The Ed Sullivan Show - Season 11

CBS (ended 1971)



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Episode Guide

  • September 14, 1958: Tommy Edwards, Mickey Rooney, Domenico Modugno, "West Side Story" Broadway cast

    --Tommy Edwards sings "It's All In the Game."
    --Domenico Modugno (Italian vocalist) sings "Volare," "The Coffee Song" and "Drunken Donkey."
    --Jaye P. Morgan and the Morgan Brothers - "Star Dust."
    --Jacquelyn McKeever (musical-comedy star of "Oh Captain!") sings "I Feel Pretty" (song from "West Side Story").
    --The Broadway company of "West Side Story," with Hank Brunjes (as Riff), perform "Cool" (sequence choreographed by Jerome Robbins).
    --Mickey Rooney and Joey Forman - appear together in a "Candid Camera" parody. (Following the routine, Mickey Rooney talks to Ed about his latest films "Andy Hardy Comes Home" and "The Last Mile.")
    --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) - does a monologue about his drinking, TV quiz show, TV Westerns, and sings his own version of "Volare."
    --Pinky and Perky (a puppet act from Prague) - three mice do a speed up version of "Volare," frog puppet with sax mimes to "Tequila," and two pig puppets sing a Spanish song.
    Also appearing:
    --The Marilicks (correct spelling?) - plate juggling & spinning act
    --Audience bows: Jerome Robbins (choreographer); Stewart Granger and I.S. Johar (actors, from the movie "Harry Black and the Tigers"); Col. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington (WWII hero, leader of the "Black Sheep Squadron").
    --On stage intro: Major Johnson (commander of Grenadier Band, The Scotguard Pipers)

  • September 21, 1958: CBS's Stars of the 1958-59 TV Season

    Scheduled guests:
    --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team)
    --Alan King (comedian)

    Also scheduled, the following stars of CBS's programs for the 1958-59 season:
    --Steve McQueen ("Wanted-Dead or Alive")
    --Jackie Gleason ("Jackie Gleason Show")
    --Art Carney (DuPont Show of the Month's "Harvey") Gleason and Carney appear together in a filmed sequence.
    --Raymond Burr ("Perry Mason")
    --Edward R. Murrow ("Person to Person" and "Small World")
    --Phil Silvers ("Phil Silvers Show")
    --Red Skelton ("Red Skelton Show")
    --Gale Storm ("Gale Storm Show")
    --Ronald Reagan ("GE Theater")
    --Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Elinor Donahue, Billy Gray and Lauren Chapin (from "Father Knows Best").
    --Arthur Godfrey (Arthur Godfrey Show," appearing on tape).
    --Dorothy Collins and Johnny Desmond ("Your Hit Parade").
    --Spring Byington ("December Bride," appearing on tape)
    --Richard Boone ("Have Gun Will Travel")
    --Warner Anderson ("The Lineup")
    --Robert Culp ("Trackdown")

  • September 28, 1958: Shecky Green, Wayne and Shuster, Bobby Van, Sacha Distel, Julie Wilson

    --Sacha Distel (fiancé of Brigitte Bardot) sings "Speak to Me of Love (Parlez-Moi D'Amour)."
    --Julie Wilson sings "It's Great To Be Alive" and "I Could Write A Book."
    --Shecky Greene (Las Vegas comedian) - routine about an ex-boxer who becomes a nightclub entertainer, sings "Autumn Leaves."
    --Wayne and Shuster (Canadian comedy team) - do a baseball parody sketch: The New York Yankees vs. The Liverpool Whitespats.
    --An Angelic theme production number featuring dancer Bobby Van and harpist Robert Maxwell.
    --Los Chavales with Trini Reyes (Flamenco-Spanish dancing).
    --Roberto Iglesias and his Ballet Español troupe perform a bullfighting-themed dance.
    --Harvest Moon Dancers - contest winners from different categories appear.
    Also appearing:
    --Cameos: New York Yankees Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford and Yogi Berra appear on stage with Ed.
    --Audience bows: actor Gregory Peck and his wife; baseball player Jim O'Toole (of the Cincinnati Redlegs); film director John Huston; Japanese film actor Eiko Ando; and casino owner Wilbur Clark ("Mr. Las Vegas").
    --On film: President Dwight D. Eisenhower appeals to Americans to contribute to the United Fund. Carrol M. Shanks, national chairman for The United Community Campaigns Of America, also appears.

  • October 5, 1958
    October 5, 1958
    Episode 4

    --Frankie Laine sings a medley of his hits: "High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)," "Cry Of The Wild Goose," "That's My Desire," "Mule Train," "I Believe" and "Jezebel."
    --Patachou (French singer) - "A Wonderful Guy."
    --Tina Robin sings "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands."
    --Danny Thomas (comedian)
    Baseball guests:
    --Members of the Milwaukee Braves: left-handed pitcher Warren Spahn, right-handed starting pitcher Lew Burdette, third baseman Eddie Matthews, catcher Del Crandall, second baseman Red Schoendienst, center fielder Bill Bruton and right fielder Henry Aaron.
    --Joe Garagiola (sportscaster and former St. Louis Cardinals catcher).
    --Audience bows: Blanche Sindall McGraw (widow of New York Giants manager John McGraw), and Bob Feller (Cleveland Indians pitcher).
    Also appearing:
    --Little Buck (tap dancer)
    --Bambi Linn and Rod Alexander (dance team)
    --George Prentice's Puppets
    --Audience bows: Helen Hayes (stage actress); Robert W. Dowling (producer & Theatre Owner), Robert Dowling (producer and theatre owner).

