The Ed Sullivan Show - Season 20

CBS (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • June 9, 1968: Robert F. Kennedy Tribute - Dionne Warwick, Charlton Heston
    Tribute Show - National Day Of Mourning for Robert F. Kennedy
    --Dionne Warwick - "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
    --Duke Ellington - "David Dance Before the Lord" (tap dancer Bunny Briggs plays David)
    --Richard Harris - "Camelot"
    --Ed Ames - "Who Will Answer?"
    --Kate Smith - "Lord's Prayer"
    --Robert Goulet - "The Impossible Dream"
    --Sergio Franci - "You'll Never Walk Alone" (with Welsh Choir)
    --West Point Glee Club - "America the Beautiful" (poem)
    --Shirley Verrett - "Oh, Glory"
    --Doodletown Pipers - "What The World Needs Now Is Love" & "For What It's Worth."
    Also appearing:
    --Charlton Heston - reads Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address.
    --McNiff Irish Dancers (dancers perform traditional Irish Step Dance)
  • June 2, 1968: 20th Anniversary Show - Alan King, Jerry Vale
    20th Anniversary Show
    --Jerry Vale - "My Love, Forgive Me."
    --Lana Cantrell (Austrialian singer) - medley ("Honey" & "How Can I Be Sure?").
    --Alan King - comedy monologue on the history of the "Ed Sullivan Show."
    --Sue Carson (comedian) - does a comedy routine about recent news events.
    Also appearing:
    --Edward Villella and Patricia McBride (ballet dancers) - perform the Pas De Deux from "Dianna."
    --Mr. Jiggs (trained monkey) - chimp smokes and rides a motor scooter.
    --Norm Nielson (magician)
    --In taped segments, the following stars offer their congratulations to Ed:
    Eddie Albert, Lucille Ball, Tony Bennett, Carol Burnett, Diahann Carroll, Carol Channing, Dick Van Dyke, the Walt Disney family, Jackie Gleason, Andy Griffith, Peggy Lee, Jerry Lewis, Otto Preminger, and Red Skelton.
  • May 26, 1968: Spanky and Our Gang, Nancy Sinatra, Scoey Mitchell, Mike Douglas

    --Nancy Sinatra - "Sock It To Me Sunshine" & "This Girl's In Love With You."
    --Spanky & Our Gang - "Three Ways from Tomorrow."
    --Mike Douglas (TV host) sings "Talk To the Animals" & "Why Did I Choose You?"
    --Scoey Mitchell (stand-up comedian) - topics: taxes, race relations
    --The Muppets (one worm gets another to dance, Jim Henson cameo)
    --Henra & Ullett (stand-up comedy) - does a routine set at the UN.
    --Bobby Remson (Ransen?) - stand-up comedy routine
    --Lucera Tena (Spanish dancer, from Madrid)
    --Trio Rennos (three acrobats from Italy)

    --Audience bow: Tony Bennett
    --Audience bows: a group of wounded Vietnam Veterans.

  • May 19, 1968: The 5th Dimension, Joel Grey, Joan Rivers, Morey Amsterdam

    --The 5th Dimension - "On Broadway" & "Stoned Soul Picnic."
    --Jane Morgan - "What Now My Love?"
    --The West Point Glee Club - "Sons Of A Different Time."
    --Joel Grey (musical-comedy star) - performs scenes from the musical "George M!" (which opened April 10, 1968 on Broadway).
    --Joan Rivers (stand-up comedian) - comedy topics include marriage, her weight, and going to the beach.
    --Morey Amsterdam (stand-up comedy).
    --London Lee (stand-up comedian) - routine includes Lee playing the trumpet badly.
    Also appearing:
    --Audience bows: Major General Donald Bennett; Angel Cordero, Jr. (thoroughbred horse racing jockey); and Ferdinand Jr. & Maria Marcos (children of President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines).

  • May 12, 1968: Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Richard Pryor, Rodney Dangerfield
    --Gary Puckett and the Union Gap - "Lady Willpower" & "Young Girl."
    --Diahann Carroll sings "At The Crossroads" & "Elusive Butterfly."
    --Shani Wallis - "Alfie" & "High."
    --The Young Americans - "Happiness" & a medley ("A Spoonful of Sugar," "Back In the Old Routine Minute Waltz," "Green Sleeves" and "Raindrops")
    --Richard Pryor (stand-up routine) - imitates his mother and grandmother, talks about getting revenge on the neighborhood bully.
    --Rodney Dangerfield (stand-up, doing his "No Respect" routine)
    --David Frye - does impressions of William F. Buckley, Presidents Nixon, Johnson, and Robert F. Kennedy.
    --Jay Marshall (ventriloquist)
    Audience bows:
    --Leonard Sillman, Imogene Coca, and Capt. Robert F. Foley.
  • May 5, 1968: 80th Birthday Salute to Irving Berlin

    80th Birthday salute to Irving Berlin (90-minute episode)

    --Diana Ross & the Supremes - "Always."
    --Diana Ross & the Supremes with Ethel Merman - Irving Berlin medley ("Say It With Music," "It's A Lovely Day Today," "Heat Wave" "Say It Isn't So").

