joe Cook Jr. (comedy juggler) - tells jokes while juggling.
    Also appearing:
    --Jacqueline du Bief (world figure skating champion) - performs at the Stardust Casino.
    --"Jumping" Joe Monahan (trampoline act)
    --The Morlidor Trio (male contortionist wearing a black mask with two female assistants)
    --"Miss Dixie" Elaine Herndon (wearing a tiara) - talks with Ed.
    --Audience bows: William Bendix, Robert Q. (Lewis?), Wilbert Clark, and Harold Lloyd.
    On film:
    --Frank Sinatra visits Monte Carlo for the world premiere of his film "Kings Go Forth." At a palace garden, Sinatra attends a tea party with Monaco's Prince Ranier, Princess Grace (Grace Kelly) and Princess Caroline.

  • September 22, 1957: Betty Grable, Carol Channing, Harry James, Bobby Helms, George Raft

    --Betty Grable - "Put Your Arms Around Me."
    --Harry James (trumpet player) - "You Made Me Love You" and "Two O'clock Jump."
    --Bobby Helms - "My Special Angel."
    --Carol Channing (comedian) - does an impression of Sophie Tucker .
    --Jo Stafford – medley: "You Belong To Me," "Make Love To Me" and "Jambalaya (On The Bayou)."
    --Jo Stafford (later in show) - "Star Of Love."
    --Jay Nemeth (ventriloquist) - with puppet who sings "There Was A Boy."
    --Jack Durant (comedian) - does impression of Clark Gable & sings "When You're Smiling."
    --Jimmy Roselli - "Give My Regards To Broadway."
    Also appearing:
    --On film: clip from "Bolero" with Carole Lombard & George Raft.
    --George Raft dances to "Sweet Georgia Brown."
    --George Raft, Jack Durant & Ed Sullivan talk about George Raft's life.
    --Jack Dempsey and Ed Sullivan talk about the long count fight of 1927.
    --Paul Anderson (Olympic champ weight lifter) - lifts stars from their seats
    --Alfred Apaka & Nalani - Alfred sings Hawaiian songs while Nalani dances the hula.
    --Elisa Jayne (does dance impressions as Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe)

  • October 31, 1958: U.S. Air Force Talent Show

    The Air Force Talent Show

    Civilian guests:
    --Dick Powell (actor, appearing as guest host while Ed was in Israel)
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian)

    --The Air Force talent consisted of winners of the Annual All Air Force Talent Contest. (The grand finals were held in May 1958 at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi.)

    Also appearing: Contestants in the Miss America Pageant, including --Anita Bryant (Miss Oklahoma) --Mary Ann Mobley (Miss Mississippi, later became Miss America 1959)

  • May 25, 1958
    May 25, 1958
    Episode 35

    Scheduled guests: --Frankie Lymon (singer) --Alan King (comedian) --Hermione Gingold (actress-comedian) --Allan Drake (comedian) --Althea Gibson (tennis star, making her TV singing debut) --Zizi Jeanmaire and Roland Petit (husband & wife ballet performers from France) --The Three Edwards (Canadian balancing act) --The Theda Sisters (European trapeze performers)

  • June 15, 1958: Brussels World's Fair

    The Brussels World's Fair (a filmed tour of the fair)

    Guests (on film):
    --The Platters - probably "Twilight Time"
    --William Holden
    --Sophia Loren
    --Brigitte Bardot
    --Maurice Chevalier
    --Jacques Tati
    --Mitzi Gaynor
    --The Nitwits (British comedy troupe)
    --The Bayanihan Troupe (Philippine folk dancers)