  • October 12, 1958
    October 12, 1958
    Episode 5

    Scheduled guests: --Carol Channing (musical comedy star) --Genevieve (French singer) --Line Renaud (French singer) --The Talbot Brothers (vocal-insturmental trio from Bermuda) --George and Lydia (novelty ladder act from London, England)

  • October 19, 1958: Tony Martin, Roger Williams, Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane, Benny Fields & Blossom Seeley

    --Tony Martin sings "Gigi" & "Fire Down Below."
    --Benny Fields, Blossom Seeley and Tony Martin - "My Blushin' Rosie."
    --Abbe Lane and Xavier Cugat and his band with Abbe Lane - "Ain't Misbehavin'" & "Rockin' The Mambo."
    --Xavier Cugat and his band - "Dengoza."
    --Roger Williams (pianist) - "Tico Tico" and "Near to You."
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian) does stand-up routine & sings "When You're Smiling."
    --Ben Bennett and Dick Patterson (comedy team) - do a story-time sketch.
    Also appearing:
    --Marvin Roy (magician known as "Mr. Electric") - pulls a string of light bulbs out of his mouth.
    --Leonard & Leonard (tap dancing duo)
    --Dolores Vargas and Jose Castellon Batista (Spanish dance team, with guitar accompaniment).
    --On stage bows: 1958 College Football Hall of Fame inductees Harry Stuhldreher, Harry Kipke, and Marshall (Biggie) Goldberg.
    --Audience bows: Miss By-Line (selected by the Newspaper Reporters Association of NYC).
    --Audience bows: Mercury dealers (followed by Ed promoting the 1958 Mercury).
    --On film: A scene from the Trevor Howard movie "Roots Of Heaven" (elephant scene).

  • October 26, 1958: Esther Williams (guest host), Johnny Mathis, Janet Blair

    --Esther Williams (guest host)
    --Lisa Kirk - "Anything Goes"
    --Bob Hammond's Birds
    --Johnny Mathis - "The Lady Is A Tramp" & "Call Me"
    --The Martin Brothers (South American juggling act) - Esther Williams assists the jugglers.
    --Imogene Coca (comedian) - performs a scene from "The Girls In 509" (where spinsters hold a man captive).
    --Janet Blair - "Last Night When We Were Young"
    --Shecky Greene (comedian) - topics include Chinese restaurants; night clubs, etc. Greene plays "Taps" with Ray Block.
    --On film: Esther Williams swimming production number with a team of swimming ladies (reminiscent of Williams' MGM movies) Filmed the previous day at Queens College. --Lisa Kirk - "Far Away Places" & "Riviera"
    --Audience bow: Jacques Tati (French comedian-film maker)
    --Terry Hall & "Lenny the Lion" (British ventriloquist act)
    --Johnny Mathis - "Sweet Lorraine" (cover of a Nat King Cole song)

  • November 2, 1958: Itzhak Perlman, Carol Lawrence & Larry Kert, Sam Levenson

    Guests include:
    --Carol Lawrence (as Maria) and Larry Kert (as Tony) sing "Tonight" (the balcony scene from Broadway's "West Side Story").
    --The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing "Hallelujah Chorus" (from Handel's "Messiah")
    --Sam Levenson (stand-up comedian) - jokes about this days as a teacher
    --Audience bows: Two men who spent six days trapped in a mine in Nova Scotia. Plus, the doctor who took care of the two men.
    --Audience bow: Nathaniel Rothenberg

    Guests from Israel:
    --Itzhak Perlman (violinist, then a 13-year old child prodigy) - plays "Polonaise Brilliante"
    --Yona Cohen (Israeli singer) sings an Israeli folk song while Miriam Paskalsky dances.
    --Albert Almazeno (spelling?) - does a shadow puppet act.
    --Suzanna Reuben (or Ruben) (singer known as "The Israeli Ethel Merman") - sings Hebrew versions of "Getting To Know You" and other Broadway tunes.
    --Karmon Israel Dance Company - male dancers perform a folk dance.
    -- Bat-Ya Ostrovsky (Israeli singer)
    --Aiden and Bakovisky (spelling?) - Israeli piano team perform a piano duet.
    --Unknown Israeli folk duo (man playing guitar, with woman) - song title? "Anna"
    --Karmon Israel Dance Company - male & female dancers perform a folk dance
    --Niko Feldman (Israeli singer) sings "Mama" in Italian.

  • November 9, 1958: The Friar's Club Roasts Ed Sullivan

    "The Friar's Club" roasts Ed Sullivan
    --Joe E. Lewis - roasts Ed
    --Jack Carter (host / master of ceremonies, appears throughout the show)
    --Walter Cronkite (newsman) - tries to give Ed's history but is interrupted by Morey Amsterdam and Jack Carter.
    --F. M. Flynn (Ed's publisher at N.Y. Daily News)
    --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team, make jokes about their exclusive contract with Sullivan)
    --cameo: Sylvia Sullivan (Ed's wife, waves)
    --Joey Bishop (comedian) - gives a short speech
    --Rocky Graziano (prizefighter, is heckled by comedians)
    --Abbe Lane (wife of Xavier Cugat) - presents Ed with a painting of Steve Allen
    --Jacob Javits (New York Republican Senator) - politician making a serious speech
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian, roasting Ed)
    --Phil Silvers - gives speech & presents Ed with a Golden Friar Award.

  • November 16, 1958: William Shatner & France Nuyen, Lou Costello, Dody Goodman & Arnold Stang

    --William Shatner and France Nuyen perform scenes from their Broadway musical "The World of Suzie Wong." This 10-minute sequence includes a performance of the song "How Can You Forget?"
    --Lou Costello (comedian, formerly of Abbott and Costello) - does a comedy sketch in which he enters a radio program contest.
    --Dody Goodman and Arnold Stang join Ed in a comedy sketch about TV ratings.
    --Roberta Peters (soprano) - sings "Swedish Nightingale."
    --Wayne and Shuster (comedians) - do a sketch titled "A Hatful of Wayne," a parody of "The Man with the Golden Arm" about television addiction. --Cameo: Ed introduces soldiers who performed a heroic rescue in the Arctic.
    --Baby Opal (trained elephant act).

