The Ed Sullivan Show - Season 3

CBS (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • September 2, 1951
    September 2, 1951
    Episode 51

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  • November 19, 1950: Sarah Vaughn; Victor Borge; Jerome Hines; Victor Moore

    Broadcast from The Boston Opera House.

    --Sarah Vaughn sings "Tenderly."
    --Victor Borge (Danish comic pianist) plays Staccato and Minuet while eating a sandwich.
    --Jerome Hines (of the Metropolitan Opera) sings "Song Of The Vagabond."
    --Johnny Alden (baritone) sings an Italian song.
    --Victor Moore (actor) portrays Bill Jones in the courtroom scene from "Lightenin'." (Victor Moore played the role a few weeks earlier on CBS-TV's "Magnavox Theatre.")
    --Partington & Kaiser (dancers) - perform the dance from "Call Me Madame."
    --Gautier's Steeplechase (trained animal act) - routine include ponies jumping steeples, dogs riding ponies, and monkeys performing various tricks.
    --Cameo: Jack Sharkey (boxer)
    --On-stage bow: Walt Dropo (baseball player)

  • November 5, 1950: The Nat King Cole Trio; Buster Keaton; Nanette Fabray; Milton Berle

    --The Nat King Cole Trio performs "Orange-Colored Sky" and, later in show,"Calypso" (both production numbers with dancers).
    --Buster Keaton (silent era movie comedian) - does a pantomime fishing sketch.
    --Nanette Fabray sings "On A Sunday By The Sea" from her Broadway musical "High Button Shoes."
    --Milton Berle (comedian) - stand-up routine.
    --Leonard Sues plays "Blue Skies" on trumpet, then attempts a duet with Milton Berle.
    --Rosella Hightower and Andre Eglevsky (of the American Ballet) perform the 'Nutcracker' pas de deux.
    --Audience bow: Monsignor Wagner (of Boy's Town)
    --The Boys Town Choir - perform a song.
    --Montes de Oca (trampoline act) - performs a head-to-hand balancing act.

  • October 8, 1950: Ethel Waters; Julie Harris; Brandon DeWilde; Reginald Gardiner

    --Ethel Waters, Julie Harris and Brandon de Wilde (actors) - perform a scene from the Broadway play "The Member of the Wedding."
    --Jean Carroll (comedienne)
    --Leonard Warren (Baritone opera singer)
    --Reginald Gardiner (actor)

    Scheduled to appear:
    --Chai and Somay (Chinese acrobats)

  • October 1, 1950: Jackie Robinson (cameo); Bert Lahr; Jane and Betty Kean

    --Cameo appearance: Jackie Robinson (Brooklyn Dodgers baseball player).
    --Bert Lahr (comedian) - does a comedy sketch about a blind doctor.
    --Betty & Jane Kean (singers) - musical-comedy routine includes Betty Kean singing "Love Is The Thing"
    --Phil Jones Dance Group (troupe of teenagers) - dance "The Charleston."
    --James (Jim) Barton - plays an intoxicated man in comedy sketch.
    --Gordon Jenkins with 55-piece band (orchestra & choir) - medley of songs about Manhattan including "We're Having A Party" and "New York's My Home Sweet Home."
    --Audience bow: Ezra Charles (heavy weight champion who beat Joe Louis)

  • September 24, 1950: Gloria Swanson; Rudy Vallee; Harvey Stone

    --Gloria Swanson (actress) talks about her movie career and her role in "Sunset Boulevard."
    --Rudy Vallee sings "Let's Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep" and "Wild About Judy."
    --Jimmy Nelson (ventriloquist with his dummy Danny O'Day) sings "Best Things In Life Are Free" as part of a comedy routine.
    --Harvey Stone (comedian) - routine includes jokes about his wife and Army life, sings "Buckles And Bows" & "Army Life."

    Ice-skating segments:
    --Jean Arlen - ice-skating routine.
    --The Rookies (comedic skaters)
    --Phil Romayne and Terry Brent (ice skating duo)

  • September 17, 1950: Hedy Lamarr; Pat O'Brien; Mimi Benzell; Jean Carroll; Blackburn Twins

    --Hedy Lamarr (movie actress) sings "Rock-A-Bye Baby."
    --The Blackburn Twins tap dance and sing "Three Little Words."
    --Pat O'Brien (actor) - sings, does a poker pantomime sketch, and recites "America."
    --Mimi Benzell (Metropolitan Opera star) sings the medley from "The Merry Widow."
    --Jean Carroll (comedienne) - does a monologue about men, then sings "It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House."
    --The Ivanoffs (3-men acrobatic act) - perform on the high bar.
    --Cameo: MervynWood(World Sculling champion)
    --Cameo: Tony Rowe (British Sculling champion).
    --Cameo: Commander Maley (National Commander Of Disabled American Veterans).
    --Eddie and Tony (comedy team) - lip-synch to a sped up recording of "Baby It's Cold Outside."