  • June 29, 1958: Moscow's Moiseyev Ballet

    The entire program features the Moiseyev Dance Company of Moscow, Russia's first contribution to the cultural exchange program between the U.S. and Soviet Union. The group, led by choreographer Iror Moiseyev, does traditional Soviet folk dances, and other based upon them.
    (A kinescope of this program will be repeated, by popular demand, on 2/1/59.)
    Dances include:
    --Bul-Ba (depicting the growing of a potato crop)
    --Dance of the Tartars of Kazan (showing a trick played by two young girls on two men)
    --Yurochka (about a village lover who is punished by the local women)
    --Partisans (about resistance fighters fighting against the Nazis)
    --City Quadrille (pre-revolution Russia)
    --Zhok (three dances from Moldavia)
    --Two Boys in a Fight (a novelty dance)
    --American Folk Dance (this encore is done to "Turkey in the Straw"

  • February 23, 1958
    February 23, 1958
    Episode 22

    --La Vern Baker - "Substitute."
    --Victor Moore (veteran actor, celebrating his 82nd birthday) - sings 3 songs.
    --Tina Robin - sings "Imagination," does imitations of other singers, and "Melancholy Baby."
    --The Happy Jesters (comedy singing male trio) - "Somebody Stole My Gal."
    --The Happy Jesters, later in show, perform "Your Cheating Heart."
    --Radio City Music Hall Symphony [song - unknown]
    Also appearing:
    --Jack Sharkey (heavyweight boxing champ) - Fishing exhibition
    --Joe Kirkwood - Trick Golf shots
    --Martin Brothers (jugglers)
    --Gino Donati (opera singer doing a balancing act)
    --Michelle Boston - young girl - mentalist
    --Jack Warden
    --Cornelis - silent act as patient in dentist's office

  • June 22, 1958: 10th Anniversary Show (with clips from past shows)

    This 10th Anniversary Show features clips from the past 10 years of "Toast of the Town" & "The Ed Sullivan Show."
    --1948 highlights: The June Taylor Girls (chorus line); Patsy Flick
    --1949 highlights: First TV ice show, Carol Lynn, Ed In Fur Coat Tries To Ice Skate, falls / Luise Rainer / Teresa Brewer's Debut / Charles Laughton reads from the Bible / Harry Armstrong / Maude Nugent Jerome / W. C. Handy / Bill Bojangles Robinson / Rosemary Clooney's debut
    --1950 highlights: Babe Didrikson Zaharis, Margaret Truman, Perry Como / Audience Bows: Roy Campanella, Mrs. Knute Rockne / Mayor O'Dwyer makes Gordon Jenkins cry. / Scene from "Member Of The Wedding"
    --1951 highlights: Moira Shearer, Gertrude Lawrence / Helen Hayes Talks About. "Victoria Regina" & Theater Life / Oscar Hammerstein Recites "The Last Time I Saw Paris Lyrics (TV's first split screen) / Yul Brynner, Sugar Ray Robinson Kids Sam Snead
    --1952 highlights: Jackie Gleason & Art Carney; Audrey Hepburn's TV debut / Cole Porter / Johnnie Ray's TV debut / Richard Rodgers
    --1953 highlights: Walt Disney doing studio sound effects / Ed Wynn & Tony Martin / Josh Logan / Grace Kelly and Ralph Meeker & Grace Kelly / Will Jordan mimics Ed / Ben Hogan
    --1954 highlights: Jack Benny / Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball / Darryl F. Zanuck / Victor Borge
    --1955 highlights: Louis Armstrong & Robert Merrill / Edward R. Murrow / Gina Lollobrigida & Burt Lancaster
    --1956 highlights: Elvis Presley / Phil Silvers / Bing Crosby / Julie Andrews / Ricki Lane & Velvel
    --1957 highlights: Gary & Ed Harmonize / Louis Armstrong / Circus Show / Jones Beach Show / Fred Astaire / Lerner & Loewe (composers of "My Fair Lady" & "Gigi")
    --1958 highlights: Ed joins the Kirby Stone Four as they sing "Really Big Shoe" / Wayne & Shuster / Maurice Chevalier & Sophie Tucker

  • August 24, 1958
    August 24, 1958
    Episode 48

    --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team, appearing as guest hosts) - "Frontier Psychiatrist" sketch (a satire of TV Westerns).