  • November 23, 1958: Kathryn Grayson, Herb Shriner, The Four Coins, Pat Stanley & Russell Nype

    --Beryozka Dance Company (Russian folk dancers in peasant costumes)
    --The Four Coins (vocal group) - "World Outside"
    --Pat Stanley & Russell Nype - "All for Love for a Lady Like Me" (song from Leroy Anderson's Broadway musical "Goldilocks") Staged by Agnes De Mille.
    --Teddy Randazzo (teen idol playing the accordion) - "Lumana"
    --Marco (sword-balancing act) - from a ladder balances tray of glasses on a sword
    --Herb Shriner (stand-up comedian)
    --Kathryn Grayson (Hollywood actress) - sings "Sempre Libre"
    --Beryozka Dance Company
    --Shelley Berman (stand-up comedian) - jokes about airline safety
    --Audience bow: Leonard Bernstein --The Impero Brothers (acrobatic trio, brothers)

  • November 30, 1958
    November 30, 1958
    Episode 12

    Scheduled guests: --Teresa Brewer (singer) --Jean Carroll (comedian) --Hal March (comedian) --Monique Van Vooren (singer) - "Thank Heaven" --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist ) --The Keigo Imperial Japanese Dancers --Eddie Seifert and Company (balancing act)

  • December 7, 1958: Show Filmed in Alaska

    Show filmed in Alaska (when Ed was in Alaska a few weeks earlier):
    --Dody Goodman (comedian)
    --Jill Corey (singer) - "Sitting on Top of the World"
    --Dick "Lord" Buckley (nightclub comedian) - "Shooting Dan McGrew"
    --Little Buck (dancer)
     --George Bruno (aerialist)
    --Piet Von Brechts (comedy contortionist)
    --Jinx the monkey

    Alaskan features / performers:
    --Ceremonial dances
    --A "blanket-toss" by Eskimos of the town of Kotzebue
    --The Anchorage Community Chorus - sings "Alaska's Flag"
    --A salute to the U.S. Alaska command

  • December 14, 1958
    December 14, 1958
    Episode 14

    Scheduled guests: --Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II (appear to promote their new musical "Flower Drum Song"). --The entire cast of "Flower Drum Song" perform scenes from the play. --Xavier Cugat and his orchestra with Abbe Lane --Mario Del Monaco (Metropolitan Opera tenor) --John Gilpin (dancer from the Anton ballet company) --Holger and Dolores (dance team from Europe)

  • December 21, 1958
    December 21, 1958
    Episode 15

    Scheduled guests: --Jose Ferrer and Lois Smith - in scenes from their Broadway play "Edwin Booth" --Rise Stevens (operatic soprano) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --David Seville (singer) --Dick Button (champion ice skater) - performs on the Rockefeller Plaza Ice Rink --Bob Considine (journalist) --Betty Johnson (singer) --Luis Mariano (singer) --Vic Julian and his French Poodles

  • December 28, 1958
    December 28, 1958
    Episode 16

    Guests (first half of show): --Maurice Gosfield (Private Doberman) and Joe E. Ross (Sgt. Ridzik) from "The Phil Silvers Show" (a.k.a. "You'll Never Get Rich" & "Sergeant Bilko") --Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward (actors) - in New York for the opening of their movie "Rally Round the Flag Boys!" (Joan Collins and director Leo McCarey were also scheduled to appear.) --Ed appears with Alan Ameche (football player of the Baltimore Colts) --Rickie Layne and Velvel (ventriloquist act) --The Great Norberti (novelty act) - Comic Acrobat --Jane Morgan (singer) - "Fascination" & "The Day The Rain Comes Down" --Marvin Roy (magician known as "Mr. Electric" with his light bulbs)

    Scheduled guests (second half of show): --Della Reese (singer) --Sam Levenson (humorist) --Dario Cassini (singer) --Harry Mimmo (comic pantomimist) --Tom Garey (novelty act)

  • January 4, 1959: Imogene Coca, Shelley Berman, Trude Adams, Phil Ford & Mimi Hines

    --Imogene Coca plays an opera singer in a comedy routine
    --Ivry Gitlis (Israeli violinist)
    --Trude Adams (singer) - "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" & 1 other song.
    --Shelley Berman (stand-up comedian)
    --Phil Ford and Mimi Hines (night club entertainers)
    --Ray MacDonald (tap dancer) - dances to "Blue Skies"
    --Athlete Rafer Johnson (athlete) receives the 1958 "Sportsman of the Year" award from Sid James (managing editor of Sports Illustrated).
    --Dickie Henderson (comedian from England)
    --Pinky and Perky (British puppet act) - puppets sing "Fever" and "Chantilly Lace"

  • January 11, 1959: Fidel Castro (on film), Jason Robards, George Grizzard, Alan King

    --On film: Fidel Castro - 25 second clip at beginning of show. Later in show, a 6-minute film is shown: Ed introduces Castro, calls Castro and his soldiers "Revolutionary Youngsters." Film includes appearance by Che Guevara. Ed wishes Castro luck in his revolution.

    Guests (appearing live):
    --Jason Robards & George Grizzard - perform scene from the Broadway play "The Disenchanted."
    --Alan King (comedian, talks about house party directions)
    --Little Gaelic Singers (from Ireland) - "The Faughan Side"
    --Professor Backwards (comedian, talks about Texas, psychiatrists.)
    --Victor Julian (animal act) - man with two poodles. After the commercial break the dogs appear in clothing for a "Poodle Fashion Show"
    --Helen Halpin - does impressions of Della Reese, Sarah Vaughan, Judy Garland.
    --Francis Brunn (juggler) (listed on transcript as Francis Burn)
    --The Gutis (acrobatic-comedy act) - 4-man act (2 of them are wearing ape costumes)
    --Tina Louise (cameo, appears with Ed at end of show)

  • January 18, 1959: Edith Piaf, Celeste Holm, Betty Comden & Adolph Green, Pat Suzuki

    --Celeste Holm (actress) - scene from the Broadway comedy "Third Best Sport" (comical scene with salesman & customer).
    --Edith Piaf (French singer) - "Carousel" and "Gypsy and the Lady."
    --Pat Suzuki (musical-comedy star) - "I Enjoy Being A Girl" (from "Flower Drum Song")
    --Antonietta Stella (operatic soprano) - "Un Beldi" (from "Madame Butterfly")
    --Betty Comden & Adolph Green - medley of show tunes: "Just In Time" and "The Party's Over" (from 'Bells Are Ringing'), "It's Love" (from
    'Wonderful Town'), "New York" and "The Inspiration."
    --Betty Comden & Adolph Green - "Captain Hook Waltz" (from 'Peter Pan') and "The French Lesson" (from 'Good News').
    Also Appearing:
    --Alan Drake (stand-up comedian) - monologue about marriage, kids, friendship, relatives, corruption, childhood, and sings "Sunny Side Of The Street."
    --Murray Hill & Chatter (monkey act with trainer)
    --Audience bows: Marie Torres; Nancy Rideout (with film clip of Rideout water skiing).

