The Edge of Night

CBS (ended 1984)


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  • EON was the best soap

    I loved Edge Of Night. It was my all time favorite soap.I always ran home,at 3:30,so I won't miss an episode. My Mom watched it,and she got me interested in it.I loved Mike Carr,his wife,Nancy,Ed Gibson,Adam Drake and Nicole Travis,,Sky Whitney and Raven,and Nicole's sister Jodie and Preacher.

    I could go through the whole show,but I'm not.I actually cried when it went off air.I think if it stayed on CBS,it would have lasted as long(if not longer) than either Guiding Light or As The World Turns(which I loved them,also)

    I wish EON would come back on.

    Thanks for letting me speak about this show. Weezy
  • The Edge of Night was the first television soap opera to show for 30 minute. It had the Cavanaugh as a leading family. Raven Whitney stood out as a power house the big Diva of the city of Metropoltian.The show has promising stars in the making as jodie C.

    I grew up watching The Edge of Night and would love to watch the show again. The soap opera today need some lessons from the old soap opera. I really love the story of Calvin and Dee Dee this was a real passion love story. Please allow this show to be shown in this area. Susan Lucia do not have anything on Raven Whitney and the brother and sister relationship of Miles and April was a good storyline. It would be great to get reconnect to all the characters and to see some of the now famous people, such as Jodie who played on Full House.The Edge of Night would bring back so many memories for me to be connected to our past with our present. Thank you for allowing me to review this show.