    Scheduled guests:
    --Frankie Lymon (singer) - "The Only Way To Love."
    --Althea Gibson (tennis champion & singer) - sings "I Should Care."
    --Charlie Applewhite (singer) - "Stormy Weather."
    --Ann Leonardo (singer) - "You, You Romeo."
    --Georgie Kaye (comedian)
    --Jean Carroll (comedian)
    --Elisa Jayen (dancer)
    --Janik and Arnaut (dancers, doing their "Snake Dance")

  • April 20, 1958: The Champs; Hermoine Gingold & Billy Dewolfe; Freddie Bell; Vivian Blaine; Kathy Linden

    --The Champs - "Tequila."
    --Hermoine Gingold & Billy Dewolfe - "Careless Talk."
    --Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys (vocal group) - "Saints Ding, Dong" and "Say Darling."
    --Kathy Linden - "Billy."
    --Vivian Blaine - "Say, Darling" (from the Broadway show "Say, Darling.")
    --David Wayne - "River" and a number from "Say, Darling."
    --Miklos Gafni (Hungarian tenor) - "E. Lucevan E. Stelle."
    --Annapolis Glee Club - "Navy Song."
    --Anna D'Angelo - "Kansas City."

    --The University Of Pennsylvania Mask and Wig Club (men in drag, chorus line) - perform scenes from their review.
    --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist with his dummy Velvel)
    --Martin Granger puppets
    --Helene & Howard (comedy dance duo)

    Also appearing:
    --D'Angoly's (juggling act)
    --Audience bows: Will Jordan, Bill Gunn, Mary Martin

  • March 30, 1958
    March 30, 1958
    Episode 27

    Scheduled guests: --Della Reese (singer) --Roger Williams (pianist) --Frankie Vaughan (singer from England) --Jane Morgan (singer) --Sam Levenson (comedian) --Georges Guetary (French singer) --Anton Dolin and his London Festival Ballet (with John Gilpin, Louis Godfrey, Michael Hogan and Andre Prokovsky) --George Shearing (pianist) --Dorothy Donegan (pianist) --O'Brady (novelty puppet act from Europe) --The Three Brazzazzis (European comedy act)

  • April 6, 1958: Maurice Chevalier, Carol Burnett, Conrad Hilton, Guy Lombardo

    --Carol Burnett (comedian) - does a tribute to the Emmy Awards.
    --Maurice Chevalier - "Gigi" & "Quay De Bercy"
    --Conrad Hilton - reads a poem he wrote.
    --Guy Lombardo - "Everywhere You Go" and "Over & Over" (Note: The singer is either Kenny Gardner or Bill Flanagan)
    --Nell Rankin (mezzo-soprano) sings "Pace, Pace"
    --Chicago Opera Ballet - "The Merry Widow Waltz"
    --The Johnson Family - medley of religious songs
    --Regine & Andre Berny (dancing team)
    --Les Marquis Markays (acrobats, two brothers perform balancing tricks)
    --Clarence Willard (contortionist, called "The Man Who Grows Before Your Eyes") - appears to grow taller on stage
    --Joe Castor (puppet show, puppet paints a picture)
    --Audience bow: Mrs. Wendell Willkie
    --On-stage bows: Don Kerr, Linley Ruddock, Jerry Wald
    --Dr. Everett Clinchy, of the National Conference Of Christians & Jews, presents Ed with an award.