  • January 25, 1959
    January 25, 1959
    Episode 20

    Scheduled guests:
    --Eartha Kitt (actress-singer, star of the movie "Anna Lucasta") - "Shalom Aleichem."
    --Georgia Gibbs (singer) - "The Birth of the Blues."
    --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) solve the "Hoola-Hoop Murder Case."
    --Arnold Stang (comedian)
    --Bob Lewis (comedian)
    --Noelle Adam - dances to "Let Yourself Go" and "Easy to Love."
    --Arthur Worsley (British ventriloquist)

  • February 8, 1959: Johnny Cash, Frankie Laine, Richard Boone, Miyoshi Umeki

    --Johnny Cash - "Don't Take Your Guns to Town"
    --Miyoshi Umeki (star of Broadway's "Flower Drum Song") - "Hundred Million Miracles" and "In My Own Little Corner"
    --Frankie Laine - "You Can Depend On Me," "Then I Should Fall In Love," "Last Night," "That Old Feeling" and "The Rose"
    --Frankie Laine - "The Gettysburg Address" (Civil War pictures shown)
    --Jan Murray - sings "Love Is A Treasure Hunt," then banters with Frankie Laine & sings "Jamaica" (Lena Horne song).
    --Richard Boone and Nancy Kelly (actors) - perform scenes from the Broadway play "The Rivalry"
    --The Jamaica Dancers (Broadway dancers) - perform "Jamaica"
    --Trude Adams - "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" & "Josuha"
    --Wally Griffin (comedy routine)

  • February 15, 1959
    February 15, 1959
    Episode 22

    Scheduled guests:
    --Itzhak Perlman (18-year-old violinist from Israel)
    --Dody Goodman (comedian)
    --Jack Carter (comedian)
    --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team)
    --Jane Morgan (singer)
    --Luise Rainer (actress)
    --Flaviano Labo (Metropolitan opera tenor)
    --Hubert Castle (wire-walker)
    --Latonia, Graham and Chadel (novelty act from Europe)

  • February 22, 1959
    February 22, 1959
    Episode 23

    Scheduled guests: --Dennis Weaver (actor, played Chester on "Gunsmoke") --Roger Williams (pianist) --Roberta Peters (opera singer) --Arnold Stang (comic actor) --Teddy Randazzo (singer) --Pat Henning (comedian) --Little Buck (dancer) --Jackie Cannon (comedian) --The Ballet Florence and Frederic de Paris --The Happy Jesters (comedians) --Ugo Frediani (novelty act from Europe)

  • March 1, 1959
    March 1, 1959
    Episode 24

    The Platters - "Sound & The Fury" and "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."

    Additional guests (scheduled):
    --Abbe Lane with Xavier Cugat and his orchestra
    --Carol Lawrence
    --Pat Suzuki (musical-comedy star)
    --Shelley Berman (comedian)
    --Ford and Hines (comedy team)

  • March 8, 1959: Fred MacMurray, Jane Russell, David Seville, Samuel Goldwyn (on film)

    --Chris Barber's Jazz Band - "Petit Fleur" (played while Ed announces guests) and "Diga, Diga Do"
    --Schaller Brothers (comedy trampoline act)
    --Joe Howard (vaudevillian) and his son Joe Howard Jr. - medley of Vaudeville songs
    --Fred MacMurray (actor) - appears on stage with dog from "The Shaggy Dog." Plus, a clip from the movie.
    --Dewey "Pigmeat" Markham and Shorty (comedy team)
    --On film: Samuel Goldwyn and Ed Sullivan present awards to Rajaram Vankudre (Indian filmmaker); Buddy Adler; Maurice Chevalier and David Niven.
    --Jane Russell and her brother Kevin - sing a Gospel medley.
    --The Martin Brothers (acrobats with flaming clubs)
    --Jan Murray (comedian)
    --David Seville and the Chipmunks (Chipmunks played by puppets) - probably "Alvin's Harmonica"
    --Shecky Greene (comedian)
    --Audience bows include Claire Ruth (wife of Babe Ruth); Edith Head and Van Heflin.

  • March 15, 1959: St. Patrick's Day Show w/Edward Mulhare, Myron Cohen, Paul O'Keefe, Pat Rooney Sr.

    Live segments:
    --Myron Cohen (storytelling comedian) - tells a few Irish tales.
    --George M. Cohan, Jr. (song-and-dance man) sings "Mary."
    --Edward Mulhare (Irish actor) sings "I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face" & "Let A Woman In Your Life."
    --Edward Mulhare and Pamela Charles (actors, from Broadway's "My Fair Lady") are interviewed by Ed.
    --Pat Rooney Sr. (vaudevillian) - performs an Irish clog dance.
    --Paul O'Keefe (seven-year-old actor, from Broadway's "The Music Man") sings "Dear Old Donegal."
    --The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Glee Club - perform a medley of Irish songs.
    --Liam Devally - "The Gentle Maiden" (traditional Irish folk ballad).

    Segments filmed in Ireland:
    --Robert Briscoe (former Lord Mayor of Dublin) takes viewers on a tour of Dublin.
    --Ed talks with Irish Prime Minister Eamon De Valera.
    --Joe Lynch - "Cockles and Mussels."
    --Maureen Potter (Irish comedian) - stand-up comic baby routine.
    --Deirdre O'Callaghan, Therese Hayes and Peggy Mullaney (harp trio) - "Castle of Dromore"
    --Ed kisses the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle
    --The Harmonichords (trio of young harmonica players) - "Danny Boy."
    --The Lily Comerford Irish Steppers - do traditional Irish jigs.
    --Cor Cois Laoi Cork Choir (75 singers, a.k.a. The Corkish Glee Club) - "Bells of Shandon."
    --Plus, scenes from the new James Cagney movie "Shake Hands with the Devil," which was filmed in Ireland.

  • March 22, 1959: Show Filmed in Portugal

    Guests (show filmed in Portugal):
    --Maurice Chevalier - "This Is My Lucky Day" & "Quai de Bercy"
    --The Ames Brothers (vocal group) - "Petticoats of Portugal"
    --Jacquelyn McKeever (singer) - "April in Portugal"
    --Richard Hearne (British comedian "Mr. Pastry")
    --La Chunga (Flamenco dancer from Spain)
    --John Gilpin and Marilyn Burr (British ballet dancers)
    CBS repeated this show on July 23, 1961.