    --Bing Crosby - spoken tribute to Irving Berlin & sings medley of Berlin songs ("Sweet Marie from Sunny Italy," "Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon," "The International Rag," & "Alexander's Ragtime Band") & "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas" (film clip & live on stage).
    --Bob Hope (comedian) - salutes Irving Berlin.
    --Ethel Merman - Irving Berlin medley ("Sunshine," "I Got Lost In His Arms," "Anything You Can Do," "They Say It's Wonderful").
    --President Johnson (on tape, wishes Irving Berlin a Happy 80th birthday).
    --Harry James (medley of dance tunes).
    --Robert Goulet & Harry James - "Marie."
    --Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians - "Give Me Your Tired."
    --Robert Goulet, Fred Waring & the Pennsylvanians - "I Used To Play It By Ear."
    --Robert Goulet (singer) - Irving Berlin medley: "The Song Is Ended (But the Melody Lingers On)" & "All by Myself."
    --Morecambe And Wise (British comedy team) - "Puttin' on the Ritz."
    --Peter Gennaro & Troupe (choreographer & dancers) - dance to "This Is The Army" & "Alexander's Ragtime Band."

    --Finale: Irving Berlin (on stage with boy & girl scouts) - "God Bless America."

  • April 28, 1968: Richard Harris, Ella Fitzgerald, Stiller & Meara, George Carlin

    --Ella Fitzgerald - "Can't Buy Me Love" & "Mr. Paganini" (with 3 man combo)
    --Richard Harris - "Camelot" & "Didn't We"
    --George Carlin (comedy sketch) - Carlin plays a politician interviewed on "Meet the Candidate."
    --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (stand-up comedy) - do a routine about a high school reunion
    --Milt Kamen (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about living in New York
    --The Doodletown Pipers (singers) - "With A Little Help From My Friends" & medley (" What The World Need Now" & "For What Its Worth")
    --Ma Chung (violin playing prodigy)

    Audience bows: Joel Grey (then appearing on Broadway's "George M. Cohan"); Cheryl Ann Patton (Miss USA from Florida); Clifton Daniel & sons

  • April 21, 1968: Tom Jones, Patty Duke, Totie Fields, Richard Hearne, Your Father's Moustache

    --Tom Jones - "It's Not Unusual," "Danny Boy" & "Delilah."
    --Patty Duke - "Dona, Dona" (with dancers) & "And We Were Strangers."
    --Your Father's Moustache (Dixieland band) - perform a medley of vintage songs (please see "Recap" for titles).

    --Totie Fields (comedian) - sings "I'm Perfect" and jokes around with audience members.
    --Richard Hearne (English comedian, a.k.a. "Mr. Pastry") - demonstrates "The Passing Out Ceremony" (a drinking & dancing ritual using two chairs). Ed appears on camera for entire skit, telling Mr. Pastry which drink is in which glass.
    --The Muppets - female frog (Kermit wearing a wig) sings "I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face."

    Also appearing:
    --Pavel (magic act)
    --Audience bows: Captain Geoff Mitchell & other captains (please see "Recap"), Major General William J. Sutton, and Kevin Robinson.

  • April 14, 1968: Easter Show

    --Sergio Franchi sings "Hatikvah" (in honor of Passover).
    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Eddie Albert (actor) - does a Bible reading.
    --Norm Crosby (comedian)
    --Joan Rivers (comedian)
    --Shirley Verrett (mezzo-soprano)
    --Montford Mission (folk-singing priests) - "Time's Passed Us By."
    --The Lado Dance Group
    --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet)

  • March 31, 1968: Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Frankie Laine, Charlton Heston

    --Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - medley ("I Second That Emotion," "If You Can Want," "Going To A Go-Go" & "Yesterday").
    --Frankie Laine - "To Each His Own" & "I Found You."
    --The Young Americans - "Oklahoma" medley.

    --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - sketch about participants at a parent-teacher meeting discussing TV violence.
    --Myron Cohen (storytelling comedian).

    Also appearing:
    --Charlton Heston reads from Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address. Later in show, Heston discusses his movie "Planet of the Apes," with film clip.
    --Peter Gennaro & Troupe (choreographer with dancers) - "If I Were A Rich Man" production number.
    --Baranton Sisters (foot jugglers who balance & spin tables).
    --Audience bows: Richard Rodgers, Jerome Hines, Pearl Mesta & Earl Blackwell, and Samuel Defalco.