  • January 12, 1958
    January 12, 1958
    Episode 16

    --On film: Clip of Bing Crosby playing golf.
    --James Arness - appears on stage to talk with Ed. Followed by a film clip from the TV series "Gunsmoke" (Marshall Dillon's office)
    --Mike Kellin & Sondra Lee - perform a scene from Ben Hecht's "Winkleberg"
    --Cesare Siepi - April Love"
    --Marimba Masters (percussion group from the Rochester School Of Music) - "Yesterdays" and "What Child Is This?"
    --Jay Marshall (stand-up comedy, does tricks with golf tricks, tells jokes, makes things from folded paper). Later, Lefty the Hand puppet sings "If I Had My Way."
    --Elena Guest - "Arrivederchi Roma"
    --Peg Leg Bates & Jimmy Valentine (two tap dancers with peg legs)
    --Marcel Marceau - excerpt from David & Goliath routine
    --Texas Tommy - Novelty Act: Dog Act, Form Pyramid & Ride Bicycle
    --Roger Bannister, Johnny Podres, Bobby Morrow & Stan Musial - "Sports Illustrated" Sportsmen of the Year, clips of select plays are shown. --Sid James (Sports Illustrated representative) - gives out Sportsmen Awards
    --Ballet De Florence & Frederic (dancers) - dance to "Rock Around The Clock" and "You're The Top"

    Audience bows: Jim Arness & his bride; Billy Beven (most popular newsboy); George Bart (sportswriter / author)

  • October 6, 1957: The Everly Brothers, Danny Thomas, Bob & Ray, Kate Smith

    --The Everly Brothers - "Wake Up Little Susie"
    --Kate Smith sings "All Right with Me" and "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing."
    --The Kirby Stone Four - do a comedic version of "Up a Lazy River."
    --Danny Thomas (comedian) - gives his thoughts on the subject of success.
    --Bob & Ray (comedy team) - do a baseball routine.
    --Alan King (comedian) - tells jokes about vacationing in Europe.
    --Richard Hearn (comedian, England's Mr. Pastry) - demonstrates the "Passing Out Ceremony."
    Also appearing:
    --Harvest Moon Ball Dancers - winners from the different dance categories perform excerpts from their routines.
    --The Mambo Aces - does a Mambo dance number.
    --Edoardo Raspino (juggler)
    --Ed introduces people associated with Kodak: Gene Hargrave (Kodak chairman), Don McMater (Kodak president) and Julia Mead (spokeswoman from Kodak commercials).

  • February 9, 1958
    February 9, 1958
    Episode 20

    Scheduled guests: --Gina Lollobrigida (actress) --Sally Ann Howes (musical-comedy star who replaced Julie Andrews in Broadway's "My Fair Lady") --Billy Kenny (singer, formerly of the Ink Spots) --Jack Carter (comedian) --Goose Tatum and the Harlem Basketball Stars --The Three Bragazzis (an Italian comedy act) --Rolly and Arry (pantomime artists)

  • December 8, 1957: The Platters, Noel Coward, Ray Peterson

    --The Platters - "Only You" and "Indiff'rent."
    --Ray Peterson - "Fever."
    --Noel Coward - sings medley of his own songs (please see Recap for titles).
    --Noel Coward also sings "What's Going To Happen To The Tots?"
    --Jean Medeira (Metropolitan Opera Star) sings "Sygoyna."
    Also appearing
    --Eric Brenn (plate juggler)
    --See Hee Family (acrobats)
    --Sealy Wang (?) (puppet act)
    --Ed Sullivan presents football awards
    --Princeton Triangle Club (men in drag) dance "The Charleston"
    --Cara Philano and Maria Rose (dancers)
    --Eileen O'Dare (dancer)
    --On film: Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Ernest Borgnine and Janet Leigh on location in Munich, Germany:
    --Jackel Mac Kensie (British Television star)

  • September 29, 1957: Della Reese; Johnnie Ray; Burns & Allen; Ida Lupino & Howard Duff

    Show broadcast from Hollywood.

    --Johnnie Ray (singer) - "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone.
    --Della Reese (singer) - "These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)."
    --George Sanders (actor) sings "Around The World In 80 Days."
    --Ida Lupino and Howard Duff join Ed Sullivan to sing "Geymore," an original song written by Ida.