  • March 29, 1959: Connie Francis, Shelley Winters, Richard Boone, Jaye P. Morgan
    --Connie Francis sings "If I Didn't Care" and "Come Rain or Come Shine."
    --Jaye P. Morgan sings "Lucky Star" and joins her brothers for Bye, Bye Blackbird."
    --Mischa Elman (violinist, accompanied by Joseph Welch) plays "Love Song."
    --The Bizzaro Brothers (novelty musicians) play "Easter Parade" and "Rock Around the Clock."
    --Richard Boone (actor, from the TV series "Have Gun - Will Travel") appears with Julia Meade in a barroom brawl sketch.
    --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - an atomic submarine expert is interviewed.
    Also appearing:
    --Shelley Winters (actress) talks about her new movie "The Diary of Anne Frank" and reads an excerpt from Anne Frank's writings.
    --Jack Benny, in a cameo appearance, talks with Ed.
    --Luise Rainer (actress) - recites a passage from 1 Corinthians 13 on "Faith, Hope and Charity."
    --Carol Heiss (world champion figure ice skater) - performs from Rockefeller Center Plaza's ice rink.
    --Audience bows: Kathryn Crosby (wife of Bing) and Jimmy John (of horse racing fame).
    Filmed segment:
    --On film: A visit to the "Anatomy of a Murder" movie set on the first day of shooting. Includes footage of stars James Stewart, Lee Remick, Eve Arden, and George C. Scott. (Also appearing? attorney Joseph N. Welch)
  • April 5, 1959: The Fleetwoods, Billy Williams Quartet, Jean Carroll, Myron Cohen

    --The Billy Williams Quartet - "Goodnight Irene"
    --Helene and Howard (comic dancers)
    --Jean Carroll (comedian) - domestic life humor.
    --Domenico Modugno (Italian crooner) - "Piove"
    --Flying DePauls (female acrobats)
    --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian)
    --Wayne and Shuster (comedians) - "Mark of Zero" sketch
    --Life Magazine film on "Zero Gravity"
    --The Fleetwoods - "Come Softly to Me"
    --Paul Levee (introduced as "the man who discovered Brigitte Bardot"

  • April 12, 1959: Brook Benton, Johnnie Ray, Gertrude Berg, Teresa Brewer, Sir Cedric Hardwicke

    --Brook Benton - "It's Just A Matter Of Time."
    --Johnnie Ray - "All Right, OK, You Win" and "Here & Now."
    --Teresa Brewer - "Daughter Of Rosie O'Grady" & "Heavenly Lover."
    --Patachou (Singer from France) - "Les Innocents."
    --Jinny Teal (5-year old girl piano prodigy) - plays "The Bridge over the River Kwai" theme on piano.

    --Gertrude Berg, Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Michael Tolan - perform the ship deck scene from their Broadway comedy "A Majority of One."

    --Smith & Dale (comedy duo) - tax consultant routine.
    --Shelly Berman (stand-up comedy) - tells jokes about Gertrude Stein & plays a man with hangover making a phone call (routine about what happened the night before).
    --Phil Foster (stand-up comedian doing a monologue about dogs).

    Also appearing:
    --Don McNeil (of Chicago's WBBM-TV "Breakfast Club") - introduces Jinny Teal.
    --On-stage bows (at beginning of show): Moose Skowron (N. Y. Yankee) & Rod Steiger

  • April 19, 1959
    April 19, 1959
    Episode 31

    Scheduled guests:
    --Tallulah Bankhead
    --Della Reese (singer)
    --Jack Carter (comedian)
    --Betty Comden and Adolph Green (musical-comedy team)
    --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist)
    --Toni Arden (singer)
    --Martha Ann Bentley (dancer)
    --Maggie Sarragne (singer)
    --Augie and Margo (dance team)
    --The Shellys (listed as a "variety act")

  • April 26, 1959: Johnny Mathis, Rod Steiger, Henny Youngman

    Guests include:
    --Johnny Mathis - "Lover," "Someone" & "From This Moment"
    --Rod Steiger - performs a scene from "Roshomon" (Samurai sword fight)
    --On film: Clip from "Al Capone" starring Rod Steiger
    --Henny Youngman (stand-up comedian with violin)
    --Dody Goodman (comedian doing a routine about the differences between men and women)
    --Jan Clayton - "If I'd Loved You"
    --Jan Peerce - The Teamsters
    --Darvas & Julia (ballroom dancers)
    --The Dukes Of Dixieland - "76 Trombones" (Dixieland band)

  • May 3, 1959: Maurice Chevalier Tribute

    Maurice Chevalier Tribute:
    Gogi Grant sings "Loiue"
    Phil Ford and Mimi Hines sing "Mimi"
    Wayne and Shuster sing "Valentina"
    Billy Daniels sings "Gigi"
    Gogi Grant, Phil Ford, Mimi Hines and Wayne and Shuster sing "Thank Heaven for Maurice"
    Maurice Chevalier appears at the beginning and end of this segment.

    Also on this show:
    --Professor Backwards (comedian) - tells jokes about his family, the South, policemen, etc.
    --Gogi Grant sings a medley that includes "That Man of Mine"
    --Billy Daniels sings "Summertime"
    --Ginny Tui (5-year-old pianist) - plays "Sweet Georgia Brown" on piano.
    --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - do a comedy sketch titled "Bell, Bag and Canvas" about a prize fighter.
    --Les Mathurins (European novelty act) - two sailors tumble over a table.
    --Tommy Farr - fought Joe Lewis 20 years ago.
    --Audience bow: Patti McCormick (young star of the movie "The Bad Seed").

  • May 10, 1959: Louis Prima and Keely Smith; Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy; Andy Griffith

    Louis Prima, Keely Smith and Sam Butera segment:
    --Louis Prima sings "When You're Smiling."
    --Prima, Keely Smith & Sam Butera - "Oh Marie" medley.
    --Sam Butera - sings "Old Man River" (with combo).
    --Keely Smith sings "Oo Lee Oo."
    --Louis Prima & Keely Smith sing "I've Got You Under My Skin" (do vocal trade-offs).

