The Eddie Fisher Show

NBC (ended 1959)


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  • Season 2
    • March 17, 1959
      March 17, 1959
      Episode 11
      A One Man Show. Eddie will repeat a sentimental medley of songs that Al Jolson made famous - "Swanee," "April Showers," "Rockabye My Baby" and "Baby Face." As a swan song he will take viewers on a musical journey with a presentation of what the announcement says will be "folk songs from all over the world: America, Jamaica, Israel and Ireland." It's a Small World, isn't it?moreless
    • February 17, 1959
      February 17, 1959
      Episode 10
      Eddie's guests are Ernie Kovacs, the Mitchell Boys Choir and George Gobel. Eddie is doing his annual predictions on songs that will be nominated for "Oscars" and introduce the composers. Highlights: Listed to appear are Sammy Fain and Paul Webster, Sammy Cahn and Harry Warren, Harold Adamson, Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, Jimmy Van Heusen. Songs include "A Certain Smile," "Dormi, Dormi," "Rockaby Baby," "Separate Tables," "Almost In Your Arms" and "And Be Loved."moreless
    • February 3, 1959
      February 3, 1959
      Episode 9
      Eddie Fisher's guests are Shirley Jones, Mort Sahl, Eddie Hodges and The Mitchell Boys Choir. Also with Burry Bregman and His Orchestra. Highlights: Mort Sahl does a great monologue. Eddie sings a medley of Valentine songs with Shirley Jones. Eddie sings a medley of Gospel songs. And Young Eddie Hodges and Shirley join in for "Baubles, Bangles and Beads". Eddie Hodges performs "Be A Clown". The all join in for "Paint Your Wagon".moreless
    • January 20, 1959
      January 20, 1959
      Episode 8
      Eddie's guests are Eddie Hodges and the DeCastro Sisters. Also appearing is George Gobel. Highlights: Eddie Fisher has little Eddie Hodges aboard for a round of George M. Cohan songs. Eddie Fisher helps Eddie Hodges in a number called "Heart". The De Castro Sisters sing some songs. George talks about the weather. All join in for "The Ashmoleon Marching Song".moreless
    • January 6, 1959
      January 6, 1959
      Episode 7
      Eddie's guests are Kate Smith, Ray Anthony, Buddy Cole, George Gobel and the All-Pro football team. Highlights: Kate Smith refreshes memories with some of the all-time favorites for which she is so well known. Ray Anthony and orchestra offer "The Theme Song From Peter Gunn". Lonesome George talks about his plans for the New Year. Eddie sings "As Long as There's Music" and "Philadelphia".moreless
    • December 23, 1958
      Eddie's guests Lily Pons, Charles Laughton and the Marquis Chimps. Highlights: Lily Pons sings "Estralita". Lily gives Eddie a musical "French Lesson". Charles Laughton reads the story of the Nativity. The Marquis Chimps put on their nightclub act. George does a sketch as a car designer. Christmas carols are sung in the closing and a medley of children's songs like "Little Buckaroo" from Eddie.moreless
    • December 9, 1958
      December 9, 1958
      Episode 5
      Eddie's guests are Jane Powell, George Burns and Dick Shawn. Highlights: Dick Shawn imitates the "Beatniks" in a comic skit. Jane sings "This Is My Beloved". Eddie & Jane duet with "Make Me a Miracle". Eddie sings "A Letter to Teacher", "Firefly" and "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi". George Burns does a monologue on the football season.moreless
    • November 11, 1958
      Eddie Fisher's guests are Ethel Merman, Gary Crosby and dancer Neile Adams. Also appearing are George Gobel and Burry Bregman and His Orchestra. Highlights: A spirited tribute to Veteran's Day. Gary belts out some World War I songs, "Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning" and "Would You Rather Be a Colonel with a Chicken On Your Shoulder". Eddie sings "It's a Long Way to Tipperary", "K-K-Katie", and "My Buddy". George Gobel does a monologue. Gary sings "Lucky Day" and "Anywhere I Hang My Hat". Eddie sings "Gigi" while Neile Adams dances. Ethel sings a medley of patriotic tunes, "Goodbye, Broadway, Hello, France", "Memories" and "You're a Grand Old Flag". All join in for "Over There".moreless
    • October 23, 1958
      October 23, 1958
      Episode 3

      Eddie's guests are Anna Maria Alberghetti, Eddie Cantor and George Gobel (his first appearance this season).

      Eddie Fisher and Eddie Cantor do a musical tribute to the late Al Jolson with such favorites as "About a Quarter to Nine", "Anniversary Song", "April Showers", "Sitting On Top of the World", "Liza", "Rockabye My Baby With a Dixie Melody", "Swanee", "Sonny Boy" and "Toot Toot Tootsie".
      George Gobel holds up the comedy side.
      Eddie sings "Pennies From Heaven".
      Anna Marie Alberghetti sings "Un Bel Di".
      Anna and Eddie duet with "Why Do I Love You?", "Make Believe" and "You Are Love".

    • October 14, 1958
      October 14, 1958
      Episode 2
      Eddie's guests are Red Buttons and Betty Hutton. Highlights: Red Buttons does a monolgue Betty sings out some travel hits like "Aicheson, Topeka and Santa Fe". Eddie sings "There But For You Go I". Eddie brings on 15-year-old Scott Engel.
    • September 30, 1958
      Eddie's guests on his season 2 opener are Jerry Lewis, Ernie Kovacs, Ed Wynn, Milton Caniff, Dean Fredericks, Helen Gallagher and The Four Saints. Highlights: Helen Gallagher sings and dances to "Old Devil Moon". Helen, Eddie and Ernie sing "That's Entertainment". There's a "Ballad of the Beat" with Ernie making fun of the 'beat' generation. Eddie solos with "Let Me Sing and I'm Happy" and "Moonlight Becomes You". Jerry Lewis does a monologue. Ed Wynn, Milton Caniff and TV's "Steve Canyon" come on to plug their shows.moreless
  • Season 1