    CBS repeated this show on July 28, 1968.

  • March 24, 1968: Diana Ross & The Supremes, Spanky & Our Gang, Nancy Sinatra, Lee Hazlewood
    --Spanky & Our Gang - "I'd Like to Get to Know You."
    --Diana Ross and the Supremes sing "Forever Came Today" & a Fats Waller medley ("Honeysuckle Rose," "Ain't Misbehavin'" & "Keepin' Out of Mischief Now").
    --Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood - "Story Book Children."
    --Nancy Sinatra - "100 Years."
    --Jimmy Dean - "Little Thing Called Love" & "To A Sleeping Beauty."
    --George Carlin (stand-up comedian)
    --Louis & Christy (comedy team)
    --Charlie Cairoli & Co. (comedy team) - two men play clarinets.
    Also appearing:
    --Dominique (illusionist)
    --Audience bows: Franco Corelli, Del Insco, Jean Drapeau.
  • March 17, 1968: The Bee Gees, Lucille Ball, George Hamilton, Fran Jeffries, The Dubliners

    --The Bee Gees perform "Words."
    --George Hamilton - "At The Crossroads" & "Dock Of The Bay."
    --Fran Jeffries - 'Sunny' medley.
    --Fran Jeffries, Tony Sandler & Ralph Young - "Duet For Three."
    --Tony Sandler & Ralph Young - "Cotton Fields."
    --The Dubliners (traditional Irish musicians) - "Muirsheen Durkin."
    --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team)
    --Jackie Kahane (stand-up comedian)
    Also appearing:
    --Lucille Ball chats with Ed onstage. She introduces a clip from her movie "Yours, Mine & Ours" (which co-stars Henry Fonda). Following the clip, the eighteen child & teenage actors from "Yours, Mine & Ours" sing the movie's theme song.
    --Audience bows: Ross Hunter, and Marine Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients (Vietnam).

  • March 10, 1968: From Caesars Palace in Las Vegas - The 5th Dimension, Liza Minnelli, Theodore Bikel

    Episode broadcast from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
    --The 5th Dimension - "Up-Up and Away" & "Monday, Monday."
    --Liza Minnelli sings "You'd Better Sit Down, Kids."
    --Liza Minnelli - "The Life of the Party" & "A Certain Girl" (numbers from the musical "Happy Time").
    --The McGuire Sisters sing a "Money" medley ("Big Spender," "Sound of Money" & "Here We Are in Las Vegas").
    --Theodore Bikel (actor & folk singer) sings "If I Were A Rich Man" (in a scene from the play 'Fiddler on the Roof').
    --Marty Allen and Steve Rossi (comedy team)
    --Jack Carter (comedian)
    Also appearing:
    --The Canestrellis (trampoline act)

  • March 3, 1968: Lou Rawls, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, Joan Rivers, Alan King, Jack E. Leonard

    --Kenny Rogers and the First Edition - "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition In)."
    --Lou Rawls - "Show Business" and "On Broadway" medley.
    --Sergio Franchi (opera singer)

    --Jack E. Leonard - does a comedy routine with his piano player.
    --Alan King (comedian)
    --Joan Rivers (comedian)
    --Morecambe & Wise (comedy duo)

    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Gail Martin (singer)
    --Dana Valery (singer, sister of Sergio Franchi)
    --Sergio Franchi and Dana Valery duet - "Something Stupid."

  • February 25, 1968: Gladys Knight & the Pips, Jackie Mason, Dinah Shore, Ed Ames

    --Gladys Knight & the Pips - medley ("The End of Our Road," "And So Is Love" and "I Heard It Through the Grapevine").
    --Dinah Shore - medley: "Oh, Lonesome Me," "It's Over," "Trains, Boats And Planes," and "Oh, Lonesome Me" (reprise).
    --Ed Ames - "I Want To Be Free" & "Who Will Answer?"
    --Ed Ames and Dinah Shore - "Sunrise, Sunset" duet.

    --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedy)
    --Andy Stewart (kilt-wearing Scottish singer-comedian) - sings and does impression of Dean Martin.

    Also appearing:
    --Ballet America (dancers perform to "Mule Train")
    --The Bruskis (unicyclists, balancing act from Poland)

    Audience bows: Governor Stan Hathaway; Jane Morgan; Tony Bennett; Sheila Davis (writer of song "Who Will Answer?")