    Additional guests:
    --Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy and George Matthews - perform a scene from the Sean O'Casey play "A Pound On Demand."
    --From the Broadway cast of "Destry Rides Again": Dolores Gray, Andy Griffith, Scott Brady sing a "Gyp Watson" number. Dolores Gray sings "I Say Hello."
    --Charles Davis sings "Hawaiian Wedding Song."
    --Arnold Stang (comedian) - routine: trip to the dentist with Ed as his straight man.
    --Claudia Cravey (10-year-old ballet dancer) and Vincente Nebrado perform a Pas De Deux in a scene from an original ballet.

  • May 17, 1959: Louis Prima & Keely Smith, Shelly Berman, Jack Carter, Al Hibbler

    Louis Prima, Keely Smith and Sam Butera segment:
    --Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Sam Butera & The Witnesses - "When You're Smiling," "Just A Gigolo"/"I Ain't Got Nobody" and "Waitin' for the Robert E. Lee."
    --Sam Butera - "Fever."
    --Keely Smith - "Nighty Night Little One."
    --Keely Smith and Louis Prima - "That Old Black Magic" (with Sam Butera & The Witnesses).

    Also appearing:
    --Frank Libuse (piano-playing comedian)
    --Jack Carter (comedian)
    --Shelly Berman (comedian)
    --Al Hibbler sings "He is Always There."
    --West Point Glee Club (95 man chorus) sing a Civil War medley ("When Johnny Comes Marching Home," "Battle Cry Of Freedom," "The Old Camp Ground" and "Dixie").

  • May 24, 1959: Fabian, Ed Wynn, Carol Lawrence, Myron Cohen, Conrad Buckner

    --Fabian - "Turn Me Loose" & "Tiger."
    --Carol Lawrence (actress, from Broadway's "West Side Story) - "10 Cents A Dance."
    --Ed Wynn & Carol Lawrence - "Tea For Two."
    --Billy Storm sings "I've Come Of Age."
    --Kyle McDonnell sings "The Best Thing For You."
    --Ed Wynn - talks with Ed.
    --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian)
    --The Goofers (comedy instrumental group) - "Mutual Admiration Society" (Drummer wears goofy mask, musician swinging upside down).
    --Owen McGivney, Jr. (impressionist and quick change artist) - plays 5 characters with costume change.
    --Bobo Barnett (Clown & animal circus act) - Big clown gets out of tiny car.
    --Baron Buika (Hungarian violinist) - plays 2 violins in a comedy segment.
    Also appearing:
    --Conrad Buckner (tap dancer known as "Little Buck").
    --Rhonda Fleming - short interview With Ed.

  • May 31, 1959: Edith Piaf, Bobby Darin, Wayne & Shuster, Trude Adams

    --Bobby Darin - "Mack the Knife" & "Dream Lover."
    --Edith Piaf - "Milord"/"M'Lord" and "Come On Let's Hear It."
    --Peter Fit (magician) - floating cane trick & trick with bottles.
    --Trude Adams sings "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing."
    --Jackie Kannon & Jerri Bergen (comedy team) - play piano, sing parodies.
    --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - in a parody of crime TV shows, they attempt to improve the image of a crime syndicate.
    --Ed appears with Rhesus Monkey from space program (at beginning of show).
    --Rex Ramer (comedian) - "Cocktails for For Two" (Spike Jones impression).
    --Pompoff and Thedy Family (Vaudeville performers doing a comedy-magic act).
    --Lord Buckley, Ed Sullivan, Wayne & Shuster, and Trude Adams appear together in a pantomime act.
    Audience bows: Judge John, Carol Ralphs.

  • June 7, 1959: James Cagney tribute, Johnny Horton, Al Martino, Jack Carter

    James Cagney segment (A salute to the actor on the 30th Anniversary in show business):
    --A montage of Cagney's movie clips: "Public Enemy," "Angels With Dirty Faces," "Oklahoma Kid," "The Fighting 69th," "Yankee Doodle Dandy" & "Mr. Roberts"
    --James Cagney talks about his career (in a live remote, possibly from California)
    --Film clip: "Shake Hands with the Devil"

    Additional guests:
    --Johnny Horton sings "The Battle of New Orleans."
    --Al Martino sings "I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart."
    --The Barry Sisters sing "Man Man" & "Come Prima."
    --Maria Neglia (comedy violinist) - plays "Hot Canary."
    --Dewey Pigmeat Markham and Shorty (comedy team) - the judge and Shorty argue mathematics.
    --Jack Carter (stand-up comedy) - "Frontier Junkman" sketch with Ed playing "Dirty Eddy." They sing a few bars of "Bye Bye Love."
    --Chiquita & Pedro (dog act with 2 dogs dancing in Mexican clothing).
    --Ben Bennett and Dick Patterson (comedians) - do their impressions of "The Year In Television."
    --Audience bows: Lt. Peter Dalkin & Eddie Regan (West Point Rhodes Scholars); Art Wahl .
    --On stage bows: Johnny Horton (prior to singing "Battle of New Orleans") & Betsy Rawles.

  • June 14, 1959: Brook Benton, Connie Francis, Henny Youngman, Wayne & Shuster
    --Brook Benton sings "Endlessly."
    --Connie Francis sings "Lipstick on Your Collar" & "My Mammy."
    --Robert Merrill (opera singer) - "Vesta La Giuba."
    --Henny Youngman (comedian) - does a professor routine.
    --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - do a "Professor In The Jungle" routine that spoofs scientists.
    --Jackie Miles (comedian) - does a "going to the movies" routine with Sullivan
    Also appearing:
    --Augie & Margo (dance team) - dance the Mambo.
    --Marvin Roy (magician known as "Mr. Electric") - uses scarves & light bulbs, a string of lights come out of his mouth
    --In a remote from Liberty Island: A fireworks display is presented in a tribute to Henry Hudson, on the 350th anniversary of the Hudson River.
    Audience bows: Jule Styne (Broadway composer); Paul Ford (film and TV actor); Joel Montgomery (12-year-old spelling bee champion).moreless
  • June 21, 1959
    June 21, 1959
    Episode 40

    --Jack Benny cameo: After Ed claims to have found a one-dollar bill in the lobby, Benny comes on stage to claim it.
    --On tape: John Wayne & Constance Towers wish Ed a happy 11th Anniversary on television. (Wayne and Towers were co-stars in the film "Horse Soldiers.")
    --Georgia Gibbs sings "Once Upon a Nickel"
    --Fabian sings "Tiger" and "Mighty Cold"
    --Kirby Stone Four (instrumental & vocal quartet) perform "It's A Really Big Show (Shoe)" with Ed Sullivan.
    --Wayne And Shuster (comedy team) - do a Julius Ceaser sketch titled "Rinse The Blood Off My Toga."
    --Shelly Berman (stand-up comedian) - topics: child psychology & flying
    --Will Jordan (comedian-impressionist) - does a Sullivan impersonation and sings "Bye Bye Love"
    --The Shirleys (novelty balloon sculpting group) - act includes group throwing balloons into the audience.
    Audience bows (at beginning of show): Billy Casper (US Open Golf champion); Sylvia Fine (wife of Danny Kaye); and three heroes of French Resistance movement.