    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --George Burns and Gracie Allen (comedy team) - do a comedy routine.
    --Richard Hearne (comedian, England's "Mr. Pastry")
    --Sally Forrest - dances to "The Man Who Got Away."
    --Carla Alberghetti (singer)
    --The Happy Jesters (instrumental impressionists).
    --The Tropicana Girls (from Las Vegas).
    --Sing Lee Sing (listed as an "equilibristic act").
    --On film: The Milwaukee Braves (winners of the National League pennant).

  • February 2, 1958
    February 2, 1958
    Episode 19

    Scheduled guests: --Ted Lewis (bandleader) --Beverly Marshall (comedian) --Georges Guetary (French singer) --Helen Gallagher (dancer) Georges Guetary and Helen Gallagher perform "Isn't It Wonderful?" - a song from the Broadway show "Portofino" in which they both appear.

    The theme of this show was the Brussels World's Fair (scheduled to open in April 1958). Guests from various nations of the world were to appear.

  • June 1, 1958
    June 1, 1958
    Episode 36

    --Jimmie Rodgers sings "Secretly."
    --Mario Del Monaco (Metropolitan tenor) - "Musica Prohibita."
    --Edie Adams (singer-comedienne) sings "Scarlet Ribbons" and, impersonating Marilyn Monroe, "It's Wonderful."

    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster (comedy team, appearing as guest hosts) - perform a baseball sketch.
    --Doretta Morrow (singer)
    --Sallie Blair (singer)
    --Jeanmarie and Roland Petit (French ballet stars)
    --The Amin Brothers (Egyptian novelty act)

  • November 10, 1957
    November 10, 1957
    Episode 7

    --Roger Williams (pianist) - Till" and "St. Louis Blues."
    --Helen Woods (former Ziegfeld Follies girl) - "Love Is A Many Splendid Thing" (dances & plays violin).
    --Sarah Vaughan sings "Lucky In Love."
    --Sarah Vaughan & Billy Eckstine - "Passing Strangers."
    --Billy Eckstine - does impressions of other singers (Sammy Davis Jr., Louis Armstrong) then plays trumpet solo. Later in show, Billy Eckstine sings "If I Can Help Somebody."
    --Katina Ranieri - "Arrivaderchi Roma" & "Kanaya."
    --Fernanda Montel - "Melodie D'amour."
    --Inia Tewiata (singer from New Zealand) - "Waiata Poi."
    --Charlotte Rae (stand-up comedian) - talks about her diet routine.
    --Gaby, Fofo, & Miliki (musical/comedy routine)
    Also appearing:
    --Ed talks with Robert Wagner & Joan Collins. A clip from the movie "Stop Over Tokyo" is shown.
    --June Taylor Dancers (from "The Jackie Gleason Show") dancing girls with hula-hoops.
    --Ed Introduces Seventeen Magazine Doll Making Contest Winners. Ginger Christensen, Fannee Fields, Sharon Rae Robinson

  • April 27, 1958: The Everly Brothers, Sal Mineo, Patachou, Teresa Brewer

    --The Everly Brothers - "All I Have To Do Is Dream."
    --Sal Mineo (actor) - sings "A Couple Of Crazy Kids" & "Baby Face."
    --Patachou - "Poor People Of Paris" & "Wonderful Guy."
    --Georgia Gibbs - "Today I Love Everybody" and "Melancholy Baby."
    --Teresa Brewer - "I Think The World Of You."
    --Art Todd & Dotty Todd - demonstrate multitrack tape recording.
    --Maria Neglia (novelty violin act) - "Plink Plank Plunk."
    --Jack Carter (stand-up comedian)
    --Arthur Worsley (ventriloquist act)
    Also appearing:
    --Julius Sundman (magician)
    --Trio Hoganis Acrobats (highwire act)
    --Keoni Dancers (acrobatic dancers)
    --Cameos: Muriel Abbott (talent agent); Gladys Robinson (artist)

