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FOX (ended 1993)


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  • Cutting edge sketch comedy show that killed the cast every episode and the audience with laughter!!!!!!!!!

    Classic sketch comedy show that took the edge off of your boring life on Saturday night. This Fabulous cast featured Tom Kenny which also later made his appearance on "Whose Line is it Anyway?". Jennifer Aniston who later appeared on the TV show "Friends". Finally Wayne Knight who is also known for his appearance on Seinfeld as Newman Kramer's crazy friend who works at the post office. It featured lots of pop references like Michael Dukakis, George Bush Sr, and other icons such as Mariah Carey. This show reminds me of how politically incorrect MADTV is and was the start of many of the cast members careers. This show will always be in my heart as one of the greatest sketch comedy shows in the 90's next to "MadTV".
  • A comedy show involving insane skits and cartoons.

    This was one funny show even better than I expected it. I'am so glad I taped a lot of the episodes as it seems it's not on dvd.

    You get to see a lot of familiar faces in here as they become bigger celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Wayne Knight. The "what this person is doing right now" was hilarious, they took punches on Cher, K.I.T.T (from Knight Rider), George Bush (the first one) and many other things.

    Skits such as "The Armed Family" were great satire commenting on this country's sick obssession with guns. There were many clever skits in this show.

    The animated cartoons were also a riot. I really can't believe this is the first review of this show. If you know somebody who has the episodes you should definitely check it out.