The Edison Twins

CBC (ended 1986)


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  • The staple TV show of my childhood in Canada.

    This show was great. I watched just about every episode. It was like MacGyver for kids. I still try to find it online or at stores but I don\'t think it was ever released. It was on TV before VCR\'s became common.I still find myself freaking out everytime I see Marnie McPhail on TV or in a movie like \"The Greatest Game Ever Played\". One of my favorite MacGyver episodes was the one with Andrew Sabiton in it playing a college kid. There were quit a few guest stars that made it big in the 80\'s.There were also some who became recurring faces as secondary character in some pretty big movies. It is the kind of show I wish they had on TV for my kid to watch. They were always making great gadgets and explaining how they worked.