  • July 27, 1958
    July 27, 1958
    Episode 44

    --Sheb Wooley - "The Purple People Eater"
    --Gisele MacKenzie - "All The Way"
    --Bobby Van - "Too Darn Hot" (sings and dances to song from "Kiss Me Kate")
    --Gordon MacRae - medley: "Moonlight Bay," "Tea For Two," "Stranger In Paradise" and "If I Loved You"
    --Paul Hampton - "Let's Fall In Love"
    --Jean Wald (orchestra made up of elderly women) - Grandma Orchestra plays 1920's medley.
    --Jimmy and Mildred Mulcay (harmonica players) - "Caravan"
    --Frisco Four (barbershop quartet)
    --Ernie Kovacs - conducts the Nairobi Symphony (with musicians in monkey costumes).
    --George Givot (Italian comic)
    --Julia Mead - impersonates Ertha Kitt, Ray Bolger, Ethel Merman
    --The Goofers (comical musicians) - "Flying Blues" & "Man On the Flying Trapeze" (musicians goofing around, on pogo sticks, doing cartwheels, one swings upside down while playing bass, etc.)

  • November 24, 1957
    November 24, 1957
    Episode 9

    Scheduled: --Rex Harrison (star of Broadway's "My Fair Lady") --Kay Kendall (comedian, wife of Rex Harrison) --Tony Martin (singer, in a remote from Boston) --The Four Aces (vocal group) --Barbara McNair (singer) --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) --Lu Ann Simms (singer) --The West Point Glee Club

    European acts (scheduled): --Les Garcons de la Rue (a French comedy singing group) --The Morlidor Troupe (novelty act) --Holger and Dolores (dance team)

  • October 27, 1957: ASCAP Tribute Show with The Platters, Frances Farmer, Jane Morgan

    ASCAP (American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers) Tribute Show.
    --The Platters - The Great Pretender" (on film, Ed in Paris at Platters concert).
    --Frances Farmer - "Down in the Valley" (performed towards end of show).
    --Jane Morgan - Fascination."
    --Andy Quinn - "Rock-A-Boogie."
    --Constance Towers - "Youandthe Night and the Music."
    --Joe Howard - "Hello My Baby" & "Goodbye My Lady Love."
    --Gene Austin (sings & yodels) - medley: "Lonesome Road," "How Come You Do Me Like You Do," "When My Sugar Walks Down The Street All The Birdies Go Tweet-Tweet," "Melancholy Baby" & "Blue Heaven."
    --Blossom Seeley - "Teasin' Rag" & "Somebody Loves Me Rag."
    --T C Jones (female impersonator) - "Catch" & does a satire of old musicals
    --Dario Cassini - "Thine Alone" (written by Victor Herbert).
    --Don Rondo - "Bring Back My Summer Love."
    --Rudolf Friml (pianist) - plays medley.

    Also appearing:
    --Cameo: W. C. Handy (in wheel chair) on stage With Ed.
    --Maurice Chavalier is presented by Ed with an Actors Award plaque.
    --Frank Faye (comedian) - chats with audience. Later in show, Faye jokes around with Ed. Faye sings satires of songs: "Some Enchanted Evening" and "I'm So In Love With Me."
    --Audience bows: Grace Cahn; Whoopi Gilbert; Johnny Meis (spelling?); Gen. Oscar Silber (spelling?).

  • April 13, 1958
    April 13, 1958
    Episode 29

    Scheduled guests: --Nat King Cole (singer) --Mickey Mantle (of the New York Yankees, was the American League's most valuable player of 1957) --Yogi Berra (catcher) --Whitey Ford (pitcher) --Jack Norworth (composer, wrote "Take Me Out To the Ball Game") --Joyce Grenfell (British comedian) --Laurie London (14-year-old singer)

  • January 5, 1958
    January 5, 1958
    Episode 15

    --Johnnie Ray (singer) - "Up Above My Head."
    --The Everly Brothers perform "This Little Girl," and later in show, "Wake Up Little Susie."
    --Julius Herman & Deutschmeister Band (German singing & marching band)
    --Fredric March, Jason Robards Jr., Albert Morgenstern and Florence Eldridge (actors) - perform a scene from their Broadway play "Long Day's Journey Into Night."
    Also appearing:
    --Tex Barton and his Trick Horse (trained animal act)
    --The Five Amandis (acrobat family/teeterboard act)
    --Cameo: Rod Alexander & Bambi Linn (dance duo)
    --Ed presents Sandy Solomon, the 1958 March of Dimes Poster Child.

