The Edge of Night

Season 3 Episode 2

JANUARY 2, 1958

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 1958 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jack tells Mattie that he and Betty Jean have rented an apartment. He takes her there and she approves---with some silent reservations.

Jack takes his car to Turner's garage to get his car tuned up and meets up with Martin Spode who works there. Spode takes offense when Jack asks if he can work on the car. He has sour grapes and advises Jack to be careful "The higher they go, the harder they fall".

Mattie and a pregnant Betty Jean decorate the apartment. With Mattie out of the room, Betty Jean begins to hang curtains. She reaches too far and falls off the chair and falls to the floor. Mattie finds her daughter-in law and calls the doctor.

Martin goes home in a foul mood and tells of his meeting with Jack. He is mad that the tables have turned. Hester tells him that Mr. Mitchell came by 2 days ago trying to get Martin to work for him. Martin says that he has already indicated that he wants no part of that 'ex-con set-up'. He is also furious that he found Hester's ex-boss, Hank Muller, with her the other day and says that he doesn't want to see her alone with another man again. They argue about Muller offering Hester another position. Martin is afraid that Hester and Bebe have grown away from him.

Jack comes home and is worried when he learns that Betty Jean is being treated by a doctor.