  • February 18, 1968: Bobbie Gentry, Rodney Dangerfield, George Chakiris, Jane Powell

    --Bobbie Gentry - "Court Yard" and "Louisiana Man."
    --Jane Powell sings "On A Wonderful Day Like Today" and "Beautiful Things."
    --George Chakiris - "West Side Story" medley (with dancers)
    --Paul Mauriat (pianist) - "Love Is Blue"
    --Franco Corelli sings "Tu Lo Sai" (in Italian).
    --The Victorians sing a medley (which includes "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey?" and "Just Because").

    --Rodney Dangerfield - does Santa Claus jokes.
    --Will Jordan (comedian) - does impressions of various celebrities.
    --Jim Henson's Muppets - do a routine titled "Business, Business."

    Audience bows:
    Cale Yarborough (race car driver), Gil Hodges (NY Mets manager), Tommy Steele (British actor), Anthony Rouse, Marion Lindstrom

    Also on this episode?
    --The Buckinghams - "Susan" & "What Is Love" (performance taped Jan. 21, 1968, possibly broadcast Feb. 18, 1968)

  • February 11, 1968: Vincent Price, Patricia Routledge, Eddie Albert, Roberta Peters

    --Roberta Peters (soprano) - "Shadow Song" (from Giacomo Meyerbeer's opera "Dinorah")
    --The Lennon Sisters sing "California Dreamin'" & "Where Are the Words?"
    --Vincent Price and Patricia Routledge perform a scene from the musical "Darling of the Day" (which ran on Broadway from Jan. 27 - Feb. 24, 1968). Segment includes Patricia Routledge singing "Not On Your Nellie."
    --Morey Amsterdam
    --Totie Fields
    --Hendra & Ullett (comedy team)
    --Jimmy Nelson (ventriloquist)
    Also appearing:
    --Eddie Albert (actor) - recites excerpts from Carl Sandburg's writings on Abraham Lincoln.
    --Vaughn Bullivant (water skiing champion, appearing on film?)
    --Les Dollies (unicycle act)
  • February 4, 1968: Michele Lee, Stiller & Meara, Morecambe & Wise, Sergio Franchi
    --Michele Lee sings "On the Other Side of the Tracks," and later in show, "My Funny Valentine."
    --Sergio Franchi sings "And This Is My Beloved" and a medley of "Til There Was You"/"Younger Than Springtime."
    --Regina Resnik (opera singer) sings "Habenera" (from the opera 'Carmen").
    --Peter Gennaro Dancers - "Swanee" production number.
    --Boy Scouts of America sing "People" (backed up by the Duke Ellington Orchestra).
    --Morecambe and Wise (comedy duo) - sketch includes the duo singing "Moonlight Becomes You" to Michele Lee.
    --Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (comedy team) - spoof TV commercials.
    --Jackie Vernon (comedian) - does a tribute to Leonardo Davinci's "Carnival of Venice."
    --Stu Gilliam (comedian) - tells jokes about family life and taxes.
    --Gil & Freddy Lavedo (comic acrobats) - acrobatic dance and balacing act.
    Audience bows: Major Merlyn H. Dethlefsean (Congressional Medal of Honor recipient); Jack Dempsey (former heavyweight boxing champion); Vincent Price and Patricia Rutledge (actors); Peggy Ann Garner
  • January 28, 1968: The 5th Dimension, Carol Lawrence, Wayne and Shuster, Nancy Ames

    --The 5th Dimension - "Up Up and Away," "Carpet Man" & "Shake Your Tambourine"
    --Nancy Ames - "Can't Buy Me Love" & "What the World Needs Now Is Love"
    --Carol Lawrence sings "What Is a Woman?" & "Swingtime" (or "Stairway to Paradise")
    --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team)
    --Corbett Monica (comedian)
    --Bob Bramson (hoop juggler)
    --The Trio Rennos (aka The Three Rennos) (pole balancing act)

  • January 21, 1968: Johnny Mathis, Melvyn Douglas, Pert Kelton, John Byner
    --Johnny Mathis - "Get Out of Town" & "At the Crossroads."
    --Lana Cantrell - "On the Good Ship Lollipop" & "Shadows of Our Love."
    --Melvyn Douglas and Pert Kelton perform a scene from the comedy "Spofford."
    --John Byner (comedian)
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian)
    --The Pickle Brothers (comedy trio)
    --Edward Villella and Patricia McBride (of the New York City Ballet) - perform a pas de deux from Asafieff's "Flames of Paris."
    CBS repeated this episode on September 1, 1968.
  • January 14, 1968: Vanilla Fudge, Duke Ellington, Flip Wilson, Tammy Grimes, Buddy Greco