  • March 9, 1958: The Everly Brothers, Jo Stafford, The Sparkletones, Cyril Ritchard

    --The Everly Brothers perform "Wake Up Little Susie" & "Be Bop a Lula."
    --Jo Stafford sings "Anything Goes" & "Tomorrow Mountain."
    --The Sparkletones (Rockabilly band) - "Cotton Pickin' Rockers."
    --Lonnie Satin & Barbara McNair (of the Broadway musical "The Body Beautiful") - "All Of These & More."
    --Cyril Ritchard (actor) - performs songs from the TV musical "Aladdin": "Opportunity Knocks but Once (at Thuh Door),""Mother Comes Too" (correct song title?) and "Come to the Supermarket (in Old Peking)."
    --Dick Shawn (comedian) - during act puts on "black-face" make up & becomes Othello.
    Also appearing:
    --Carol Heiss (ice skater, live from Madison Square Garden).
    --David Jenkins (figure skater, live from Madison Square Garden).
    --The Vagabond Painter (Tour-bier) - Parisian painter creates a Folies Bergeres dancer out of a map of Paris.
    --The Samy Brothers (acrobatic act from Egypt)
    --Harrison & Fisher (ballroom dancing)
    --Los Trianos (or "Los Triannas" - Spanish Flamenco dancers)

  • December 15, 1957
    December 15, 1957
    Episode 12

    Scheduled guests: --Tony Bennett (singer) --Della Reese (singer) --Eddie Foy and Barbara Perry (from the Broadway musical "Rumple") --Lo, Hite and Stanley (comedy team) --Sue Carson (comedian) --Rita Streich (soprano, from Vienna) --The Konyots (comedy dance team) --Rudy Cardenas (juggler) --Paul Sydell and Spotty (animal act) --Baby Opal (performing baby elephant)

  • October 20, 1957: Mickey Rooney, The Mills Brothers, Georgia Gibbs, Sammy Kaye Orchestra

    --Georgia Gibbs sings "Fun Lovin' Baby."
    --The Mills Brothers (vocal group) - "Knocked Out Nightingale."
    --Carol Lawrence (from Broadway's "West Side Story") - "It Might As Well Be Spring."
    --Hildegarde - "Around the World In 80 Days."
    --Sammy Kaye and his orchestra - "Moonlight Swim."

    Additional guests (scheduled):
    --Mickey Rooney (actor, doing a comedy routine)
    --Tippy and Cobina (trained monkey act)

  • August 3, 1958
    August 3, 1958
    Episode 45

    Scheduled guests:
    --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - do a sketch titled "The $64,000 Squeal," a quiz show parody with stool pigeons as contestants.
    --Dolores Gray (musical-comedy star) - "I Love Paris" and "It's All Right With Me."
    --Margaret Tynes (soprano) - "Summertime" and "It Ain't Necessarily So."
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian)
    --Reneaux (magician)
    --Dieter Tasso (wire-juggler)

  • August 10, 1958: US Navy Talent Show

    Scheduled: The 4th Annual U.S. Navy World Wide Talent Contest --Sam Levenson (comedian, appearing as guest host) Guests include --Rear Adm. Dan Gallery's steel drum band (from the San Juan, Puerto Rico Naval Base)

  • March 2, 1958
    March 2, 1958
    Episode 23

    Scheduled guests: --Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (actor) --The Everly Brothers (singers) - "This Little Girl of Mine" --Charles Manna (comedy singer) --Jean Carroll (comedian) --Georges Guetary (French singer) --Jay Nemeth (ventriloquist) --The Bonny Sisters (vocal trio)

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