  • June 28, 1959: Duke Ellington, Lloyd Price, Frankie Avalon, Jean Carroll, Tina Robin

    --Lloyd Price and his orchestra - "Personality."
    --Duke Ellington - "Anatomy of a Murder" (on piano) & "Flirty Bird."
    --Frankie Avalon - "A Boy without a Girl" & "That's Jazz."
    --The Armstrong Band (without Louis) - plays an unidentified song.
    --Tina Robin sings "Splish Splash" and "Hound Dog."
    --Little, Dane and Mason (vocal comedy trio of Chuck Liotta, Vince Callaci, and Herb Magidson) sing "That's A Plenty" and "Fugue for Tinhorns."
    --Jean Carroll (comedienne) - stand-up topics: teenage dating, modern times.
    --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist with his dummies Velvel & Irving) - do a beatnik routine with a puppet harassing Ed.
    Also appearing:
    --Ingemar Johansson (boxer from Sweden) - new Heavyweight Boxing Champ demonstrates his knockout punch.
    --The Modern Jazz Dancers (troupe from Italy).
    --Eric Brenn (plate spinner)
    --Audience bow: Fred Astaire.

  • July 5, 1959
    July 5, 1959
    Episode 42

    --The Ames Brothers (vocal group) sing a medley of Spirituals ("Dem Bones" and "Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen"); do impressions of other singers in a medley; and sing "Moonglow."
    --Patachou (French singer) - "Time After Time"
    --Phil Ford and Mimi Hines sing "If This Is Love"
    --Ivry Gitlis (Israeli violinist) - "Paganini Violin Concerto" (with France Rupp on piano).
    --Alan King (comedian) - talks about visiting England and his wife wanting to buy a house.
    --Helen Halpin (vocal impressionist) - does impressions of singers Della Reese, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Shore and Judy Garland.
    --Pinky and Perky (puppet act)

  • July 12, 1959
    July 12, 1959
    Episode 43

    --Carol Channing sings "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend" (Carol gives a phony diamond to Ed, then she throws phony diamonds out to audience members).
    --Georgia Gibbs - "Arrivaderci Roma" and "Rock-A-Bye-Baby."
    --Dukes of Dixieland (jazz group) - perform two songs.
    --Wayne & Shuster (comedians) - Inspector Johnny Chan solves "The Hula Hoop Murder Case."
    --Bob Lewis (comedian, doing magic and comedy tricks)
    Also appearing:
    --The Three Wiles (dance trio)
    --Francis Brunn (juggler)
    --Noelle Adam (dancer from France) - does a dance number with many other dancers.

  • July 19, 1959: Spoleto Festival with Sir John Gielgud, Eileen Farrell, Jerome Robbins' Ballet USA

    Spoleto Festival (Gian Carlo Menotti's Festival of Two Worlds from Spoleto, Italy)

    Guests (filmed at various locations in Spoleto, Italy):
    --Gian Carlo Menotti is interviewed by Sullivan.
    --Sir John Gielgud (actor) reads selections from Shakespeare's "Age of Man" (filmed at Gian Carlo Menotti's palace).
    --Eileen Farrell (American soprano) sings "Pace, pace, mio Dio" (from Verdi's opera "La Forza del Destino," at the ancient amphitheater) and Verdi's "Requiem Mass" (at the Duomo Square).
    --Eileen Farrell and the Armstrong Band (without Louis) - "Sunny Side of the Street" (at the market place.)
    --Nora Kaye and Scott Douglas (ballet dancers) - "Romeo and Juliet," choreographed by Herbert Ross, performed at the Duomo Cathedral steps and square.
    --The Jerome Robbins' Ballet: U.S.A. - dance to "Passage for Two"
    --John Butler Dance Troupe - dance to "Five Senses" (at the Little Theater)
    --Ornelle Vavone (Italian singer) - "Strada n'foza" (at a restaurant)
    --Orchestra, conducted by American maestro Thomas Schippers, and singers perform selections from Donizetti's opera "The Duke of Alba" (at the opera house).
    --Ornella Vanone sings "Strada N'Fonza."
    --At the Little Theater, actors do scenes from "Night of the Iguana" by Tennessee Williams.
    --Walton's Puppets (Italian puppets) - a puppet show performed for local children (filmed at the Duomo Square).

  • July 26, 1959: Eartha Kitt, Roger Williams, Charlton Heston (on film), Pat Henning

    --Eartha Kitt sings "Little White Lies" & "What More Is There To Say."
    --Eartha Kitt (later in show) - "Uska Dara" (A Turkish Tale) and"Torah Dance (Ki M'Tzion)"(in Hebrew).
    --Roger Williams (pianist) - songs possibly "St. Louis Blues" and "The World is Waiting For the Sunrise."
    --The Happy Jesters (comedy-musical trio) - "Your Cheatin' Heart" and, later in show, "Heart Of My Heart."

    --Pat Henning (stand-up comedian) - rolls up a handkerchief to make it look like a dancer & does impressions of E. G. Robinson, Lionel Barrymore, Charles Laughton.
    --Phil Foster (stand-up comedy, topics: The Dodgers team & marriage)

    Also appearing:
    --Jamaica Dancers (dancers from Broadway play "Jamaica")
    --The St. Clairs (family of tap dancers) - appear twice in show. (The first number might be "How High the Moon.") Later in show, group tap dances to "Louise."
    --LaValle (magician)
    --On film: "Ben Hur" film clip with Charlton Heston riding chariot. On the movie set, Ed rides in a chariot with Heston.