    --Vanilla Fudge - "You Keep Me Hangin' On."
    --Duke Ellington & his band - Duke and individual musicians perform solos.
    --Buddy Greco and Duke Ellington's Band - perform a medley of Duke's hits. Greco sings "Satin Doll"
    --Buddy Greco sings "What Now My Love?" and "This Is Your Life."
    --Tammy Grimes sings "I Ain't Down Yet" (from her 1960-62 Broadway play "The Unsinkable Molly Brown").
    --Flip Wilson (comedian) - stand-up routine, does his character Geraldine.
    --Davis & Reese (comedy duo) sing "The Shadow of Your Smile."
    --The 40-member cast of Broadway's "How Now, Dow Jones" perform "Step to the Rear."
    --Silvan (illusionist) - does tricks with playing cards.
    --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet)

  • January 7, 1968: Dionne Warwick, Norm Crosby, Morecambe & Wise, The Young Americans

    --Dionne Warwick sings "I Say a Little Prayer" & "Battle Hymn of the Republic."
    --The Young Americans - American medley ("Spoonful Of Sugar," "Back In the Old Routine," "Green Sleeves" & "Raindrops").
    --Julia Mead sings "Come Back To Me."
    --Tony Sandler and Ralph Young (singing duo) - "Boom Boom," "Sunshine Days" and "Harmonize."
    --Norm Crosby (comedian) - monologue.
    --Morecambe and Wise (British comedy team) - magician with assistant routine.
    Also appearing:
    --Brascia and Tybee (dance team of John Brascia and Tybee Arfa) - Apache ballroom dance.
    --Linon (clown) - pantomime tightrope act.
    --Audience bows: Elsa Lanchester (actress); Earl Wilson Jr.

  • December 31, 1967: Jay and the Techniques, Buddy Rich, Miriam Makeba

    --Jay and the Techniques - "Keep the Ball Rolling."
    --Miriam Makeba (singer from South Africa) - "Pata Pata."
    --Buddy Rich and his orchestra - "Norwegian Wood" (instrumental version of Beatles' song)
    --George Kirby (comedian) - celebrity impressions
    --Montego (sword balancer) - balances swords, juggles torches, tricycle tricks, etc.
    --Gianna D'Angelo - "Una voce poca fa"
    --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet).
    At the end of the program, Buddy Rich comes back and plays "Wack Wack."

    Additional guests (unverified, scheduled to appear):
    --Rodney Dangerfield
    --Vikki Carr (singer) - "It Must Be Him."

  • December 24, 1967: The Cowsills, Bobbie Gentry, George Carlin, Arthur Godfrey
    --The Cowsills - "We Can Fly" & a Christmas song medley.
    --Bobbie Gentry - "Niki Hookey" & "I Wonder as I Wonder."
    --Arthur Godfrey - "The Secret Of Christmas"
    --Gilbert Price - "For Once In My Lifetime."
    --Arthur Godfrey & the Muppets - "It's Christmas Tomorrow."
    --George Carlin (stand-up routine)
    Also appearing:
    --Peter Gennaro (dancer) - "What The World Needs Now."
    --The Little Angels Of Korea (play drums and dance with ribbons)
  • December 17, 1967: Spanky & Our Gang, Richard Pryor, Patti Page, Joel Grey
    --Spanky and Our Gang - "Lazy Day" & "Sunday Morning."
    --Patti Page sings "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" & recites a "Child's Christmas Prayer."
    --Joel Grey (actor-singer) - Railroad song medley.
    --The Kim Sisters - "Thoroughly Modern Millie."
    --The Berlin Mozart Choir (thirty vocalists)
    --Richard Pryor
    ---Stiller & Meara (comedy team)
    --David Frye
    --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet)
  • December 10, 1967: 20th Anniversary Celebration with Gwen Verdon, Pearl Bailey, Robert Merrill

    --Pearl Bailey sings "Before The Parade Passes By" (production number with the "Hello, Dolly!" cast).
    --Gwen Verdon (singer-dancer) - "Nothing Can Stop Me Now" production number.
    --Robert Merrill (of the Metropolitan Opera) - "Di Provenza il Mar" (from "La Traviata").
    --Los Ninos Cantores De Murialdo (Argentinean school children ) - "Glory, Glory Hallelujah."
    --The Emerald City pipe band of NYC's Police & Fire Dept.
    --Alan King (stand-up comedian)
    --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team of Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster)
    Also appearing:
    --NYC mayor John V. Lindsay officiates the unveiling of Studio 50's new marquee which now reads "The Ed Sullivan Theater."

