The Edie Adams Show - Season 2

ABC (ended 1964)


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Episode Guide

  • March 19, 1964
    March 19, 1964
    Episode 13
    Edie's guests are Johnny Mathis, Soupy Sales and Alan Sues. Highlights: Soupy Sales portrays Hollywood gabster Jimmy Fiddlestix, who with a series of film clips, offers a commentary on the movietown Oscar derby. Johnny Mathis sings "Bye, Bye, Barbara" and "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World". Edie, Soupy and Alan as "The Roaches" a new singing group are interviewed during a recording session in which they chant "You Ain't Gonna Step on Me".moreless
  • March 5, 1964
    March 5, 1964
    Episode 12
    Edie's guests are John Raitt, Louis Nye, guitarist Charlie Byrd and Mitzi McCall and Charlie Brill. Highlights: Edie sings "I Believe In You". Louis Nye, Mitzi McCall and Charlie Brill appear in a wild take-off on a film spectacular producer by L. Cheapo Productions titled "The Lion of Carthage". Charlie "Bossa Nova" Byrd demonstrates that he's a superlative guitarist whatever kind of music he does.moreless
  • February 20, 1964
    February 20, 1964
    Episode 11
    Edie's guests are Woody Herman, Mitzi McCall and Charlie Brill and the Jack Sheldon Jazz Group. Highlights: Edie & Woody duet with "Kansas City", "Apple Honey" and "Happiness is a Thing Called Joe". Woody Herman performs "Woodchoppers Ball" and a "Jazz Hoot". Mitzi McCall and Charlie Brill do a sketch about fun at a laundromat.moreless
  • February 6, 1964
    February 6, 1964
    Episode 10
    Edie's guest is Bobby Darin. Highlights: Edie opens with "I've Got the World on a String" Bobby sings "This Was Nearly Mine" and "Mack the Knife". In a comedy sketch "School for Bad Cowboys", Bobby assisted by Edie is involved with teaching the finer points of being a 'heavy' to actors seeking roles in TV westerns. Edie sings "Here I'll Stay". In the program finale, Edie and Darin blend voices in a salute to the late Kurt Weil.moreless
  • January 16, 1964
    January 16, 1964
    Episode 9
    Edie's guests are Terry-Thomas, Spike Jones and Bettie Kovacs 16-year-old daughter of Edie Adams and Bettie's school friend Debbie Dawson. Highlights: Edie opens the show with "Washington Square". In a skit titled "Wandering Stranger", Edie and Terry-Thomas offer their impressions of an absent-minded African explorer who is interviewed by a female reporter upon his return from a safari. Bettie and Debbie duet with "Kumbaya".moreless
  • January 2, 1964
    January 2, 1964
    Episode 8
    Edie's guests are jazz clarinetist Pete Fountain and pantomimist Cliff Norton . Also with regular Don Chastain. Highlights: Edie does an impression of Jayne Mansfield.
  • December 19, 1963
    December 19, 1963
    Episode 7
    Edie's guests are Andre Previn and Rowan and Martin. Also with regulars Don Chastain and Peter Hanley. Highlights: Rowan and Martin spoof old-time vaudeville. The finale is done to "Consider Yourself" a tune by Andre Previn and his wife Dory Langdon. Rowman and Martin hurl pies at Edie and Andre with the TV camera as the final target. Edie sings "Wives and Lovers". Don, Edie and Peter join in voice and shirt in a comical rendition of "Triplets". Edie petitioning Andre for a bit of "classical" music vocalizes the venerable "Melancholy Baby" to his piano and Andre follows with "Around the World in 80 Days".moreless
  • December 5, 1963
    December 5, 1963
    Episode 6
    Edie's guests are Sammy Davis Jr. and the comedy team of Charlie Brill and Mitzi McCall. Highlights: Sammy performs a soliloquy from "Cyrano de Bergerac". Sammy sings "Stella By Starlight" and "Come Rain or Come Shine". Edie sings "There's No Business Like Show Business". Edie plays a nagging housewife in a skit with Brill-McCall called "Chatty Wife" with Brill as a tired business executive coming home to a delightful wife in his dreams. Sammy does his impressions of James Cagney, Richard Widmark and Marlon Brando.moreless
  • November 21, 1963
    November 21, 1963
    Episode 5
    Edie's guests are Opera singer Lauritz Melchoir celebrating his 50th year as an Opera singer and Count Basie and His Band. Highlights: Edie with Count Basie and His Band sings "One O'Clock Jump" Count Basie and His Band perform "Splanky". Comic George Furth teams with Edie in a domestic skit. Lauritz and Edie team up for "Deep In My Heart".moreless
  • November 7, 1963
    November 7, 1963
    Episode 4
    Edie's guests are Allan Sherman and comedian George Furth. Also with regular Don Chastain. Highlights: Allan Sherman reprises his famous, "Hello Mudder" routine. Allan joins Edie for an unusual discussion on modern poets and poetry. The U.N. Children's Choir sings "Climb Every Mountain" and "Let There Be Peace on Earth." Edie sings "Love Is the Only Thing".moreless
  • October 24, 1963
    October 24, 1963
    Episode 3
    Edie's guests are Al Hirt and Nancy Wilson. Highlights: Edie and Nancy duet on "The Children's Prayer". Al Hirt and his group perform "Muskrat ramble". Edie spoofs a sexy weather report girl in a sketch.
  • October 10, 1963
    October 10, 1963
    Episode 2
    Edie's guests are Louis Nye and Dodger shortstop Maury Wills. Highlights: Featured skit, of course, is an odd-ball version of a Japanese baseball game version of "Casey at Bat". Maury plays a Kabuki-type umpire, Louis is the TV commentator and Edie plays The Wind and runs the bases. Louis Nye plays a cowardly bullfighter after a flamenco dancer. Edie sings a Villa Lobos number, "Lose That Long Face" and "That's All". Maury Wills also shows off his folk-singing abilities with "Wayfaring Stranger".moreless
  • September 26, 1963
    September 26, 1963
    Episode 1
    Edie's guests are Zsa Zsa Gabor, Eddie Sauter and Stan Getz. Highlights: Edie sings "Love is the Only Thing". Edie does some singing impressions of other noted performers. Zsa Zsa, seated on a white horse, will do a plush imitation of Edie's Western-style commercial. Edie retaliates with a devastating takeoff of the diamond-laden Hungarian actress. Edie does her interpretation of Elizabeth Taylor's standin during the filming of "Cleopatra." Sauter will conduct his own composition, "Once Upon A Time," with Getz, as sax soloist. Miss Adams' other musical essays will he a comedy ballad by Hugh Martin and Timothy Grey, "It Never Entered My Mind," and an impression of Eva Tanguay singing "I Don't Care".moreless