  • August 2, 1959
    August 2, 1959
    Episode 46

    --The Platters - "Dance With Me, Henry," "Remember When" and "Darktown Strutter's Ball."
    --Roberta Peters (opera star) - "Laughing Song" (from the "Fledermaus")
    --Shelley Berman (comedian)
    --Jill Corey (singer) - "I Want to be Loved" and "Bye, Bye, Blackbird."
    --Helen Wood (dancer) - solo ballet
    --Judge Dewey Markham and Shorty (comedy team) - math routine
    --The Bizzaro Brothers (comedy trio)
    --Ugo Frediani (juggler from Italy)
    --The Alcettys (plate spinning & balancing act)

  • August 9, 1959
    August 9, 1959
    Episode 47

    --Jane Russell sings "Say It Isn't So" and "Fine and Dandy"
    --Jane Russell and her brother Kevin perform the song "Dearie"
    --Toni Arden (singer) - "Non Dimenticar"
    --Toni Arden and her brother Jan Arden - "Ain't She Sweet," "Yes Sir, That's My Baby" and "Pigalle"
    --Sid Kroft and his marionettes
    --Keefe Brasselle (actor) - plays a song and does impressions of Al Jolson, Jimmy Durante, Eddie Cantor
    --Shecky Greene (comedian) - comedy routine: jokes with Ed Sullivan (who appears on stage throughout most of routine). Shecky then impersonates a German coed.
    --Sabicas (flamenco guitar player)
    --Helene and Howard (dancers) - a dance routie with slapstick comedy.
    --The Martin Brothers (flame throwing juggling act) - the team perform their flaming club routine with the lights out.
    --Miss Mara (trapeze artist) - circus act
    --The Shaller Brothers (trampoline-juggling act)

  • August 16, 1959
    August 16, 1959
    Episode 48

    --Lionel Hampton (jazz musician) - "Ain't Got That Swing" and "Lady Be Good"
    --Teresa Brewer - "There'll Be Some Changes Made," "Melancholy Baby" & "When My Sugar Walks Down the Street"
    --Jan Murray (comedian)
    --Myron Cohen (comedian) - tells a story about small children.
    --Joe Howard and Joe Howard Jr. (father-and-song singing-comedy team) - sing "Hello," "There Nothing Like a Good Old Song," "Honeymoon," and "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now"
    --Jan Peerce (opera singer) - "Vesti La Glubba" & "You'll Never Walk Alone"
    --The Wagnon Sisters (singing group) - "Love Makes the World Go Round" and "Now Is the Hour"
    --Peter Gennaro (choreographer) and Wisa D'Orso dance to "I'll Come Back.
    --Tiebor Seals (trained seal act) - seals play horns

  • August 23, 1959: Luise Rainer, Alan King, Althea Gibson, Turk Murphy Band, Dolores Wilson

    Pre-recorded episode.

    --Althea Gibson (tennis champion), backed by Turk Murphy's band, sings "Jelly Roll Blues."
    --Turk Murphy and his New Orleans band - "Weary Blues."
    --The Smyth Brothers (Irish singing group) - "Pretty Little Galway Girl."
    --Dolores Wilson (Metropolitan opera soprano) - sings "Let My Song Fill Your Heart."

    --Alan King (comedian)
    --Johnny Haymer (comedian)
    --Ben Bennett and Dick Patterson (comedy team)

    Also appearing:
    --Luise Rainer (actress) - reads from "Doc Brackett" by Damon Runyon.
    --John Gilpin and Marilyn Burr (English dance team) - ballet performance.

  • August 30, 1959: US Army Talent Show

    The Annual Army Talent Show

    Civilian talent (scheduled guests):
    --Henny Youngman (comedian)
    --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist with dummy Velvel)
    --Modern Jazz Dancers (from Italy) - "Zabandara."

    Army talent (scheduled to appear):
    --Steve Lawrence (singer, serving in the Army at the time) - "Day In, Day Out."
    --Peter Duchin (pianist, son of orchestra leader Eddie Duchin) - "To Love Again" and "Summertime."
    --Alan Cohn (singer) - "Nessun Dorma."
    --Boyd Dounveor (tenor) - sings "Danny Boy."
    --The Fort Sheridan Chamber Quintet including Alan Marlowe of Encino (instrumental group) .
    --The Jamaicans (vocal group from Ft. Meade, Md) - "Jamaica Farewell."
    --Jack Larson (impressionist) - "Catch a Falling Star," "King Creole" and "Hound Dog."
    --Eugene Misirowski (dancer) - "Lover."
    --John Park (singer) - "Flamingo."
    --Darrell Porter (singer) - "Lonesome Road."
    --The Second Army Band and Chorus - "This Is It," "Caught in the Act" and "Army Goes Rolling Along."
    --The Troubadours (instrumental group) - "Drunken Soldier."

  • September 6, 1959: Broadcast from Madison Square Garden

    Broadcast from Madison Square Garden
    Guests include:
    --Bobby Darin - medley: "Swing Low Sweet Chariot," "Lonesome Road" and "When The Saints Go Marching In"
    --Frankie Laine - "Someday" & "Rocks and Gravel"
    --Teresa Brewer - "How Could Believe" and "Diamond"
    --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian: Irishman Vs Jewish man in an election, Rabbi and Priest in auto accident, etc.)
    --Will Jordan (impressionist) - does an impression of Ed Sullivan, Ed singing "Bye Bye Love"
    Plus, Ice Capades performers

  • September 13, 1959: Edith Piaf, Itzhak Perlman, Jack Carter, Arnold Stang, Jane Morgan

    --Edith Piaf (French Chanteuse) - "You Are My Carousel" (in French and English).
    --Jack Carter (comedian)
    --Itzhak Perlman (Israeli violinist) - plays Mendelson's violin Concerto & "Flight of the Bumble Bee"
    --Jane Morgan (singer) - "Wrap Your Troubles" and "Granada"
    --Flaviano Labo (opera tenor) - sings "Cielo E Mar."
    --Arnold Stang (comedian)
    --Harrison and Fisher (comedy dance team)
    --Ricky Layne (ventriloquist)
    --Latona, Graham and Chadel (acrobats)
    --Hubert Castle (tightrope performer)

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