  • December 3, 1967: Ray Charles, Billy Preston, Gordon McRae & Carol Lawrence, Jackie Kahane, Bill Dana

    --Ray Charles & Billy Preston perform "Double-O-Soul."
    --Ray Charles & orchestra - "Yesterday."
    --Ray Charles with Billy Preston (playing organ) and The Raelettes - "What'd I Say?"
    --Gordon McRae & Carol Lawrence perform "I Do, I Do," "My Cup Runneth Over," and "I Love My Wife" (songs from their Broadway musical "I Do I Do").
    --Frankie Fanelli sings "This Is All I Ask."
    --Grand Music Hall of Israel (musical troupe of dancers, singers, boys playing flutes & drums) - perform songs in Hebrew & English.
    --Bill Dana (in character as Jose Jimenez) plays an Olympic hopeful.
    --Jackie Kahane - stand-up topics include NYC, Hippies, bus & air travel.
    Also appearing:
    --The All-American Offensive football team (including Ron Yarey, O.J. Simpson, Lary Czonka, Ted Hendricks)
    --The Mecners (balancing trio act from Poland).
    --Audience bows: David Merrick (Broadway producer), John Strachan (NYC Post Master), and Jane Keane (actress).

    New segment added to August 4, 1968 repeat:
    --The Blue Comets (Japanese Surf/psych band) perform "Gagaku" & "Blue Chateau."
    (The Blue Comets were shown in place of the audience bows & All-American team.)

  • November 26, 1967: Connie Francis, Al Hirt, John Byner, Morecambe & Wise, Jane Morgan
    --Connie Francis - "The Impossible Dream" and a medley ("Goin' Out Of My Head" and "Sunny").
    --Al Hirt (trumpeter, with his orchestra) - "Young Man with a Horn," "The Happening" & "I Can't Get Started."
    --Jane Morgan sings "Meditation" & a medley of Edith Piaf songs.
    --Jane Morgan, Al Hirt, Doodletown Pipers - "It Takes All Kinds Of Music," "What'd I Say?" & "South Rampart Street Parade."
    --Doodletown Pipers (singers) - "Rhythm of Life" & a medley of rock 'n' roll songs.
    --On film: The Beatles - "Hello Goodbye" promotional film.

    --John Byner (stand-up routine)
    --Morecambe & Wise (comedy team) - routine about trying to learn ventriloquism.

    Audience bows: Billy Rowe, Father Payton

    CBS repeated this episode on August 11, 1968.
  • November 19, 1967: Diana Ross & The Supremes, The Temptations, Flip Wilson
    --Diana Ross & the Supremes - "In and Out of Love," "Thou Swell" & "Greensleeves."
    --The Temptations - "Hello Young Lovers" & "Don't Look Back."
    --The Temptations & Diana Ross and the Supremes - medley of each other's hits: "Get Ready" (Supremes), "Stop in the Name of Love" (Temptations), "My Girl" (Supremes) and "Baby Love" (Temptations).
    --Diana Ross and the Supremes & the Temptations - "I Know I'm Losing You"
    --The Kessler Twins (dressed as dance hall girls) - "The Band Played On" & "Covers of the Police Gazette."
    --Fernando Pasqualone (trumpet player)
    --Flip Wilson (stand-up routine)
    --Lewis & Christy (comedy team)
    Also appearing:
    --Ivan & Astor (dance team, apache dancers) - couple throws each other around.
    --Audience bows: George Hamilton, William E. Galbraith.
    On film: A clip from the movie "Dr. Doolittle" with Rex Harrison singing "Talk to the Animals."
  • November 12, 1967: The Turtles, Johnny Mathis, Joan Rivers, Shelley Berman
    --The Turtles - "Happy Together" & "She's My Girl."
    --Johnny Mathis - "Sleigh Ride" & "Up-Up, and Away."
    --Lana Cantrell sings "Yes Sir, That's My Baby" and "Love Is Stronger Far Than We."
    --Joan Rivers (stand-up routine) talks about her pregnancy.
    --Shelley Berman (comedian) - routine about embarrassing moments.
    --Richard Hearne (British comedian) - dances and does a pantomime act.
    Also appearing:
    --Victor Lundberg - recites "An Open Letter to My Teenage Son" (a message to America's youth regarding the Vietnam War).
    --NY Harkness Ballet Co. - Spanish theme ballet.
    --Gustafsons (magicians) - man & woman do illusions using candles, scarves, etc.
    --Audience bows: Johnny Weissmuller & Buster Crabbe
  • November 5, 1967: Shirley Bassey, Tony Bennett, Woody Herman Orchestra

    Guests (verified):
    --Shirley Bassey - "Don't Rain On My Parade" & "On A Clear Day."
    --Tony Bennett - "Broadway," "Who Can I Turn To?" "Moment Of Truth" and "For Once In My Life."
    --Woody Herman and his Swinging Herd (jazz clarinetist & his orchestra) - "Boogaloo."

