The Ed Sullivan Show - Season 2

CBS (ended 1971)



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Episode Guide

  • September 10, 1950
    September 10, 1950
    Episode 52

    Season 2 is on the "Toast of the Town" episode guide.

  • April 9, 1950: Milton Berle, Henny Youngman, Robert Q. Lewis, Notre Dame tribute
    --Milton Berle (comedian, appearing as guest host)
    --Henny Youngman (comedian) - tells jokes while holding fiddle
    --Ken Murray (stand-up comedian) - tells story about two eccentric ladies.
    --Duke Dorrell (comic violinist) - plays violin in various positions.
    Music & Dance:
    --Robert Q. Lewis (television personality) - sings "Toot, Toot, Tootsie" and does a soft shoe routine.
    --Kathryn Lee (toe-ballet dancer)
    Notre Dame tribute:
    --Notre Dame University Glee Club (50-singer chorus) - do a tribute to Knute Rockne (joined by "conductor" Ken Murray and "singer" Milton Berle).
    --Audience bows: Mrs. Knute Rockne, widow of the late Notre Dame football coach, and their daughter Mary Jeanne Rockne.
    Also appearing:
    --Captain Shaw & Company (aka Capt. Shaw and his Wonder Monkey) - trained monkey wearing a dress.
    --Romaine and Babette (balancing act)
    --Audience bows: Toni Arden and Alan Reed
  • March 19, 1950
    March 19, 1950
    Episode 27
    Guests include:
    --Mimi Benzell sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and a song from 'Romeo Et Juliette.'
    --Frieda Wing ('Hillbilly' singer and dancer) - dances and taps to "You Gotta Be a Football Hero."
    --unknown comedian(s) - parody of cigarette commercials with comedian as "Dr. Frisbee" and Ed Sullivan as a doctor recommending 'Smuggo" cigarettes.
    --Ted and Flo Valette (novelty act) - duo twirls flags and batons.
    --Herkie Styles (comedian with Kazoo) - stand-up routine
    --The Dunhills (3 brothers tap dance)
    --Cameos/audience bows: General Efram Zeffie (of the Red Cross), Capt. Guilone (Captain of Italian Ship), MacDonald Carey (actor), Colleen Gray (actress), George Petty, Budge Patty (tennis player), and Nancy Chavie (tennis player).
    Additional guests (scheduled, unable to verify):
    --Vic Damone (singer)
    --Miki Deems (comedian, from the Broadway play "Alive and Kicking")
    --Monica Lewis (stage and night club singer)
    --Treni Reyes (flamenco dancer)
    --Anton Karas (zither virtuosa)
  • March 12, 1950: The Ink Spots, Jack E. Leonard, Don Cornell

    --The Ink Spots (vocal group) sing "With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming," "If You Had to Hurt Someone, Why Did It Have to Be Me?" and "If I Didn't Care."
    --Don Cornell (singer, formerly with Sammy Kaye's orchestra) - "It Isn't Fair" and "There's No Tomorrow."
    --Jack E. Leonard (insult comedian)
    Also appearing:
    --Renault & Rudy (2-man acrobatic-gymnastic team)
    --Sharkey The Seal (trained seal, appearing with his trainer)
    --Cameos: Virginia Gorski and Don Liberto (Broadway performers from 1948's "Look Ma, I'm Dancing") talk with Ed. (They were supposed to perform but the show ran out of time.)
    --Audience bows: Sammy Kaye (Orchestra leader), Irving Fields (Tin Pan Alley composer), Bea Kalmus (female disc jockey), and Bernard Delfont (British music & TV producer).

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