    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Gwen Verdon (Broadway dancer-singer)
    --Paul Ford appears in a scene from his Broadway comedy "What Did We Do Wrong?"
    --Totie Fields (comedian)
    --Rodney Dangerfield (comedian)
    --Marty Allen and Steve Rossi (comedy team)
    --Dick Contino (accordion player)
    --The Jovers (comedy-acrobatic team)

  • October 29, 1967: The Cowsills, Polly Bergen, Don Ameche, Myron Cohen, Denor Wences

    --The Cowsills perform "The Rain, the Park & Other Things" and a medley ("The Cruel War,"
    "Monday, Monday," "Sweet Taking Guy," "Oh Lonesome Me," "Please Mr. Postman" & "Reach Out I'll Be There").
    --Polly Bergen sings "Once In A Lifetime" & "What The World Needs Now."
    --Peter Nero (pianist with orchestra) - "Fiddler On The Roof" medley.
    --Noucha Doina (violinist with trio)
    --Excerpts from the musical "Henry, Sweet Henry" includes Alice Playten singing "Poor Little Person," and a scene with Don Ameche.
    --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedy)
    --Lou Alexander (stand-up routine) - violence in fairy tales, problems with contact lenses, etc.
    --Senor Wences (ventriloquist, with various puppets)
    Also appearing:
    --Peter Gennaro (choreographer) - performs a Halloween dance with 6 "witches."
    --Audience bows: Paul Ford (Broadway star); Camille Bonano ("Miss Byline" beauty contest winner)

  • October 22, 1967: Lulu, Eddie Fisher, The McGuire Sisters, Norm Crosby
    --Lulu - "To Sir With Love"
    --Eddie Fisher - "Let Me Sing And I'll Be Happy" & "If She Walked Into My Life."
    --The McGuire Sisters - "One Kiss" and a French medley ("Under Paris Skies," "Dites Moi," "Summer In Bordeaux," "What Now My Love" & "Lucky Me").
    --Stiller and Meara (comedy duo) - routine about a man trying to tell his mother that he's getting married.
    --Norm Crosby (stand-up routine) - compares clean-cut youths with hippies
    --Tommy Cooper (British comedian) - fumbling magician routine.
    --Jackie Vernon - talks about a "too small" town.
    Also appearing:
    --Ballet America (dance troupe) - 10 couples dressed in farm clothing
    --Baby Opal (trained Elephant Act)
    --Audience bows: Fran Tarkenton, Hugh Lipsey, Josh Logan, Eli Wallach, and Prince Mike Romonoff.
  • October 15, 1967: Lovin' Spoonful, Ethel Merman, David Frye, Corbett Monica, Tommy Cooper

    --Lovin' Spoonful - "She's Still a Mystery" & "Only Pretty."
    --Ethel Merman - "Riding High" & "This Is All I Ask."
    --Tony Sandler & Ralph Young (singing duo) - medley: "Cabaret," "76 Trombones" & "And The Band Played On..."

    --David Frye (comedian doing impressions & political humor)
    --Tommy Cooper (comedian) - does a bumbling magician act.
    --Corbett Monica (stand-up comedian)

    Also appearing:
    --Lado Dance Group (Traditional Yugoslav dance troupe) - does the "Bachelor's Dance."

    Audience bows: Mrs. Lanza & Gov. Paul Laxalt; Lucera Tena (Flamenco dancer)

    Cameos: On stage at beginning of show: Lew Brock, Bob Gibson and Carl Yastrzemski (World Series Cardinals & Red Sox baseball players)

  • October 8, 1967:Jimmy Dean, Joan Rivers, Wayne and Shuster, Lana Cantrell

    --Jimmy Dean sings a country medley: "Any Time," "Born To Lose," "Oh Lonesome Me," "I Can't Stop Loving You" and "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)."
    --Lana Cantrell - "Stairway to Paradise" and "When You Wish Upon A Star."
    --The Young Americans (troupe of 36 singers-dancers ranging from 15-21 years old) - medley of Meredith Willson songs ("May The Good Lord Bless & Keep You," "Pick A Little, Talk A Little," "Gary Indiana," "'til There Was You" & "Trouble In River City").
    --On film: Young Americans - "Let The Sunshine In" (filmed at playground).
    --Joan Rivers - A pregnant Joan talks about what her mother did...and didn't tell her; New York housing, renovations.
    --Jack E. Leonard (insult comedian) - tells jokes about Ed Sullivan, Leonard's Japanese pianist, sings "Bye Bye Blues."
    --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - routine about a "World Series" game between teams from the US and Liverpool, England.
    --The Muppets (hairy monster eats technical talking machine).
    --Jimmy Dean does a routine with dog Muppet Rowlf.
    Audience bows: The Israeli Soccer team; Nobel Sisel & Harold Arlen.

  • October 1, 1967: Peggy Lee, Nancy Sinatra, George Carlin, Sergio Franchi

    --Peggy Lee - "I Feel It" & "The More I See You."
    --Nancy Sinatra - "Until It's Time for You to Go."
    --Nancy Sinatra, Peggy Lee, & Sergio Franchi - medley including "Just One of Those Days," "Why Don't You Do Right," "These Boots are Made for Walkin'," "Falling Leaves" & "M'Lord."
    --Sergio Franchi (tenor) - "By Myself" & "Time Alone Will Tell (Non Pensare A Me)" (in English & Italian).
    --George Carlin (stand-up monologue) - talks about going to the movies, coming attractions previews.
    --London Lee (stand-up comedian) - show business jokes.
    Also appearing:
    --Winners of the 33rd Harvest Moon Ball (dancers in various categories)
    --Gimma Brothers (comic acrobats, do tumbling wearing suits)
    --Richiardi (magician)
    --Audience bows: Ladies Auxiliary of the Polish Legion of Pine Island

  • September 24, 1967: The Mamas and the Papas, Florence Henderson, John Byner
    --The Mamas and the Papas - "Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming to the Canyon)."
    --The Mamas and the Papas - medley: "Monday, Monday," "I Call Your Name" & "California Dreamin'."
    --Florence Henderson sings a "Sound of Music" medley ("My Favorite Things," "Climb Every Mountain," "Do-Re-Mi" & "The Sound of Music").
    --Ed Ames (actor-singer) - sings "My Cup Runneth Over" & "When The Snow Is On the Roses."
    --John Byner - does celebrity impressions.
    --Jack Carter (stand-up routine)
    --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet)
    Also appearing:
    --Jorgen and Conny (Swedish balancers-acrobats)
    --Jean Claude (balancing act)
    --Audience bows: Ralph Pearl & Charlie McAddams (reporter & publisher of The Las Vegas Sun), Roberto Rossellini, and Duane Hackney.
  • September 17, 1967: The Doors, Yul Brynner, Flip Wilson

    --The Doors - "People are Strange" & "Light My Fire."
    --Yul Brynner (actor, with singer-guitarist Alesha Dimitrievich) - medley of Gypsy songs ("Two Guitars," "Sokolov's Guitar" and "Okonichen").
    --The Kessler Twins (Alice & Ellen Kessler) - medley of Maurice Chevalier songs: "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" and "Louise."
    --Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - "Darn it Baby, That's Love" and "Come Back to Me."
    --Eydie Gorme - "If He Walked Into My Life" (from "Mame").
    --Steve Lawrence - "Did I Ever Really Live?" (song written by comedian Allan Sherman).
    --Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - Cole Porter medley: "Anything Goes," "Love For Sale," "I Get A Kick Out Of You," "You Do Something To Me," "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair," "Getting To Know You," "Happy Talk" and "I've Got You Under My Skin."
    (According to a newspaper listing for the 07-Jul-1968 repeat, Steve and Eydie also performed "This Could Be the Start of Something" and a medley of Richard Rodgers' songs: "Where or When," "Getting to Know You" and "It's a Grand Night for Singing.")
    --Flip Wilson (stand-up routine)
    --Rodney Dangerfield (stand-up routine)
    Also appearing:
    --The Skating Bredos (from Sweden) - man & woman speed skate in a 6 ft. circle.

    CBS repeated this show on July 7, 1968.

    The 30-minute Best of Sullivan version of this episode includes Jack Benny (from April 30, 1967), Richiardi (magician, from Oct. 1, 1967), and Robert Goulet ("Mame," from June 5, 1966).

  • The Best of Ed Sullivan, Season 21, Episode 2
    The Doors: "People are Strange" and "Light My Fire." Jack Benny stand-up. Yul Brynner performs gypsy song. The Skating Bredos. Flip Wilson stand-up. Magician Richiardi. Robert Goulet: "Mame
  • September 10, 1967: Young Rascals, Petula Clark, Red Skelton, Eddie Fisher, Buddy Hackett
    --The Young Rascals - "Groovin'," "A Girl Like You" & "How Can I Be Sure?"
    --Petula Clark - "I'll be Loving You Eternally" & a medley ("Who Am I?" "Don't Sleep in the Subway" & "Cat in the Window")
    --Eddie Fisher sings "Mame" & "That Face" (Buddy Hackett cameo on 2nd song).
    --Red Skelton (stand-up routine)
    --Buddy Hackett (comedian) - does a Chinese waiter routine
    --The Great Carazini (comedian)
    Also appearing:
    Audience bows: Walter Winchell, Jerry Vale